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Stay Tray Stay Tray or Alternatives
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Stay Tray is a plastic, double-handled tray that's been designed to hold food and drinks steadily in place so they won't spill, even while you're walking with the tray. This tray is white and has a gray abstract design on top that's purported to be made of silicone so it can grip food items and dishes. It's specified that the bottom of each tray also contains a silicone grid that can grip onto any flat or angled surface in order to prevent objects from slipping off the tray.

Stay Tray Stay Tray or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Stay Tray is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping for a total price of $27.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Food to Tray

    First, to use your Stay Tray, you'll need to add food (and drink, if you'd like) to the tray. The tray can hold a cup or glass, some cutlery, and a large plate or bowl at the same time, so you'll likely be able to fit your whole dinner onto it, if necessary.

  2. Carry Tray to Seat

    Next, take one of your tray's handles in each hand and carry your tray of food to your desired seat. Even if you walk quickly and cause yourself to jiggle the tray or tip it from side to side, the food on it should stay upright on its patterned surface without falling to the floor.

  3. Consume Food

    When you're ready to sit down, you can either place your tray on a flat surface in front of you or on your own lap. As alluded to above, the silicone grid on the bottom of the tray will help keep it steady as you eat, so you probably won't have to deal with any spills. Even if other people eat off your tray, which could make it tip or jiggle, it's unlikely that your meal will spill.

  4. Clean Tray

    After you're done eating, you'll need to clean your tray by gently washing it with soap and water or putting it in your dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. If it's not very dirty, you can also opt to wipe it clean with a damp cloth and then store it away until you'd like to use it again.


  • Holds up to 40 Pounds

    This tray will hold up to 40 pounds of food and drink at once, and it's unlikely that any human being will consume more than 40 pounds at a single meal. If you're going to be serving snacks to a group of family members or friends, you may be able to fit enough food on the tray to feed them all.

  • Attractive Look

    The Stay Tray comes in an attractive color combination of white and gray, and the design on the top of each one resembles a group of flowers. Although the silicone design has mainly been added for its non-slip qualities, your guests may end up admiring it when they come over. Fortunately, the silicone grid on the bottom, which may be less pleasing to the eye, is rather discreetly hidden from view.

  • Multiples Nest Together

    If you get more than one of these trays, you'll be able to nest two or more of them on top of each other in a drawer or cabinet, which could save you kitchen space. Aside from obtaining a single tray on its own, you can actually get a set of four identical trays, which may be ideal if you have a family or household of four people. That way, each of you will have your own tray.

Positive Points

  • May Aid With Mobility Issues

    It can be difficult for people with mobility issues, especially those involving the arms or hands, to eat from a plate while sitting on a couch or chair without spilling anything. However, the Stay Tray will help individuals with mobility issues control how they serve themselves, as the tray will be more likely (in comparison to a plate) to stay in place in a person's lap. If you use a walker and it has a built-in shelf, you can even add this type of tray to the shelf and give it a ride over to your chosen location for eating.

  • Good for Kids to Use

    While most kids don't have serious mobility issues, they often haven't fully developed their gross motor skills yet, so they may have trouble carrying a tray across the room without spilling it. They may also get distracted by a conversation or anything else in the surrounding environment, and begin to tip the tray from side to side. Fortunately, no matter how uncoordinated your child is while carrying a dinner tray, this tray's silicone design will aim to hold their food steady. If their food stays in place, that means you won't find yourself cleaning up a big mess!

  • Ideal for Pet Area

    Regardless of whether they're dogs or cats, pets tend to push food and water dishes around with their noses as they eat, without realizing that this is a problem. If you place their food and water dishes on a Stay Tray or two, though, the silicone grid on the bottom of each tray will keep each one from moving far across the floor. Therefore, you won't need to worry about coming home and finding out that your pet's bowls have been pushed all the way over to the opposite side of your kitchen.

Negative Points

  • Silicone Could Wear Off

    Silicone is a fairly durable material that can withstand contact with fairly hot or cold items, but there's still a chance that the silicone will wear off of one of these trays over time. If the silicone design on the top and the grid on the bottom wears off of a particular tray, the tray will automatically become more slippery than it was before. Adding more silicone to the tray might be an option, but it could be difficult for you to find thin pieces of silicone and then arrange them in a similar manner to the original ones.

Critical Advice

On a related note, you must be careful if you hand-scrub your tray, in order to lessen the chance that the silicone design or grid will peel off. If you're using a sponge, a cloth, or some similar apparatus to scrub food residue off of one of these trays, be sure to scrub the areas that are covered with silicone slowly and gently. As for the white areas that don't contain silicone, you can safely scrub them with a bit more vigor.

Save Money

If you're part of a big, busy household with multiple children, you might end up wasting (and replacing!) at least several pounds of food per week because of spills. The same goes if you often host parties with guests who drink alcohol or simply aren't very careful. You can help your household avoid this sort of food waste by making use of one or more Stay Trays, though. If everyone uses one to eat their food, you may begin to experience spill-free meals during which no food items become garbage.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Stay Tray online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Stay Tray online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 02 Nov 2020 Sharon A Dawkins - (Cheshire, CT)

Missing Stay Trays

I ordered by Stay Trays in August. 2020 and still have not received them. This is the second time I have inquired about the trays. Please send my Trays ASAP.

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