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The Stay Gate is a translucent gate that's meant to keep cats, dogs, or other household pets from running out the door when you open it. This gate, which measures 34 by 53 inches, has been deemed suitable for a wide variety of door types, regardless of size, such as doors with knobs, sliding doors, and doors that open horizontally. Each has also been designed for use indoors or outdoors, with no tools required for installation.

Stay Gate Stay Gate or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Stay Gate is $49.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $56.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Attach Brackets To the Wall

    To install your gate, you'll need to attach its brackets to a wall that's beside the doorway you want to use the gate to block. If the door's hinges or fasteners are on one side of the doorway, it's best to put the brackets on the other. Mark a spot for the first one near the floor and mark a spot for the second one about 34 inches up. You won't need tools to attach the brackets to your wall, as you can simply pull the backing off each one to reveal sticky adhesive.

  2. Connect Gate To Brackets

    Once your brackets have been installed, connect the appropriate end of the gate (the one with the hinges) to the brackets. If you find that you've put the brackets in a less-than-ideal position, you'll be able to pull them off your wall and adjust them quickly. After the gate's connected to the brackets, it should be curving toward the doorway to cover it, instead of curving away from it. Try the gate a couple of times to make sure it'll open and close properly as you open and close the nearby door.

  3. Use Gate To Keep Pets Safe

    With your gate installed properly, you should be able to use it to keep your pets safe whenever you open the door that corresponds to the doorway the gate is blocking. When you open the door, the gate should gently slide in front of your pet so they can't run through the opening. Similarly, whenever you close the door, the gate should close in place against it. Keep the gate in the same spot unless you feel the need to move it to another doorway. At that point, you can quickly move the brackets and re-attach the gate to them.

How It Works

As standard doors open, they move in an arc. When you've got a Stay Gate installed, with the brackets on the opposite side of the door's hinges, pushing a door open will cause it to move in the same arc. This, in turn, will stop your pet from getting through the door and ending up on the street or in the yard at an unwanted time. When you shut the door in question, a spring mechanism that's built into the hinges of this gate will prompt it to move with the door and close in a parallel position to it.


  • Mainly Translucent

    Each Stay Gate is mainly made of translucent material, which means your pet will be able to see what's going on through the gate, even as it's preventing them from going out a door. Therefore, they probably won't feel as excluded or confused as they would be if they were trying to look at people outside through an opaque gate.

  • For Big Or Small Animals

    At 34 inches tall, this gate is high enough that most big or small pets won't be motivated to attempt to jump over it and get outside. Larger animals, such as tall dogs, may enjoy poking their head over the gate despite the fact that they can't get through. Plus, if a pet were to attempt to jump the gate, considering the position it's typically installed in, the door opener's body and the open door would likely block their free path through the doorway.

  • Suits Various Door Sizes

    As long as the doorway you install one of these gates in isn't much wider than 53 inches, the gate should block enough of it that your pet won't be able to shimmy through it. Aside from the aforementioned doors that open in an arc, you'll also be able to use this type of gate in a doorway with a sliding door. The only caveat is that you'll have to lightly push the gate toward your pet yourself as you open the door, instead of having the moving door do all the work.

  • Durable Materials

    The Stay Gate is made from durable materials, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polyvinyl chloride mesh, which means each one should last for at least a few years of use. Due to the durability of its materials, this type of gate should stand up to a fair amount of headbutting or pawing from a pet without incurring permanent damage. Besides being durable, the material is weatherproof, so it shouldn't get damaged when it's exposed to rain, snow, or excessively hot or cold temperatures.

Positive Points

  • Helps Keep Pets Safe

    When pets spontaneously run outdoors, they can end up getting lost or injured, and it almost goes without saying that this can be distressing for an entire household. Even if you let your pet outdoors sometimes, a Stay Gate can help keep them safe as they won't be running outdoors at unplanned times. With one of these gates placed in their path, you'll have the chance to ensure they have their collar, their leash, their water, or whatever else they need for a safe trip before they go.

  • May Deter Kids

    If you have small children in your household who may also run out the door at inopportune moments, one of these gates may be enough to stop them from doing so. When they see it pop up in front of them, they'll likely stop in their tracks and consider what they're doing. Don't count on controlling the movement of any child who's old enough to go to school with this gate, though, as they may have the motor skills to just step over it or move it.

  • Less Labor For Adults

    To keep pets (and perhaps, small children) from running through doorways, thicker baby gates can be an option, but these require adults and older children to climb over them to get through the doorways. Alternatively, since a Stay Gate will move with the arc of your door, or you'll be able to push it gently with your hand to open or close it, climbing won't be necessary. This type of gate is also lighter than traditional plastic baby gates, so if you ever do find yourself having to carry one, it shouldn't be as tiring as carrying the traditional version.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Stay Gate online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Stay Gate online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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