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Star Shower is an electronic device that projects laser lights onto your home and landscape. It is the easiest way to decorate and add lights to your home. All you have to do is plug it in and it will instantly project lights across every nook and cranny. You can use it indoors or outside and it is weather proof. In a matter of seconds you can have thousands of little colorful stars projected everywhere.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Star Shower is $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $49.98. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Covers Large Area

    When you plug Star Shower in it will project stars over an area of 600 square feet.

  • Weather Proof

    This product was designed to be used outside so it is completely weather proof. It can get wet from the rain and you can even leave it outside during the winter.

  • Discrete Design

    A compact black design lets you discretely hide it in your flower bed so it is out of sight.

  • Extra Long Stake

    It comes with an extra long stake so you can securely put it in the ground without having to worry about it falling over.

  • Indoor Base

    If you want to use Star Shower inside your home you will also be provided with the indoor base. All you have to do is remove the stake and place the product on top of the base.


  • Extension Cords

    One of the issues with Star Shower is that it has to be plugged into a power supply. Unless you are installing it close to your house you will have unsightly extension cords running across your property.

How It Works

The secret behind Star Shower is the laser technology. This special technology projects holographic stars onto any surface around your home and landscape. You can adjust the concentration of the stars too. If you want stars that are close together then place Star Shower close to your home. For a look where the stars are spread out across a large area then install the device further away. It can project its laser images from 100 yards away.


  • Use it Anywhere

    You can put lights anywhere around your property thanks to Star Shower. Use it in the front to light up the front of your house for everyone to see. Bring it inside to turn your child's room into a fun light show. Install it in the backyard or pool area to light up late night get togethers.

  • No Untangling

    Untangling Christmas lights can take forever but thanks to this product you will never have to untangled lights again - which will save you a lot of time and stress.

  • No Ladders

    Having to put up lights is dangerous. You have to climb up your ladder and staple the lights to your home. Now you can say goodbye to climbing up dangerous ladders because all you have to do is put the Star Shower stake in the ground and you are finished. Also, you do not have to make any permanent holes in the exterior of your house.

  • Perfect for Holidays

    These lights are perfect to use all year round or for specific holidays. Use them at Halloween, Christmas or even the Fourth of July.

  • Different Colors

    You can project stars that are different colors. Choose from green lights or a red and green color combo. The red and green color combo projects both colors at the same time.

Save Money

Regular lights are expensive and can run your electricity bill through the rough. Luckily, Star Shower is energy efficient and will save you 99% of your electricity bill compared to regular plug in lights.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Star Shower online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Star Shower online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Ella - (Dana Point, CA)
Posted: 12 Nov 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Don't Waste Your Money

Don't waste your money on this worthless product. We plugged it in the lights came on and seconds later they went out and keep going on and off they didn't even last a day. When I was installing them I accidentally pointed it to the corner of my left eye, just for a second, these lasers hurt your eyes I can only imagine the damage it would have caused if it would have been directly to my eyes or for more than just a second.

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Susan - (Haverhill, MA)
Posted: 21 Nov 2015
I Recommend Buying it!

Best Product Ever

This product is beautiful even the ceiling sparkles on my farmers porch so nice I'm afraid someone will steal it. I'll never use regular lights again.

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Posted: 30 Nov 2016

Where did you buy yours. Mine seemed to work for a day and now it blinks.

Jeff - (Trussville, AL)
Posted: 22 Nov 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Poor Quality

Walmart sells these and the are terrible. I purchased one. It did not work. Green would not come on. Returned for another. This one, neither would come on. Purchased the 3rd. Guess what. Same as the first. Only the red would come on. Switch to the green and nothing would happen.
I am returning for a full refund and will not be purchasing again.
Poor quality product.

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Juli - (Rock Hill, SC)
Posted: 28 Nov 2016
I have a Question

Stakes for Starshower

My kids each claimed a starshower for their room after Christmas, now we can't find the stake that attaches to each unit. Is there anywhere we can buy two stakes?

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