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Squat Magic is a fitness machine which guides you in doing squat exercises. The manufacturer's idea is that doing regular squats can put a lot of stress on the knees, joints, and lower back. This machine allows you to do as many squats as you like without hurting those parts of the body. According to the manufacturer, it really exercises your butt and legs, and in fact, works on five major muscle groups in the body.

Squat Magic Squat Magic or Alternatives
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The cost of Squat Magic is $99.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Squat Assistive Technology

    This is the term the manufacturer uses to express the fact that the fitness machine assists you in doing your squats by springing you back upwards. People who have difficulty doing a regular squat would find this useful. The other point is that squats are hard on your knees and joints, while this fitness machine doesn't have the same effect.

  • Tilt Feature

    Squat Magic is made at a 5-degree tilt, which the manufacturer claims will help you do the perfect squat. Apparently, the tilt is what propels you quickly upward and downward during the squat.

  • Three Resistance Levels

    This product has three levels of resistance for the user to choose from: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Beginner level is for people who aren't in very good shape and who have trouble doing squats in general. The intermediate level is for people who are able to do regular squats, and who now want to try more resistance and more variation in the type of squat. Advanced level is for people who aren't challenged by doing squats and want to try a higher resistance level.

  • Comes Already Assembled

    The product arrives assembled and ready to go, so you don't have to worry about trying to understand complicated written instructions and putting the device together.

  • Adjustable Machine Height

    You can adjust the stand in order to set it at the height you choose. Play around to see which height is most comfortable for you while you exercise.

  • Base Stabilizes User

    Squat Magic comes with a very heavy base that stays stable as you exercise. The base holds you in place and gives you a feeling of security while you're doing your squats; you know it won't lift off the ground.

  • 30-Day Trial

    The manufacturer is offering a 30-day trial so customers can test the fitness machine to see if it`s effective. There is a small cost for the trial; about a fifth the cost of purchasing the product. If you don`t like the product after doing the "30-day challenge" you can return it without being billed for purchasing the machine.


  • All Ages and Fitness Levels

    According to the manufacturer, Squat Magic is a fitness machine that is suitable for everyone - people of all ages, ability, and fitness levels.

  • Burns Calories

    Using the squat machines does burn some calories, although how many may be a matter of some debate.

  • Can Exercise at Home

    With this squat machine, you can work out your legs, butt, and core from the comfort of your own home, without having to go out to the gym. The manufacturer would probably say that you don't even have to pay for an expensive gym membership if you use Squat Magic regularly.

  • Doesn't Damage the Body

    Squat Magic doesn't damage your knees, your joints, or any of your muscles while you're using it, unlike regular squats and many other regular exercises.

  • Tightens Butt, Legs, and Core

    This product helps you do squats, and squats tighten the muscles in your legs, butt, and core. It's marketed as a product that helps to make your leg and butt muscles more defined and look more attractive.

  • Can Make Payments

    The price of the product isn't low, but the company gives you the option of paying in three monthly payments to ease the financial burden.


  • No Cardiovascular Benefits

    The product may tone the legs and butt a little but there are no cardiovascular benefits to this exercise. Basically, it's just bouncing up and down, and that would not get your heart rate going. So it certainly can't and shouldn't be used as a replacement for going to the gym or for doing regular aerobic activity.

  • Machine Does the Work

    The manufacturer touts the fact that the machine propels you upwards, but what that really means is that the fitness machine is doing a lot of the work. That's why it's so much easier to do squats using this machine; you're not fully doing the act of carrying out a squat. It's an easy squat. That leads to the question of how good a workout do you really get from this machine, and how many calories do you actually lose. It's likely less than the manufacturer leads us to believe.

  • Bad Exercise for Glutes

    The manufacturer made a point of saying that this is a good exercise for working out the glutes, but it's really not at all. Squats of this type - easy squats - really aren't an effective exercise for working the glutes.

  • Useful for People in Bad Shape

    This product seems like it would be most useful for people who are in poor physical condition until they got themselves to the point where they could do a real squat and other exercises. For people who are in good shape and want to stay that way, this is not a very useful fitness machine. The manufacturer has cited resistance level as the reason this product is suitable for people in good shape, but that`s not really relevant when the machine does a lot of the work.

  • Calorie Burning Minimal

    Since the machine itself does a lot of the work, you probably burn a lot fewer calories than the manufacturer implies. You certainly can't consider this to be a high-calorie-burning activity.

  • High Price Point

    This product is very expensive for a small fitness machine like this one. It really does seem excessive and it's difficult to see the justification.

Does It Really Work?

It probably works to some extent, exercising the lower body muscles. However, it's doubtful that it works to the point that the manufacturer has suggested. The machine springs you up and down, meaning it does a lot of the work of the squat. You do not get the full impact and benefit of doing a squat on this machine, and you probably don't burn too many calories. As previously mentioned, Squat Magic would be better marketed to people who are in poor physical condition. This would help people in that situation to get to the point where they could use machines at the gym and do regular squats.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Squat Magic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Squat Magic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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