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Square Pan is a square-shaped, all-purpose cooking pan made of non-stick ceramic that's been infused with 100 percent copper. You can use this pan to cook a variety of foods in the oven or on the stovetop, such as meat, fish, vegetables, noodles, and even bread. It has four-inch-high sides that will help prevent splatters, regardless of what you're cooking. Each Square Pan also comes with a glass lid, a steamer, a fry basket, and a recipe book.

Square Pan Square Pan or Alternatives
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How It Works

As you cook a variety of meals in your Square Pan, the aluminum rings on its bottom will ensure that each bit of food is heated evenly, leaving no extra-hot spots in any dish. Meanwhile, your pan's high walls will hold the food within and minimize splattering. You won't need to use oil, butter, or grease when cooking with the Square Pan, due to its non-stick material, which will minimize splattering even more. When you're done cooking, your food will slide smoothly onto a plate or dish to be served without sticking.


  • Generous Size

    Besides being four inches deep, this pan is eight by eight inches wide at its base and 10 by 10 inches wide at its top. Therefore, you'll have tons of space to cook the food you need, even if you're cooking for more than one or two people.

  • Has Lid and Handle

    Each Square Pan has a handle on each side, including a long handle ( 7.5 inches ) and a shorter one. Every pan also comes with a glass lid, which will allow you to still see what you've cooked after putting it on, and this lid has a small handle, too.

  • Pfoa and Ptfe Free

    These pans are free of the potentially harmful chemical compounds pfoa and ptfe, which are found in some pieces of cookware.

  • Scratch Resistant

    The copper used to coat the inside of each pan is durable and resistant to scratches, so even as your pan ages, it'll continue to look fairly new and unblemished. Due to its strength and durability, you also won't need to worry about the copper within chipping or peeling off and ending up in your food.

  • Comes With Accessories

    Every Square Pan comes with a square frying basket that you can use to fry a variety of foods, such as French fries and fish sticks. Plus, it can be used to cook and drain pasta. With your pan, you'll also get a steamer rack that'll help you steam delicious chicken and vegetables.

Positive Points

  • Reduces Need for Many Dishes

    You may currently have separate dishes for cooking vegetables, meat, potatoes, noodles, baked goods, and a variety of other things, but these can take up a lot of room in a kitchen cabinet. Fortunately, if you obtain a Square Pan, you'll be able to use this to cook almost anything and therefore, may be able to get rid of some other cookware.

  • Promotes Clean Eating

    In regard to cooking meals, this square-shaped pan eliminates the need for oil, grease, and butter. That means by using it, you may automatically make your dishes healthier ( specifically, less full of fat and / or calories ) without even trying.


  • Do Not Overheat

    This pan is oven safe, but only at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you'd like to cook something at a higher temperature than that, do not use this pan.


  • Round Pan

    There is a wide variety of round cooking pans available, but due to their shape, they won't hold as much food as a square one of a similar size. Furthermore, some round pans are only suitable for the stovetop, and others are only designed for the oven, while you can use the Square Pan in both places.

  • Other Pans of Similar Shape

    You could also choose to use another pan of a similar shape, but these pans are often smaller and not as deep as the Square Pan. Therefore, they won't hold as much food and are less likely to effectively contain splatters.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Square Pan online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Square Pan online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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