Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM

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Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM or Alternatives
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The Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM is a pressure washer that has an extended cleaning nozzle and detergent foaming cleaner attached. This pressure washer is designed for eliminating grime on a number of different surfaces. It has multiple cleaning options to choose from depending on the surface you are cleaning, and how dirty that surface is. The lightweight design makes it easy to move around and take with you, even in areas that are more difficult to reach.

Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM is $239.97 and the shipping is FREE!

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The Claim

The Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM can be used to clean numerous surface types, and nearly any outdoor surfaces or outdoor items. This product can also clean multiple different forms of grime and stain, making it useful for multiple occasions. There is a built-in detergent compartment, where different cleaning solutions can be added to create your desired solution for cleaning. An extended reach wand is included, which comes with four different nozzles that spray at different angles to adjust to the desired spray pattern.

The pressure washer has energy-saving features that most pressure washing systems do not have. When the trigger is not actively pressed down, the power and pump are automatically turned off to conserve energy and increase the life capability of the system. The system is emissions-free and is a more environmentally friendly option for your pressure washing needs.


  • Multi-Surface

    The Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM can be used on multiple different surface types effectively, including concrete, brick, tile, wood, and metal. These materials can be found on various common items that will need to be cleaned often. A few common uses that need to be kept clean are outdoor furniture, the siding on your house or garage, a deck, an outdoor pool, or even your vehicle.

  • Cleans Grime and Stains

    This pressure washer can clean away more than just the grime that naturally forms on outdoor items, It can also be used to clean spots with mold, mildew, rust, oil, grease, tar, and mud. With such a large range of uses, the product can be needed for numerous projects around the house.

  • Angles

    The Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM includes four different nozzles, all featuring a different angle of spray which are 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, and 40 degrees. These can be utilized depending on the spray pattern that works best for your project. Different angles are also to be changed out depending on if the project requires a higher power clean, or a light cleaning. All of the nozzles are quick-connect, making transitions smooth and simple.

  • Reach

    The product features an extended reach for projects that require a higher reach. Its spray wand is 34” long, but the spray itself can reach up to 15 feet with a powerful cleaning force. Reach is particularly important for cleaning the side of your house, or the top of a large vehicle.

  • Lightweight

    The lightweight design of the Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM makes it a versatile product and gives it more use potential. With the capability to easily move your pressure washer along with you, you will find yourself being able to complete your projects quicker and with less effort on your part.

  • Wheels

    The Sun Joe PSF3000 XTREAM also features a set of wheels, making it easier than ever to move alongside you as you clean. The wheels are all-terrain, meaning they can be used on nearly any ground type.

How It Works

The Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM uses a maximum of 2200 psi to effectively clean even tough spots. It is run by a powerful 13 amp motor which provides it the power needed to run at its highest capacity. Maximum water flow is 1.65 gallons per minute when at the highest setting, and uses water efficiently. The product also has a detergent compartment for foaming capabilities for added cleaning support. Once a detergent is added, the nozzle pumps the aerated cleaning solution, which can be sprayed up to 15 feet past the wand.

How it's Different from Competitors

The innovation that comes with the Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM pressure washer is in its lightweight material, ease of use, high-grade build materials, and different cleaning settings. Some pressure washers may be bulky and difficult to move around, but a lightweight option makes work easier. This ties in with the ease of use, not only is the weight beneficial, but the quick-connect nozzles make use even more simple. The quality of the build is unique, and features high-grade materials that help the product last longer, and withstand heavy use. There are also multiple cleaning options, as opposed to just one or two. This product is a more versatile option and can be used on a number of different projects.

Save Money

With the resource-efficient features of this pressure washer, you will save money in the long run. This product has an automatic shut off feature that shuts down the pump completely when the trigger is not being pulled, this provides and energy efficiency. The pressure washer uses the lowest amount of water needed to perform at such as pressure capacities, focusing the stream to add force instead of increasing the water output. All hoses and connections are also leak-proof, ensuring that you are not paying for additional water that you are not able to utilize.


  • Test Pressure

    Although the high-pressure capabilities would generally be considered a good thing, it does come with some added responsibility. Too high of pressure can potentially damage certain items if not adjusted beforehand. You may find yourself stripping the finish off of items that were not designed to withstand heavy amounts of water pressure.

  • Understand Solutions

    It is also important to understand which cleaning solutions are best for your desired cleaning project. There are different detergent options for different surface types, which is a good aspect to pay attention to before use. Certain detergents may cause damage on surfaces that they are not formulated to clean.

  • Adult Use Only

    Keeping this product away from the hands of children is also an important note. The high-pressure options can harm young children, and the detergents may be harmful to the skin. Pressure washers are not meant to be used by children, and should always be used by a responsible adult.


The product includes some additional add on items beyond the pieces required to function properly. Four different angled nozzle heads are included for different project types. There is a garden hose adaptor for easy transitional use, along with a cord extender and GFCI protector. Also included are wheel and hose cleaning tools for keeping your pressure washer in tip-top condition.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 02 Jul 2022 Mark lening - (Holdenville, OK)

Trouble with Power Washer

Everything hooked up plugged in ran a few seconds & it turned off. Reset Breaker was tripped. I reset it wouldn’t run. Reset several times still wouldn’t run it's brand new used it 4 times. What’s wrong?

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Posted: 21 Oct 2021 Sherry - (Bath, NH)

Not Impressed

Was cleaning our deck for about 45min. Into it, the machine started smoking and overheating. Had to wait for a complete cool down before it would work again. Could not find the receipt so put it to the curb!

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Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM Infomercial
Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM Infomercial
Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM Infomercial

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