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Spray Away is an acetone spray that acts as a nail polish remover. It comes in a pressurized can which makes it easy to apply without worrying about leaving the lid off. The canister that it comes in is highly durable and makes it ideal for carrying in bags and can even be left in a work desk. Spray Away is much faster and easier to use than normal nail polish remover and comes with a lot less stress.

Spray Away Spray Away or Alternatives
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The cost of Spray Away is $14.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Spray Can

    While most nail polish removers come in liquid form, Spray Away can simply be sprayed onto the fingernails which means there's less chance of any form of spillage making it much safer to use. The spray can design also makes it a lot safer to transport which is ideal for throwing into bags or keeping in a desk.

  • Fast Removal

    Removing nail polish is often a long and slow process that leaves the user with dried out fingernails. This isn't an issue with Spray Away as it works very quickly, even on deep and hard to remove colors. It takes only 60 seconds to remove nail polish from all 10 fingers.

  • Moisturizes

    Spray Away has incorporated moisturizing properties which means the nails, fingers, and cuticles aren't left feeling dry and uncomfortable afterwards. This is important with removing nail polish as it can be very bad for the skin wherever it is applied.

  • Easy Access

    The cap itself is easy to open and close without being unsafe to keep in a bag. This only acts to improve the speed of the product making it easier to use easily.


  • Fast

    This is one of the fastest ways to remove nail polish on the market. Not only is the product itself very fast to use but the canister itself has fast and easy access. It should take less than a minute to remove nail polish from all the fingers with absolute ease.

  • Tidy

    The pressurized canister makes it very easy and effective to apply the polish remover. Not only is it a lot easier to apply but there is a lot lower chance of spillage from an open bottle. Most nail polish removers come in liquid form in a bottle which makes it very difficult to use and easy to spill. Using Spray Away makes it very easy to remove nail polish from anywhere without worrying about spilling it on delicate surfaces. It is possible to remove nail polish from a sofa, bed or simply at the table without any worries.

  • No White Residue

    After using regular nail polish remover there is a good chance there will be issues with white residue. Using Spray Away reduces this significantly meaning you can use the product and your hands are ready to be seen and used straight away.

  • Moisturizing

    Nail polish remover is notoriously bad on the skin and cuticles, while significantly damaging the nails themselves. Spray Away has a moisturizer built into the product which eliminates the need for separate oils and moisturizers to be used after removing nail polish.

  • No Smell

    Nail polish remover smells notoriously strong, however, Spray Away doesn't have the same harsh odor as more standard forms of removers.

  • Works on Strong Colors

    Removing bold colors is generally very difficult, however, the product works just as quickly and effectively on the strongest of colors as it does on pale and more neutral forms of polish.


  • Lifespan

    Products that come in pressurized cans don't often tend to last as long as other forms of the product and this is true of Spray Away. This item won't last as long as more regular forms of nail polish removers.

  • Accidental Pressing

    If the cap is left off the product then there is a chance that the cap could be pressed down releasing the product onto surfaces that it isn't intended for. This is particularly a problem if the item is being transported in bags on a regular basis.

Does It Really Work?

Yes! It is very quick and easy to spray the product onto fingernails that have nail polish on and remove it with a simple wipe of cotton wool.

How it's Different from Competitors

Most nail polish removers come in liquid form in a bottle that is less efficient and effective at removing nail polish. Spray Away is different in that it comes in a canister making it much easier and more precise to apply, reducing overall waste. Along with this it is a lot faster to use that more traditional forms of nail polish and works a lot more quickly, taking only 60 seconds to remove polish from all fingers.

The product is also much kinder on the skin and nails themselves, with moisturizer incorporated into the substance. This means the skin and nails are significantly stronger, less dry and there is no white residue left after being used.

Most amazingly, there is no harsh smell using this item unlike most nail polish removers on the market.

Save Time

Using this product takes only a minute to remove all the polish from all 10 fingers. Compared to the effort it takes to remove polish in the more traditional manner, this is a significant way to save a lot of time.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spray Away online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spray Away online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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