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Spongy Pet Sponge Spongy Pet Sponge or Alternatives
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Spongy Pet Sponge is a rectangular sponge that's been designed to pick up cat or dog hair off of a variety of surfaces, including furniture, carpets, and clothing. It's stated that each sponge has been made from all-natural materials, can be reused, and will also remove dust and dander from the surfaces it cleans hair off of. Furthermore, its design includes malleable materials so that pet owners can bend each one to remove hair, dander, and dust from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Spongy Pet Sponge Spongy Pet Sponge or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

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The cost of Spongy Pet Sponge is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Wipe Surface With Sponge

    To start using your Spongy Pet Sponge, pick an area in your home or car that's covered with pet hair, dander, or dust, such as your couch or a throw rug. Rub one of the wide sides of your sponge across that surface in order to pick up dust, dander, and hair. If you need to, bend the sponge to reach into curved areas or narrow nooks of the object you're cleaning.

  2. Clean Sponge

    When you're done cleaning dust, dander, and pet hair off of a particular surface, it's best to clean your sponge by pulling these substances off of it and into the trash. If you don't want to touch your sponge, you may get away with wiping it against the inside of your trash bin or tapping it against the bin until the hair and such falls in.

  3. Repeat Process (optional)

    Next, if there are other areas in your home that you want to eliminate hair, dust, or dander from, including your own clothing, repeat the process above with your newly cleaned sponge. When you're done with your sponge for a while and have cleaned it off for a final time, store it someplace clean where your pets won't be able to tamper with it.

How It Works

Each Spongy Pet Sponge has a dense, vulcanized surface that does its work via the power of static electricity. As you rub this sponge against a surface that you're aiming to remove pet hair from, the power of static electricity will cause the sponge to attract the hair. Following that, it'll pick it up in a vacuum-like manner, and the same thing will happen with pieces of dander or dust. These substances will then cling to the sponge until you're ready to transfer them to a trash can.


  • Slim and Brown

    This sponge comes in a shade of light brown and is slimmer than a standard kitchen sponge, so you likely won't have any trouble telling these two sponge types apart. That means you won't have to worry about accidentally grabbing a comparatively ineffective kitchen sponge to clean up pet hair, or dirtying your pet sponge by using it to wipe your kitchen counters.

  • All-Natural and Reusable

    The Spongy Pet Sponge can be considered a fairly eco-friendly product since it's made from natural materials and is meant to be used many times before you dispose of it for good. On the other hand, some lint rollers that you might use to clean up dust, dander, and pet hair have just a few layers that each need to be thrown away after one use.

  • Compact Size

    A sponge of this type has about the same length and width as a standard kitchen sponge, while having less depth, which means that none of these will take up a great deal of space. You might choose to store one or more sponges in your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom, or even your vehicle if it tends to get dusty or is often inhabited by your cat or dog.

  • Bendable

    Your Spongy Pet Sponge will be malleable and flexible, as opposed to being hard and rigid. This characteristic will help you out when you need to clean the corners of your steps, the edges of your baseboard heaters, or other hard-to-reach places. Due to your sponge's malleability, you'll also be able to fold it up into a smaller shape if you need to stick it into a tiny crack or crevice for cleaning purposes.

  • Sets of Two or Four

    These sponges come in sets of two or four, so you can decide how many to get for your household depending on how many pets you have and how much each pet sheds. With multiple sponges, you'll be able to store them in different areas that your pet spends time in on a regular basis.

Positive Points

  • Can Double as Grooming Tool

    If your dog or cat is starting to shed a lot of hair and you want to groom it away, you can literally use your Spongy Pet Sponge to do so. Simply rub the sponge along their coat like you're giving them a brush, and it should pick up any excess hair without irritating your pet at all. If you want to groom smaller, more delicate areas like their paws or the area around their ears, you'll be able to bend and flex your sponge in order to do that.

  • Helps Mitigate Allergies

    People with friends or family members who are allergic to cats or dogs will be able to help make those people feel more comfortable visiting by using this sponge before they arrive. If you're able to use the sponge to remove every trace of pet hair from your furniture and flooring, your guests won't experience the symptoms that they typically experience when exposed to this hair. As a result, as long as they avoid direct contact with your pets, they won't feel sick when visiting your home and they'll be more likely to come again.

  • Makes Home Look Nicer

    Even if you don't regularly have people over who are allergic to dog or cat hair, using this sponge to remove dust, dander, and hair from all surfaces in your home is a good idea. Overall, it'll make your home look much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing. You can also do the same thing for yourself by using one of your sponges to remove hair and dust from your clothing. When oneself and one's surroundings look good, one tends to feel good, so cleaning things up with this type of sponge may dramatically improve your mood.


  • Don't Use to Wipe up Liquid

    This sponge must only be used to wipe up dry dust, hair, and dander, and you should never use it to wipe up any liquid substance, including pet waste. If you were to use it to wipe up cat or dog urine, or any other type of liquid, you could damage its materials. This, in turn, could lessen the sponge's ability to take advantage of static electricity when picking up dust, pet hair, and other forms of dry dirt.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spongy Pet Sponge online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spongy Pet Sponge online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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