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Splash Wow Splash Wow or Alternatives
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Splash Wow balls are reusable, soft silicone balls that have been created as an alternative to traditional water balloons. Unlike traditional water balloons, these balls are resealable and reusable. You also won't have to tie them shut, as each one is equipped with two magnets that will allow you to open and close them again and again. In each set of 12 balls, you'll receive two balls in six different colors, along with a compact mesh carrying bag.

Splash Wow Splash Wow or Alternatives
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The cost of Splash Wow is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $26.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill Large Bucket With Water

    Before you start using your Splash Wow balls, you'll have to fill a large bucket, such as a bucket you'd use to bathe a small dog, with water. This water bucket will serve as your ball-filling station. You can fill it by using a tap inside your home or your outdoor garden hose, and the water inside should be fairly cold without being bone-chillingly freezing.

  2. Dunk Balls In Bucket

    Next, after making sure all your balls are opened up, as opposed to being tightly closed, dunk each one in your water bucket for at least several seconds. When you pull each one out, it should be filled up with water, and then you can close it up. As you do so, the magnets in the center of each ball will create a secure seal.

  3. Have Fun With Water Balls

    When all 12 balls from your set have been filled, and they're securely closed, you'll be able to have fun with these toys. You may want to have a water ball fight with friends or family members or throw the balls against non-fragile outdoor objects to watch the water burst out of them. The silicone used to create each ball is soft enough that it shouldn't hurt a person when it comes in contact with their body.

  4. Refill Balls

    If all your balls become empty, you can simply head back to your filling bucket, as long as there's water left inside, to dunk the balls in and fill them up again. Once you're done playing with the balls for a while, you should either leave them floating in your water bucket or empty them and place them in the included mesh carrying bag for safekeeping.


  • Compact Size

    Splash Wow water balls are a bit bigger than golf balls, but not quite as big as tennis balls, which makes them a safe, compact size for young children. As long as you keep them away from babies and toddlers who aren't yet ready for elementary school, school-aged children of any age should be able to play with them safely. They're big enough that a child won't be able to fit one in their mouth, but also small enough to be gripped by an itty-bitty set of fingers.

  • Soft, Durable Silicone

    Each ball has been made from soft yet durable transparent silicone, so these balls should last you for up to several years while being gentle on the people and objects they're thrown at. Plus, their soft material will allow for a flexible throwing style. The only caveat to their softness is that you should always refrain from throwing them at fragile objects, such as those made of glass, as even their soft material could damage those items.

  • Reusable

    If you were to use a traditional bag of balloons and fill them up with water to make water balloons, you'd be forced to create waste by throwing each one out after it broke. On the other hand, with Splash Wow balls, you'll be able to use them up to thousands of times. When you see one that's broken on the ground, just pick it up, refill it, and close it up with its magnets to make it ready for another toss. Due to their reusable nature, these balls are a much more environmentally friendly toy than traditional rubber balloons.

  • Six Different Colors

    These balls come in blue, orange, green, pink, yellow, and white, and you'll get two balls in each shade in every set you obtain.

  • Carrying Case Included

    With every set of Splash Wow balls, you'll also get a black mesh carrying case that will hold all 12 balls. You can use this case to transport your balls from place to place in a vehicle or on foot.

Positive Points

  • No Garden Hose Required

    To fill traditional water balloons, you might need a garden hose, as these balloons can be cumbersome to fill at the kitchen sink. However, there's no need for a hose when you use Splash Wow balls, so if your household doesn't have one, you'll still be able to have fun with them. All you'll need is a water bucket that's medium or large-sized, and you can fill the bucket at any sink and carry it outdoors if you have no outdoor hose. This is a good option for people who live in apartments but have a park in their neighborhood.

  • Little Mess Created

    When traditional water balloons burst, they may burst into a dozen pieces and scatter over a large area, thereby leaving you walking around and looking for the little tiny pieces of rubber. That won't happen when you use Splash Wow balls for your water fights instead, though. When these balls burst open, they'll stay in one piece, so you'll only have to pick up 12 pieces of silicone, at most. If you're playing in a park, your municipality will be happy that you won't be running the risk of leaving tiny plastic pieces behind, too.

  • No Tying Necessary

    Since these water balls have magnetic closures, you won't have to be concerned about tying each one shut as you would a traditional water balloon. Small children may have trouble tying water balloons securely, due to their small fingers and lower level of dexterity in comparison to adults, but they should be able to close Splash Wow balls. Being able to secure their toys by themselves may give these kids a feeling of independence, while also requiring their parents to do less handiwork.

Negative Points

  • Sets Are Small

    As some sets of traditional balloons contain 100 or 200 balloons, some people may be disappointed to find out that each set of water balls only contains a dozen balls. The option to get three sets at once is there, but you'll still only get 36 balls at a time if you make that choice. Consequently, people who want to play water games with an enormous group of people, such as multiple classes in a school, might choose to go with another type of toy.


  • Avoid Throwing At Faces

    Although these water balls are soft, you should always avoid throwing them at people's faces and aim for their chests, arms, or legs instead. There's a chance that the impact of a quick ball to the face could cause a person to feel a minor amount of pain, which would make your game less fun for everyone.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Splash Wow online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Splash Wow online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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