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Spine Stretch Spine Stretch or Alternatives
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Spine Stretch is a foldable home exercise device for adults of all ages that's been created to help you stretch your upper and lower back and relieve pressure on your spine. It's ideal for seniors who are experiencing back issues, but it's suitable for virtually any adult, even if your back pain isn't very severe. Each device will sit flat on the floor and contains an adjustable waist strap and handles that you'll be able to move in order to customize the machine to your body.

Spine Stretch Spine Stretch or Alternatives
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fold Out Device

    Before you start using your Spine Stretch device, you'll have to fold it out. Once it's folded out, all four corners of the base should be resting on your floor so that the device won't fall over. This exercise tool is compatible with all common types of flooring, including carpet, tile, and hardwood.

  2. Adjust Strap and Handles

    Next, adjust the waist strap so it suits the width of your waist across the front and the padded arm handles so they line up with the natural distance between your shoulders. This may require a bit of trial and error, especially if you haven't used a machine like this one before.

  3. Position Yourself and Stretch

    Finally, lean forward over your device, making sure the strap is resting against your lower waist and the circular pad is resting on your chest. You should be hanging onto the handles that aren't padded, while your shoulders rest against the ones that are. If you need to adjust these handles or your waist strap, now is a good time to do so. Once you feel you're in a good position, lean forward as far as you can comfortably go and then bring yourself back up. Repeat this movement for up to three minutes, as long as you're comfortable.

How It Works

The Spine Stretch exercise machine works by virtue of axis precision traction. Put more simply, this means that while you make the motion that the machine enables you to, your upper and lower back will be gently pushed away from each other at a pressure-relieving angle. Not only will this motion stretch your back without putting you in pain, but it'll also remove the pressure we often (unintentionally) put on certain points between our vertebrae. After you've completed your three minutes of stretching for the day, you should be able to move through your daily activities with increased flexibility and less pain and strain than you'd otherwise experience.


  • Folds Up For Storage

    Each time you're done using your Spine Stretch machine, you'll be able to fold it up and store it away in a place of your choice, such as under furniture or in a closet. This machine is fairly lightweight, so most people won't struggle to carry it, and if you want to bring it somewhere with you away from home, it'll comfortably fit in most cars when folded up.

  • No Batteries, Electricity

    You won't require any batteries or electricity to operate this machine. The movement that it'll guide you into will be completed solely through the power of your own body. As a result, you won't have to remember to keep spare sets of batteries around or be limited to using the device in rooms with electrical outlets. On a nice day, you might even want to take your machine outside and stretch your back in the fresh air.

  • Can Use With Any Shoes

    You'll be able to use your Spine Stretch machine while wearing any pair of shoes, not just athletic sneakers, although you should always wear flat shoes for safety reasons. You can stretch up onto your tiptoes while completing your stretches, though you must also remember to keep part of each foot on the ground so you don't slide off your machine and hurt yourself. It's OK to use this machine with bare feet, too, but not socks since they can be slippery.

Positive Points

  • Don't Have To Go Anywhere

    If you like exercising at home or have trouble getting around due to your location or mobility issues, this is an ideal machine for you. You won't have to leave your house to use it and will be able to pull it out in whatever room you choose, provided it's got enough space to accommodate the machine. If you're embarrassed to exercise in front of others, you can guarantee that no one will see you, and you'll be able to watch the television program or movie of your choice while stretching.

  • Improves Mobility, Flexibility

    The Spine Stretch machine will improve the level of mobility and flexibility you carry with you throughout your daily life, not just while you use the machine or participate in other types of formal exercise. It may take a few sessions for you to notice, but you'll likely come to realize that you're able to do things like walk, play sports, carry packages or put on shoes with less fatigue.

  • Quick Workout

    The workout you'll do with this machine will be a quick one for most people to master since it only involves learning one basic movement. Plus, you'll only have to do that movement for three minutes a day to begin to see positive results. Even if you were to get tired after one or two minutes and stop, you'd likely see some results eventually, anyway. You can stretch on this machine for longer than three minutes if you'd like, but you should stop if you feel any sort of sensation that doesn't resemble a stretch.

Negative Points

  • Must Be Able to Stand

    This type of machine will be helpful for the vast majority of adults with back issues who can still stand up. If you can't even stand up due to your back or other physical issues, however, you won't be able to use this machine properly. It can't be made low enough to be used while a person is sitting down, so if you must sit, you'll need to stick to other stretches or physical therapy techniques.

  • Not Suitable For Children

    Children with back issues due to physical disabilities, injuries or athletic activities might be able to benefit from using one of these machines, but the size of each machine probably won't suit them. Unless a child is much wider and taller than other children of their age, the machine will be too tall to enable them to correctly position themselves. The handles and strap will also be too big, even when adjusted to the smallest adult size possible.


  • Stick to Good Weather Outdoors

    If you want to use your Spine Stretch machine outdoors, stick to using it there when the weather is good, and keep it inside if it's windy, snowy or rainy. Precipitation could cause the base to get wet and slip or cause a user to get wet and slip off the machine altogether. Similarly, heavy winds could blow the machine over.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spine Stretch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spine Stretch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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