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Spike Express Grill Spike Express Grill or Alternatives
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Spike Express Grill is an indoor electric grill that allows you to grill delicious food in less than 10 minutes. It contains spikes on the top and bottom of the cooker which conduct heat in an even fashion directly through the item you're cooking. The spikes penetrate into your food, cooking it deeply and making for a delicious, juicy meal. Design-wise, the product is slightly tilted, allowing for the fat to drain off easily. That, of course, means healthier food.

Spike Express Grill Spike Express Grill or Alternatives
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  • Speed Spikes

    This grill contains speed spikes on top and on the bottom, so they close onto your food and penetrate into it. The grill is triple-coated with Granitestone, and the spikes help conduct heat deep into your food, cooking it faster and making it juicier.

  • Non-Stick Surface

    The surface of the grill in non-stick, meaning you don't need to use any oil, butter, or cooking spray. Not even melted cheese sticks to this surface. It makes cooking much less messy.

  • Tilted Design

    The grill is tilted slightly upwards, the purpose of which is to drain the fat off the food and have it run into a small container. This means your meal comes out with almost no additional fat on it, and there's also less mess.

  • Safe for Metal Utensils

    Many grills and other cookware become scratched if you use metal utensils on them. Spike Express Grill is metal-utensil safe, so you won't have that problem.

  • Cooks Fast

    This grill cooks almost twice as fast as most standard grills, because of the deep heat conduction. The manufacturer promises that you can make anything in Spike Express Grill in less than 10 minutes, including steak and chicken breasts. This device can save you a lot of extra cooking time.


  • Great Flavor

    Due to the even heat conduction of this product and the spikes that dig into the food to cook it deeply, the flavor of the food is supposed to be outstanding. The manufacturer claims that the taste comes out better than most traditional grills.

  • Lower Calorie

    The food you cook in Spike Express Grill comes out lower-calorie for several reasons. First of all, the non-stick surface means you don't have to use butter or oil to cook your food. Secondly, the tilted design means the fat runs right off the food while you're cooking, and it doesn't end up on anyone's plate.

  • Not Messy

    This grill saves you a lot of cleaning up, by preventing a mess. The fat drains off easily, so you don't have to clean that up. A non-stick surface saves you having a really messy grill to scrub off after your meal. It saves time and is much more convenient in the kitchen than a messy appliance.

  • Easy to Rinse Off

    You really don't have to scrub this grill. All you have to do is rinse it off after you use it, and it's clean. So your overall clean up after using Spike Express Grill is not going to be huge.

  • PFOA Free

    Some grills use chemicals in order to create the special non-stick coating, but that's not the case with this item. It's free of chemicals and completely safe for you to use. The manufacturer does not use PFOA or a related compound during the manufacturing process.

  • Cookbook

    Along with your grill, the company will send you a book of different recipes you can use with your product. These are all meals which can be made in less than 10 minutes, as the grill promises to do.

  • Price is Low

    The cost of this item is shockingly low for a grill; certainly very affordable. It's almost worth giving it a try just because the price is so good. You could hardly lose.


  • Holes in Your Food

    One issue with this grill is that you end up with little holes in all of your food. It doesn't affect the taste, true enough, but it looks rather strange and it makes for very poor presentation. This isn't necessarily something you would want to use if you had a bunch of people over, because of how odd it appears.

  • Small Size

    This grill is really too small for most purposes. You can only fit two steaks or pieces of chicken on it at a time, which is a problem if you're cooking for a family. It's true that 10 minutes isn't long to cook something, but when other food is sitting there getting cold it can be an issue. Certainly, it wouldn't be good for having friends over, as you'd be cooking two at once the entire time and people would have to wait to get their food.

  • You Could Get Hurt

    Those spikes are pretty sharp, and if you were to ever accidentally close the grill on your fingers or brush up against the spikes a little too hard, you could really get hurt. Hopefully, this would not happen or would not be a common occurrence, but if it did it could be a painful situation.

  • Space for Storage

    As with any new appliance, you have to find space to store this item in your possibly already filled cupboards. If not in a cupboard, you'll have to find a place to keep it somewhere on the counter. People don't often have free counter space in their kitchens, so this could be somewhat of a problem.

  • Hard to Properly Clean

    Let's face it, you can't just rinse off the grill forever no matter how well the non-stick surface works. Every once in awhile you're going to have to give it a proper clean, or no doubt bacteria will build up inside the grill. With those spikes, this is not going to be an easy cleaning job. Imagine having to scrub inside all the little ridges. It's going to be unpleasant.

Save Time

Being able to cook food in less than 10 minutes is going to save you a lot of time, and may also allow you to add versatility to your cooking. Preparing food can be an arduous task, and can certainly take time sometimes.

The other area where you'll save time with this product is the amount of cleanup you'll have to do. Most of the time you can just rinse off the grill after you're done with it because you don't end up with a sticky mess to scrub. That means when dinner is done you have more time to relax and do the things you really want to do, instead of standing in the kitchen working.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spike Express Grill online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spike Express Grill online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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