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Spicy Shelf Deluxe Spicy Shelf Deluxe or Alternatives
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Spicy Shelf Deluxe is a deluxe design for a spice rack that is adjustable. Now you can change the height, width, and the shape of the storage you have for your spice cabinet. With this, you are able to make the most efficient use of a vertical cabinet, while still giving each of your items their unique place in the mix. Never struggle through a mess of bottles or jars again when you are cooking.

Spicy Shelf Deluxe Spicy Shelf Deluxe or Alternatives
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  • Clean up Mess

    With Spicy Shelf, you can turn a disorganized mess of a cabinet or cupboard into a well-organized shelving unit.

  • Maximize Space

    Using this unit you can maximize the amount of space you have in any cupboard. Most of the time with spices in particular, the biggest issue is finding space enough for all of the different brands and sizes. Many cabinets do not have height adequate for multiple rows, which means things get tossed on top of one another or disorganized. You can maximize a tall shelf by now getting three times the space.

  • Adjustable

    With this unit, you get an adjustable width and height to best fit the space you have. Change it fit your cabinet. Use only the long backing for tall, thin cabinets. Add on the two side panels to utilize the perimeter in a larger space. Expand or contract any of the components to fit into any size cabinet. Enjoy a vertical space to its full capacity.

  • Better Organization

    Quickly and easily find the things you need, then return them to their rightful space.

  • Strong and Durable

    These designs and five times stronger than other designs, and can hold up to forty pounds of weight.

  • No-slip

    The surface of the units are non slip so that your bottles and jars do not slip or move around when you put them on the shelf.

  • Many Uses

    Aside from using it to organize spices, use it to organize your cosmetics, your lotions, your nail polishes, makeup, craft supplies like paint or thread, even baking supplies.

  • Fits Anywhere

    Contract to bring the side inward. Expand to fit a longer shelf. Stack to multiple heights. The smallest width possible is 7 and 3 / 8 inches and when stacked side by side the largest width possible is just shy of 33 inches.


  • Keep Everything Organized

    This is a great way to keep things organized and easier to reach, especially for shorter people. It makes better use of taller kitchen cabinets.

  • Separate Levels

    While the advertisement is for spices, something that almost anyone who cooks can attest is a desperate issue, that does not it cannot be cleverly used elsewhere. Inside bathroom cabinets, there might not be adequate spaces for things like hair products, lotions, or makeup. However, when you add more shelving space based on the items you have, things fall into line. This is particularly beneficial in a space where you might have guest products, his and hers, or anything else that you want to separate.

  • No Tools

    It installs in a matter of minutes without any extra tools.

  • Clean up

    Cleaning is easy thanks to the plastic design, so you can just wipe it down.


  • One Shape

    The biggest issue is that the unit only boasts a U shape. Such a shape is designed to line the perimeter of the cupboard or cabinet, however, that interferes with any other shape. You then leave the center of your cabinet open, theoretically, for more storage. However, if you choose to use that center space for storage, then you will have to move everything out of the way. This will need to be done each time you need to grab a spice or product from the back of the shelf.

  • Only Two Attachments

    When you place your order you only get one shelf with two units for short and long leg attachments. You can order more, but you will be paying for them.

  • Shipment Costs

    If you decide that you want to return the shelves for any reason, you will run into a great financial loss. While you have a few weeks, per the company, to test the shelves in your home, if you want to return them, you have to pay for the shipping of the units being returned. In the event that you need replacements or additional shelves for your home, you have to pay to ship each extra unit. This can add up to quite a bit if you are not prepared for it.

Does It Really Work?

The bottom line is that this product really does work. It does exactly what it is advertised to do, offering a chance for users to make adjustable shelving when and where they need it. That said, it really is a nifty thing to have in awkward cupboards or cabinets where you just cannot find the right height adjustments. Organize things like spices, makeup, vitamins, lotions, and more in any room in your home, adjusting the shelves to make the best use out of your space.

Be warned that in using them, they will work as advertised, but the advertisement does show people with two distinct sizes of spice containers trying to find space. With only two sizes, the shelf can be adjusted to allow for three rows of two sizes. However, if you have different brands of anything on your shelves, the different brands will have different sized jars or containers. So, you might have to play around with the height adjustments in order to find the height that works best for you and your products.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open

    Spicy Shelf has two plastic adjustable shelving units which boast a horseshoe shape, just over ten inches deep. Each comes with large and small legs for stacking.

  2. Remove Old Shelves

    To use it, you should clear out your regular cupboard and then remove the shelves that might be in place.

  3. Adjust to Your Needs

    After that, take the shelf and adjust it to the size that you need, by adding the back pieces to the unit.

  4. Pin in Place

    If you have a cupboard with existing shelf pins, use them to set Spicy Shelf in place. Otherwise, you can use the long and short legs provided with your order.

  5. Change Configuration

    Select from four configurations. For extra wide cupboards, stack the two units side by side.

  6. Make Any Adjustments

    If at any time you want to change it up, change the shelves, configuration, or location, you can just as easily remove the pins and take it out. Then just re-install where you want it, change the configuration, or otherwise adjust the width or height.


  1. Quality

    One customer claimed that this product was seriously lacking any quality. They claimed that the plastic used was thin and flimsy and did not fit into the designated slots. A customer also claimed that the Spicy Shelf Deluxe was not very sturdy and would not hold heavier items on its top shelves.

  2. Doesn't Always Fit

    Some customers complained that they were not able to get the Spicy Shelf Deluxe to be able to fit securely into their cupboard. Others claimed that if you have wider cupboards, you will not be able to stack the shelves as high.

  3. Access

    One customer complained that the fact that this product follows the perimeter of your cupboard, it causes anything placed in the middle to be in the way. They claim that the product is good for stacking smaller jars and other items on the side but anything placed in the center, ends up blocking access to the back shelves.

  4. Delivery

    There was at least one complaint where a customer claimed to have received their Spicy Shelf full of scratches and that it seemed to be dirty and discolored. They also noted that there was a lot of plastic burrs which made assembling the shelf difficult. Overall, they liked the Spicy Shelf but complained about the way that the product arrived.

  5. No Lip

    There was one complaint about how the shelves do not have a ledge to help keep items on the shelf. They claimed that items often fall off and that heavier jars make the shelf bend inward. A customer also did not like how, even at its highest setting, they still could not fit their larger bottles.

  6. Uneven

    One customer complained that the flimsy plastic did not connect evenly, making the shelf very unstable and made it even easier to knock spices over while searching through them.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Width

    One thing to remember is that the wider you set your Spicy Shelf, the less stable it will be. Setting it wider will also mean that you will have fewer shelves to stack for height.

  2. Guarantee

    This product is backed by a 60-day guarantee, meaning that if your product gets broken or you are simply not satisfied with it, you may return it for your full money back. You must, however, pay for the shipping and handling on your return.

  3. Not Available in Stores

    This product is not available in stores and must be purchased by filling out the form on the product's website.

  4. Bonus

    When you purchase this product, you will also get a free spice caddy that you can use to keep your cupboard organized and take out when needed.

  5. Not Suitable for All Cupboards

    This product is adjustable, however, depending on the size of your cupboards, you may not get a solid, secure fit. Be sure to know the dimensions of your cupboards and the Spicy Shelf and always follow the instructions when assembling the shelf.


  • Exclusively Online

    Since this product is not available it stores, some customers may be deterred from purchasing it. Many consumers will not buy a new product unless they can see it in person first.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spicy Shelf Deluxe online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spicy Shelf Deluxe online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Spicy Shelf Deluxe Infomercial
Spicy Shelf Deluxe Infomercial

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