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Speed Sleeves

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Speed Sleeves are copper-infused compression sleeves that both athletes and average people can wear on their calves in order to support their muscles and joints during any activity or rest period. The sleeves are suitable for men and women. Besides providing support to the body, they'll also help reduce pain or stiffness and improve your circulation and endurance level. Speed Sleeves come in black, are made of flexible fabric, and are available in two different adult sizes.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Speed Sleeves is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE! Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

How It Works

Each of these sleeves is made from a polyester-spandex blended fabric that has been infused with copper ion fibers. The lightweight, stretchy fabric provides compression to the calf it's worn on while the copper provides muscular support and aids with pain reduction and blood flow. With increased support and reduced pain, your body will be able to perform any activity more effectively and for longer than it would otherwise. These sleeves will also warm the muscles and aid with pain relief while you rest, so your rest period will be comfortable and may not need to be as long as usual.


  • Black

    Each sleeve comes in the gender-neutral shade of black and is emblazoned with a bronze Copper Fit logo. There is also a small bronze racing stripe on the outside of each sleeve.

  • Two Sizes Available

    Speed Sleeves come in two adult sizes, including small / medium ( fits calves between 11 and 14 inches ), and large/extra large (fits calves that are 15 to 18 inches around). To determine your size, you must measure each of your calves two inches below the bottom of the corresponding knee.

  • Flexible

    The fabric used to create each sleeve is flexible, so you won't feel as if one is constricting your movement as you wear it. Plus, if you gain a bit of fat or muscle, slightly increasing the size of your calves, a sleeve in your original size will likely be able to stretch enough to fit you.

  • Lightweight

    Each sleeve is also lightweight, so if you wear it under a pair of pants, you won't feel as if you're carrying a bulky load or wearing two pairs of pants at once.

  • Wicking Properties

    The material used for each sleeve has wicking properties, enabling your sleeve( s ) to help wick sweat away from your body as you move, thereby keeping you cooler and drier that you'd otherwise be.

  • Anti-microbial Finish

    All Speed Sleeves have an anti-microbial finish, so they're able to fight against bacteria that gathers during physical activity and causes unpleasant odors. Hence, you'll continue to smell fairly pleasant while you wear one ( or two ) of these sleeves, regardless of what activity you're doing.

Positive Points

  • For All Fitness Levels

    You do not need to be a professional athlete to experience the benefits of Speed Sleeves. Anyone who ever experiences any sort of fatigue, pain, or stiffness in the knees or lower legs can benefit from wearing one of these.

  • For Virtually Any Activity

    Speed Sleeves are suitable to be used for any sport that involves the legs, such as biking, running, martial arts, or basketball. They're also suitable for more inactive individuals who are dealing with muscle and joint issues due to arthritis, another physical disability, or an injury. People who perform physical jobs will also find that they feel better while doing so, day in and day out, once they make use of these sleeves.

  • Results May Come Instantly

    Some people will find that, once they put on one or two of these sleeves ( one on each calf ), positive results will come almost instantly, such as after one activity session. Don't worry if that doesn't happen for you, though, as other users are expected to see a more gradual improvement in the way they feel over time.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Speed Sleeves online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Speed Sleeves online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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