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Soup Chef Pro Soup Chef Pro or Alternatives
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The Soup Chef Pro is a countertop appliance that's purported to be able to cook up to five bowls of hot soup with multiple ingredients in as few as 20 minutes. Each appliance has a capacity of 1.6 liters, along with a double-walled design and a Teflon base that will help it hold onto any soup's ideal flavor and texture. Once you turn it on, you'll be able to choose between a smooth and a chunky soup setting, depending on the type of soup you'd like to make.

Soup Chef Pro Soup Chef Pro or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Soup Chef Pro is $99.90 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $106.89.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place On a Flat Surface

    Before you can add any ingredients to your Soup Chef Pro, it must be placed on a flat, stable surface, such as your countertop or kitchen table. Use the included extension cord to plug it into an available outlet once it's resting steadily on your chosen surface.

  2. Add Ingredients

    Next, remove the lid and fill the device's body up to the inner nubs (which can be seen near the middle of the device) with water. Following that, add your chosen ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, or cheese, to the appliance's body. If any ingredients need to be sauteéd, add these first and press the sauté button on one side of the appliance to sauté them for a few minutes before adding others. Logically speaking, the lid should be back on the appliance before you press any buttons at all.

  3. Select Setting

    With any sauteéing that's necessary completed, and your other ingredients resting in your appliance, set the timer for 20 minutes and use the appliance's Select button to choose a texture. The most common choices will be either the smooth setting or the chunky setting, but there's also a smooth-plus setting that'll give you an ultra-smooth soup. When you're setting the timer, if you want to delay the consumption of your soup for a few hours, you'll have the option of setting a delayed timer.

  4. Open And Test

    Your appliance will give you an auditory indication when its cooking time is done. At that point, take the lid off your appliance and test your soup to see if it's well-cooked and warm enough for you. If not, you can set the appliance's timer again for a few more minutes. Otherwise, transfer the soup to serving bowls right away or press the "keep warm" button on the appliance to keep the soup warm until you're ready to eat.

How It Works

Each Soup Chef Pro makes use of wave blade technology, which means that a blade inside the appliance will shred and then blend your ingredients at pre-programmed moments during the cooking cycle. This technology, along with the appliance's ability to adjust and balance its inner temperature to cook your soup evenly and efficiently, will create a flavorful, pleasant-textured soup. As any soup cooks inside this type of appliance, its double wall and its lid will help hold heat in so it circulates instead of escaping.


  • Generous Capacity

    The Soup Chef Pro has a generous capacity that'll enable you to produce large bowls of soup for up to five people in one cooking session. Since most families number about five people these days, you won't have to cook your soup in shifts unless you have a family that's larger than average or extremely hungry. You'll also be able to cook soup for a small group of friends or business associates in as little as a third of an hour.

  • Portable

    Although this appliance will hold a great deal of soup at once, it's actually portable. At about the same size as a standard coffee maker or a large kettle, you'll be able to carry it from place to place in your home or office by using its included handle. It won't take up more than a foot of space in any direction, regardless of where it's sitting, so you'll be able to place it almost anywhere, as long as there's a nearby electrical outlet.

  • Automatic Cleaning Function

    When your Soup Chef Pro needs to be cleaned, you'll be able to use its automatic cleaning function to help you do so. To access this function, use the Select button to cycle through the available settings while the appliance's lid is on. If you don't want to use the automatic cleaning function for any reason, you can also rinse a mildly dirty appliance in your sink. The appliance should be cleaned after each use if you've used any meat or dairy products inside.

Positive Points

  • No Other Devices Needed

    If you were to cook soup that contains sauteéd ingredients in a pot, you'd have to use a frying pan to sauté the ingredients before adding them to the soup. On the other hand, you'll only need one cooking device when you use the Soup Chef Pro to make soups, as it'll sauté any ingredient. You'll also be able to leave your stirring spoon in a drawer, as this appliance will do its work for you. Similarly, if your ingredients are already fine enough, your appliance will shred them for you and you won't need any knives.

  • Takes Various Ingredients

    Each Soup Chef Pro's blade is strong enough to shred and blend almost anything, so you'll be able to add a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses to it to make soup. Based on your personal preferences or the recommendations of a recipe you're following, you can choose to blend the ingredients until they're very smooth or leave them somewhat chunky. The only food items you should avoid putting in this appliance are very hard items, such as walnuts or frozen pieces of meat.

  • Promotes Healthy Eating

    People who avoid cooking soup for their families because of the amount of time it takes to prepare ingredients and then the soup itself on a stovetop can benefit from this appliance. With the Soup Chef Pro, making a soup that would normally take an hour may take 20 minutes instead, and you may be less tempted to stop at a fast-food place for a quick bite. By eating hearty soups, kids who typically don't like eating vegetables may start enjoying them (and reaping the associated health benefits) without really noticing.

Negative Points

  • Only Makes Soup

    The Soup Chef Pro is meant to be used to cook soup only. You could try to use it to cook other dishes, such as noodles and cheese, but these dishes might not cook to the desired texture. If soup isn't the main part of most of your family's meals, and its members desire something a little heavier, you may find yourself continuing to make use of pots and pans alongside this appliance.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Soup Chef Pro online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Soup Chef Pro online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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