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Solar Flats are lights for your yard that'll sit flat on the ground without getting in your way. They're wireless and don't require any external power source to run. You can place them along your driveway, on your deck, on your patio, in your garden or virtually anywhere you'd like, and they'll charge themselves during the day in order to light up at night. In each set of these weather-resistant lights, you'll get four lights equipped with long-lasting LED bulbs.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Solar Flats is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98.

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How It Works

Each of these lights contains silicone cells that generate electricity on their own, so the lights don't need to rely on an external power source in order to provide you with illumination. Every day, they'll recharge themselves again and again, and each night, they'll automatically turn on to light up any dark area of your yard.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place in Ground

    In order to start using these lights, you'll need to place all of yours in the ground by using the very short stake that's attached to each one. If you've pushed each stake in far enough, the lights should be resting on the ground like discs.

  2. Wait for Them to Charge

    If you've placed your lights in the ground during the day, you'll need to wait for them to charge and come on at night. ( In the event that you've placed them at night, you may still need to wait for them to charge, if it's the first time you've ever used them. ).

  3. Admire Their Brightness

    Once your lights turn on at night, you'll be able to admire their attractive brightness while walking safely down your driveway, through your garden, or through whatever area you've illuminated with light.


  • Wireless

    Solar Flats have no wires attached, and require no batteries to be added by you, as they recharge themselves on a daily basis.

  • Flat-panel Leds

    Each light contains a flat-panel LED light that's compatible with its flat appearance and nature, and may last for years or even decades without burning out.

  • Weather Resistant

    Solar Flats are resistant to adverse weather conditions like heavy rain and snow, so you'll be able to leave them out almost all the time without worrying about them getting damaged. The only time you should think about bringing them indoors would be during a hurricane, tornado or severe blizzard.

  • Aluminum Housing

    These lights are all cased in heavy-duty aluminum housing that's so durable, it can be run over by a small wheel without experiencing any negative effects.

  • Portable

    Solar Flats lights are also fairly lightweight and compact, so most users will be able to move them around their yard, if necessary, without difficulty. You'll also be able to transport them in a vehicle to an alternative location, such as a cottage, if need be.

Positive Points

  • Promote Safety

    It can be unsafe to walk around a front yard or backyard at night, especially if you'll be walking by a pool, or you live in a fairly secluded area with lots of bushes. Fortunately, the presence of Solar Flats lights will help keep you safe, as they'll help you avoid obstacles in your path and allow you to see if anything suspicious is going on.

  • Will Light up Events

    If you're having a party in your yard, on your patio or on your pool deck, it won't be very fun if it gets to be pitch dark and there's not enough light. You won't need to worry about that if you obtain some Solar Flats lights, though, as you'll be able to place them almost anywhere to help you see, including in potted plants.

Negative Points

  • Only Four in Set

    These lights come in sets of only four, so if you need enough to light up a whole driveway that's fairly long, you'll need to get multiple sets. It would be nice if they came in sets of eight or 16, too.

  • May be Hard to Replace Leds

    Depending on how the LED lightbulbs have been inserted in these lights' aluminum casing, it may be hard to replace any of them if they ever do burn out. You may end up having to get a whole new light to replace one.


  • Stake Lights

    Small lights on long stakes are a popular choice when it comes to lighting up driveways or walkways. However, these often stick far out of the ground and can get in the way of kids playing or adults doing lawn maintenance. If you use Solar Flats instead, their flat nature will result in them not being such a nuisance.

  • Spotlights

    Spotlights can also get in the way, due to the fact that they're not as compact as other types of lights, and they normally require electricity to run, too. Plus, some people find the illumination that they give off a bit too powerful.

  • Solar Lamppost

    Some homeowners choose to install a solar lamppost as a source of light, to avoid using electricity for outdoor lighting. One of these won't provide you with as much light as a row of Solar Flats, though, as these lampposts tend to only light the area around them without being far-reaching.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Solar Flats online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Solar Flats online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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