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Snuggie Sherpa Snuggie Sherpa or Alternatives
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The Snuggie Sherpa is an oversized sherpa lined blanket that fits your body. It serves two purposes for its users- to keep them warm and to allow functionality. The blanket is unlike traditional throw blankets because, in addition to having a large and comfortable material, it also includes two sleeves. These sleeves are large and allow the individual to use their hands while staying warm at the same time. This blanket is easy to wash and very compact.

Snuggie Sherpa Snuggie Sherpa or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Snuggie Sherpa is $39.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total price of $44.98.

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  • Overview

    This blanket is new and improved according to the product website. It includes two spacious sleeves that allow you to use your hands functionally while still feeling the warmth of the blanket. The inside of the blanket is lined with a soft sherpa material while the outside is lined with faux suede material. Snuggie Sherpa also has a built-in kangaroo style pocket so that you can put your hands in there if they are feeling cold.

  • Colors and Size

    The Snuggie comes in an oversized length of 71" x 54" so that it fits the size of most individuals with a little bit of length left over for comfort. It comes in the colors Lilac and Dusty Blue. The sleeves are also oversized for a maximum range of arm movement.


  • Functional

    The blanket is wearable and has oversized open sleeves that allow you to still be able to use your hands for tasks such as working or scrolling on your phone. If you enjoy eating a snack while watching a movie, but want to stay warm, this blanket serves that purpose.

  • Washable

    The Snuggie Sherpa is made of a faux suede and sherpa material and is therefore easy to wash on normal settings. It also is the size of a traditional throw blanket so it will fit easily into the washer and dryer. The label on the blanket will have all machine wash instructions to follow.

  • Storage Space

    The wearable blanket includes a convenient storage space located on the front. It allows you to put items such as a cellphone, the remote, or tissues in your pocket for easy access. The pocket also keeps your hands very warm.

  • Transportable

    If you like traveling with your blanket or taking it to work or football games, the Snuggie Sherpa is a compact blanket. It allows you to fold it like any other blanket, and carry it with you wherever you need to go.

  • Multi purposeful

    If you have ever used a blanket and had to reposition it to use your arms, this blanket has a solution for that. The Snuggie Sherpa allows you to stay warm and cozy inside the blanket while providing two openings for your arms.

Negative Aspects

  • Limited Colors

    The Official Snuggie website that sells this product has a limited variety of colors to choose from for the Snuggie Sherpa. There are only two colors available as of now: Dusty Blue and Lilac.

  • Movement in Blanket

    If you would like to stand up and walk around with this blanket on like a housecoat, this is not the product for that. The Snuggie is designed to be worn like a blanket covering the front of your body. Therefore, the arms are also in the front. This could cause the blanket to fall off of your arms. The long length of the wearable blanket makes it difficult for you to stand up without tripping.

  • Size

    If getting the Snuggie Sherpa for a small child, the large one size fits all size may be a little too big for the child. The child's arms may not be able to fully go through the sleeves yet, so you will need to roll them up and adjust the blanket.


  • Sleeve Size Large

    The sleeves of the Snuggie Sherpa were created to be extra-large, however, that may inconvenience some people who feel that the sleeves fall down their arms when typing or scrolling on a cellphone.

  • Not for Walking

    Snuggie Sherpa is made to be equivalent to a blanket, not a housecoat. Therefore, although the blanket is wearable, it is not functional as a blanket that you can walk in because of the design of the blanket. It is also not functional for walking because of the long length.

Critical Advice

The Snuggie Sherpa is a wearable blanket that is lined with a sherpa material and is lengthy in size. It is important to note that it is a one size fits all product, so sizes can not be chosen. This is vital when looking to buy a blanket for children or smaller people. The blanket only has one pocket in the front that is similar to the pocket of a sweatshirt. If you are not going to store a lot of things in the pocket, this is the blanket for you. This is because, with the position that many lay in while wearing a blanket, it will be easy for the items in the pocket to slide out of one side. If you don't like the feeling of your arms being cold, you should position yourself so that you aren't raising your arms which would cause the sleeves to slide.

How It Works

This is an easy-to-use product. To put it on, simply put an arm through each sleeve, then drape the rest of the blanket over your body. You can do this while standing up, then sit down after. It is also possible to put your arms in the sleeves while sitting or laying down already. The pockets are used by inserting any items into the openings. There are two openings for you to do so that connect into one big pocket.

How it's Different from Competitors

The wearable blanket is different from its competitors because of the quality of the material it is made out of. Snuggie Sherpa is one of the few wearable blanket brands that use a faux suede outer lining and lines the inside of the blanket with thick, deep, sherpa material. This ensures greater warmth and comfort for the person wearing it.

Easy to Use

  1. Access

    This Snuggie is very simply made and does not require much effort to use at all. For those who may be in the bed or sitting in a chair, the blanket can easily be manipulated and moved around until the user finds the holes for their arms to fit through. It is simple to tell which side is the inside and which side is the outside because the diagrams show examples of the faux suede material being on the outside. There is also a logo on the outside of the blanket.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Snuggie Sherpa online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Snuggie Sherpa online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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