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Sneak A Peak Sneak A Peak or Alternatives
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Sneak a Peak is a line of doggy stuffed animals that let you literally get sneak peaks at animals which appear to be sleeping. The stuffed animals are soft and cuddly, perfect for kids who need a special companion in their bed at night or want someone to carry around. Each of the six animals is made with quality embroidery. Giving these make excellent gifts. They are realistic looking. These dog stuffed animals are fun to hold.

Sneak A Peak Sneak A Peak or Alternatives
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The cost of Sneak A Peak is $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping, for a total price of $28.98.

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  • Good for All Ages

    The design of these adorable and cuddly toys is marketed on the website with older children but is particularly beneficial for younger children. Kids who are not yet old enough to go to school benefit from the developmental aspects of these toys. Games like peekaboo can literally be played with a stuffed animal, something that will allow parents or guardians, friends or family to all play with younger children.

  • Get a Puppy Like Your Puppy

    There are many different versions of the puppies. If you already have a pet in your home you can select a puppy that is the same breed as yours or one which looks similar to it.

  • Carrying Case

    When you buy the puppy you also get a fun carrying case so that you can transport the puppy with you wherever you go.

  • Good for Night Time Companions

    These toys are great for an animal with which children sleep. Many children enjoy having a stuffed animal of some variety as a sort of companion when they are sleeping. Companions like these are great because the puppies themselves have closed eyes which is conducive to sleeping.


  • No Voices or Bonuses

    While the stuffed animals are really entertaining bear in mind that they are nothing more than a stuff animal. Aside from the opening and closing peekaboo aspect of the faces, they do not offer anything else.


  • Six Styles

    There are six different styles from which to choose.

  • Different Dog Breeds

    You can purchase the hug pug, the Pomeranian, the schnauzer, the beagle, the golden lab, or the Husky.

  • Regular Gifts

    Given the six different styles, if your children enjoy the stuffed animals you can make it an ongoing gift by giving them several of the different dogs over the course of multiple holidays.

  • Two Different Sizes

    There are different sizes that you can get, either the small one that fits in the crook of your arm or the large one that is about the same size as a young child.

How It Works

The stuffed animals work by folding in on themselves much the same as roly-poly bugs. They roll up in a small ball with nothing showing but their bottom feet and the tops of their ears. In an instant you can uncurl them and watch their sleeping faces appear.


  • Dog Stuffed Animals

    There are myriad stuffed animals on the market especially stuffed animals that look just like dogs. One of the biggest contenders in terms of alternatives is a fun animal whose face changes when you open them. Other stuff animals are designed in a similar fashion such that they curl up into themselves creating a ball. Upon opening their faces turn from snarls to growls or angry stairs. Some of them open with funny faces and others open with big smiles.

    Other options have voice boxes inside which make barking sounds when you squeeze the animal or let you record your own voice. Some play back music to help lull children to sleep.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Sneak A Peak online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Sneak A Peak online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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