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Snap Power is a set of cover plate products all of which are sleek, easy to install, without any wires or extra batteries. They offer lights you can use to light the room softly or give your kids a chance to see as you take them to bed. Meant to help you, the lights are built into the cover plate discreetly, so you can still use your outlets for something more important. Some even charge your devices while giving light.

Snap Power Snap Power or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

For Outlets

  1. Safelight

    Safely bring light into your home with the SnapPower SafeLight. Let it transform your outlet into a night light for your children. Equipped with a sliding outlet cover, you can prevent your children from any hazards or electrical shocks. Safety covers instantly close once you remove a power cord from the outlet so it remains low profile and safe. Enjoy the same adjustable settings of high, low, off, or automatic.

  2. Snappower Chargers

    Charge your devices by upgrading your outlets today. Shop based on the duplex outlet or decor outlet. Energy efficient designs convert your regular outlet cover plates into USB chargers without any batteries or wires. Now all of your outlets will remain free to use for other things. Timeless and elegant options fit any decor. Sleek side chargers for the USB ports make it easy to access the charger without having to rearrange any of your furniture.

  3. Guidelights

    Convert regular cover plates into nightlights. SnapPower Guidelights are practical and meant to leave your regular outlets free for use by providing light at the bottom of standard cover plates. Automatic, the sensor turns the light on or off based on the existing light conditions. LED bulbs cost less than ten cents per year to operate regularly.

for Switch Lights

  1. Switchlight

    SnapPower SwitchLight is a simply installed option for your home, one which safely transforms your regular light switch into a night light. You get a long lasting product that works for up to twenty five years minimum, and requires no batteries or wires.

    This unit works in areas where only a single light switch controls all of the overhead lights. Conveniently convert a cover plate into a night light. Practical designs mean that your electrical outlets are still free for use. Adjust the LED brightness using three variable settings or the automatic setting. Enjoy efficiency with LED bulbs that cost less than ten cents per year.

    Low profile, the sleek designs blends in seamlessly into any decor.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Turn Off Power

    Start by turning off the power to your outlet. Then remove the cover plate.

  2. Insert

    Insert the new cover plate over the light switch.

  3. Secure

    Secure it back in place by putting in the screws, then enjoy.

How It Works

Power prongs connect to the side screw terminals on your existing outlet. Installs in a matter of seconds with no wires or batteries, and uses the electricity normally used to power your home with limited extra costs. The outlet screws provide the power while the power prongs draw the power and in some cases, the charger snaps into place.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Life Span

    The lifespan of the LED lights is up to 25 years before you start to see the lights dim.

  2. Cost

    The cost of the actual use is contingent upon how often you use them and what your local cost of power is. Their average says ten cents per year but naturally if you set it to automatic it might be using power more often than if you leave it off except on rare occasions.

How the Guide Light Works

Their Guidelight is one of the more automatic units you can buy. The amount of light it puts out will increase or decrease based on how much light is in your room. So, if your room is completely dark, the lights will be at their brightest whereas they will turn off completely if your room has a lot of light. The threshold at which they turn off entirely is a bit high for some rooms or hallways based on where they are located. As of late, there is no option to adjust this but perhaps it will be added in the future, according to the company. Contingent upon where you are located, the lights should go off during the day when there is natural sunlight in the room.

Even if they do not turn off entirely and stay on all the time, they will still last up to 15 years using the same amount of energy/cost.

Compatibility for Switchlight

The Snap Power product is compatible with any single gang or single pole light switches. So this means it is installed over a single light switch and will work in any area where a single light switch controls all of your overhead lights. Perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms with a single light switch controlling overhead lights, they are not meant for areas like hallways with two or more controls. Note that in these areas, the light switches can sometimes be installed upside down which means the lights shine up, not down. You will not find them working in areas with three or more switches controlling the same lights.

Unfortunately they will not work in areas where there is a dimmer switch, or motion sensing light switch. They lack the screw terminals for this.


  • Led

    You cannot replace the LED bulbs in any of these cover plates with regular LED bulbs. So, in 15-25 years when they stop working, they will just stop and you won't be able to replace the bulbs. On that note, the color temperature for these bulbs is a soft warm white.


If you invest in the Snap Power Chargers, rest assured that any device using a standard USB can use it to charge. These chargers are meant to last about ten years each. They also have surge protection built in. Obviously charge time is based on unit. IPhone 6, for example, takes two hours to fully charge while an iPad Air takes 8 hours to fully charge. At this time there is only one port for charging, because more than one would cause the cover plate to look quite large and over sized whereas now it blends in seamlessly.


  • Sensor

    You get a light sensor to turn the LEDs on or off when needed.

  • Long Lasting

    The LEDs in the cover plates are set to last 25 years each.

  • Low Profile

    The design is low profile so it looks like a normal cover plate.

  • Power Prongs

    The power prongs here will extract power from your existing outlet.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Snap Power online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Snap Power online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 10 Jan 2022 Jody - (Oshawa, ON)

Works Well, but Slow Shipping

I have two of these already, am happy with them, and feel they are safe. While I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my third order (this time direct from Snap Power, because I was concerned about the safety of all the knock-offs on the Market), I have to mention that it has been two weeks, and it is still in the Los Angeles distribution center, according to tracking. (I ordered it last year, for goodness sake. It’s now Jan. 10th!) So, my only criticism is, if you order directly from the company, be prepared to wait weeks to receive it.

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