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Smart Spin Smart Spin or Alternatives
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Smart Spin is a rotating tray for the refrigerator that's been created to allow you to see the items in the back of your fridge without digging for them or pushing other items aside. Each lightweight, transparent tray, which has similar dimensions to a standard fast food tray, has been designed to rotate 360 degrees on its base in either direction. Aside from using it to store refrigerated foods, you may choose to use one of these to store other edible or non-edible objects in your cabinets.

Smart Spin Smart Spin or Alternatives
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The cost of Smart Spin is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $26.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place In Refrigerator

    To get started with your Smart Spin, place its rotating base on one of your refrigerator's shelves and make sure the tray's four suction cups are adhering to the shelf's surface. This tray has been made to fit in both narrow and wide refrigerators and can be used on a top shelf, a bottom shelf, or a middle one.

  2. Fill Tray

    Once your tray is positioned on the shelf of your choice, fill it with food items such as bottles of salad dressing or pieces of fruit. Virtually any type of food can sit on this type of tray, as long as the tray isn't holding a total weight of more than 17 pounds. If you're in doubt as to how heavy a particular item is, weigh it before you add it to your tray.

  3. Spin To Access Food

    After you've added the food items of your choice to your tray, you can close your fridge and go about your business in the kitchen as usual. When you need an object from the back or side of your tray, you'll then be able to gently push the tray with one hand until it rotates enough to let you grab the object. The tray can be rotated in either direction.

  4. Clean Tray (optional)

    Whenever you think your tray's starting to get dirty, or if a dairy product or meat product happens to spill on it, you'll need to clean it by hand. To do so, add warm water and a mild type of soap to a cloth and wipe it down. Following that, dry it off with a different (dry) cloth and return it to your refrigerator.


  • Compact Size

    Each Smart Spin tray measures 16 by 11 inches and is one and three-quarters of an inch tall. That makes each one just a bit bigger than the size of the tray you'd normally get while dining in at a fast food place. Consequently, you'll be able to comfortably fit one of these trays in a small, medium, or large refrigerator, and depending on the fridge's size, you may be able to store other items around it.

  • Lightweight

    Along with having compact measurements, every Smart Spin tray is lightweight, as each one will weigh only three pounds and two ounces. That means most users won't have difficulty carrying their tray around their kitchen, if necessary, even if it has a few items sitting on it.

  • Transparent

    The plastic used to construct each of these trays is transparent in nature. Transparent plastic has been used so that you'll be able to see the objects on your tray more clearly than you would if the tray was opaque.

  • Durable

    This type of tray's durable enough that it should be able to hold 17 pounds of food without cracking under the pressure. Since its plastic is so strong, each tray may last you for years before you'll need to think about replacing it. Its suction cups are also likely to last longer than the sticky adhesive backing that's often used as an alternative for holding plastic objects in place.

  • Rotates In Full Circle

    Each tray will spin 360 degrees and allow you to grab items from anywhere on its surface as it moves, so you won't have to stretch and reach far to pick up food. You'll have each object you need right in front of you, so you won't have to worry about knocking other objects over as you pick one up.

Positive Points

  • Promotes Waste Reduction

    Without an apparatus like this tray, you might forget you have certain foods in the back of your fridge and go get them again at the store while allowing the old ones to go bad. You'll likely be able to avoid these issues by adding at least one Smart Spin tray to your fridge, though, as its rotating abilities will help you see the food that's further back. Each time you rotate your tray in a circle, the food at the back of it will automatically become the food at the front.

  • Can Use Multiples

    While one tray might meet your needs if you have a small refrigerator, using more than one tray may be ideal for households with larger refrigerators that store more food. If you were to obtain four trays, you could set one up on your bottom shelf, place two on the middle shelves and use one on the top shelf. Doing so would only improve your ability to access more foods in your fridge without moving many other food items out of the way.

  • Useful In Cabinets

    This sort of tray's been designed with the fridge in mind, but you can also use one to store almost anything in any cabinet, as long as the cupboard's large enough to accommodate the tray. You could use one to store office supplies in your office cabinet or put your nail polish on one to give yourself a great view of all of the bottles in your bedroom. Similarly, if you have the required space, a Smart Spin tray can sit on your countertop and give you quick access to non-perishable foods like cans or boxes of crackers.

Negative Points

  • Not For Freezer Use

    Although you'll be able to use your Smart Spin tray(s) in various places around your kitchen, one place where you shouldn't use it is in your freezer. If you were to try to use one to store food items in your freezer, the tray's plastic might crack when it gets frozen. Plus, the tray's suction cups might not stick properly to an incredibly cold, frozen surface.

  • Can't Clean In Dishwasher

    Unfortunately, you won't be able to clean any Smart Spin tray that you have in your dishwasher. You'll have to take the time to wipe it down and dry it by hand each time you find that it's too dirty for use. Your tray may not get dirty very often, especially if you don't store meat and dairy products on it, but during its lifetime, you'll probably have to manually clean it at least once a month.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Smart Spin online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Smart Spin online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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