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Battle Balloons Slime is an apparatus that will help you fill 40 water balloons at once with gooey, green slime. All you'll need along with one of these is a garden hose, water, and a desire for outdoor fun. The green goo will mix with water inside the balloons, and can be rinsed off of clothing and skin with just water, too, so it won't stain. You'll get three balloon-filling apparatuses per set, which will allow you to prepare 120 slimy balloons in total.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Slime is $12.99 plus $5.99 shipping, for a total price of $18.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Prepare Bucket

    Before you begin filling your balloons, it's best to prepare a fairly large bucket that will catch the full ones as they drop from your device.

  2. Twist Onto Garden Hose

    Next, you'll need to grab one of your three filling devices and twist it onto the end of your garden hose.

  3. Turn on Hose

    Once your device has been securely twisted onto your hose, you can turn on your water supply, and watch 40 water balloons fill with water and slime simultaneously. They''ll even tie themselves and drop into your bucket after they're full.

  4. Fill More or Get Throwing

    After 40 of your slimy balloons are ready and waiting in your bucket, you may want to fill up 40 or even 80 more. If 40's enough for the day, though, it'll be time to start up a fun game.

How It Works

Each Battle Balloons device is made up of a narrow base, which is to be twisted onto a hose for filling purposes, and 40 water balloons attached to straws that hang from the base. After you turn your hose on, the water from it will immediately flood through all 40 straws and into the balloons. The way the balloons are attached to the straws at the bottom enable them to tie themselves, so you won't even need to touch them until they're full.


  • Green

    All the balloons you'll get with one of these devices will be green, matching the slime that will eventually form inside after you start filling them with water.

  • No Assembly Required

    You won't need to assemble any Battle Balloons device, as each will come already assembled and all you'll need to do is attach each one you want to use to your hose.

  • Fairly Clean

    Using Battle Balloons Slime won't wreck your clothing or put permanent markings on your skin, as the green goo will wash off both clothing and skin with just plain water. You won't find yourself scrubbing and scrubbing just to make someone's greenish skin look acceptable for school or work the next day!

  • Small Balloons

    The balloons you'll get with one of these sets will never expand to a very large size. Instead, they'll grow to about the size of a softball, and will feel much softer, so if you throw one at someone, you'll be unlikely to hurt them.

Positive Points

  • Fun for (almost) All Ages

    While most school-age kids are likely to love playing with slime-filled Battle Balloons, chances are adults will enjoy joining in on the fun, too. However, kids who are younger than school-age should avoid playing with them for safety reasons.

  • Little Work Required

    It won't be difficult for you to fill up water balloons once you have your three filling devices in hand. You'll be able to do this in minutes without struggling to wrap a balloon's open end around a tap or hose, or tie a filled balloon with your fingers.

Negative Points

  • Only One Color of Slime

    It would be nice if you could fill your balloons with various colors of slime, but the only color currently available is green.

  • May Use a Lot of Water

    If you or your family are trying to conserve water, Battle Balloons may not be the best toy for you, as once you've filled up 120 balloons, you'll have used quite a bit.


  • Colored Water Balloons

    You could fill your water balloons with green food coloring and get a similar result. However, the food coloring won't be gooey and slimy, and you may have trouble getting it off your skin or clothing. Plus, you'll need to fill each water balloon and add the coloring individually, which could be physically challenging and incredibly time-consuming. With your slime-filled Battle Balloons, you'll be able to play almost right away!


  • Don't Play Indoors

    It's best not to play with these goo-filled balloons indoors, even though the goo can be rinsed off things. You won't want to spend the rest of the afternoon wiping gooey slime off your walls, your dining room table and chairs, or your hardwood floor.

  • Keep Away From Pets, Babies

    While you're playing with your Battle Balloons, keep them away from pets, babies and even toddlers, as they may try to ingest the balloons or the plastic remains left behind one they've been broken.

  • Clean up Garbage

    On a related note, clean up the garbage in your yard after you're done playing each day, especially any plastic balloon pieces hanging around. Otherwise, aside from the fact that your yard may start to resemble a garbage dump if you don't, an animal might come along and harm itself by eating a piece.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Slime online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Slime online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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