Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper

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Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper or Alternatives
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The Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper is a piece of shapewear for women that extends from just below the bust to just above the knees. It's been designed with no buttons, clips or zippers and no visible seams. You can simply step into one of these garments, pull it on and add your clothing overtop. Once you've done so, the strategically placed, double-layered mesh zones within each one will aim to pull in, smooth out and more evenly distribute any extra fat you have.

Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper is $59.90 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $69.85.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put On Garment

    To get into your Silhouette Shaper, put each of your legs in one of the leg holes and pull the top of the shaper up so it reaches the area just below your bust. Once you've done so, the silicone band at the top should hold it in place so it won't roll down or slip down on you as you move.

  2. Add Bra (Optional)

    Next, you can add the bra of your choice above your Silhouette Shaper. If you don't need much support and want to go bra-less, that's fine, too.

  3. Add Clothing

    Regardless of whether you've put a bra on or not, the next step will be to add your clothing over your shapewear. You can rest assured that virtually all ordinary pieces of clothing, such as pants, dresses, shirts, and skirts will fit comfortably over the shapewear unless they're too small for you to begin with. Actually, due to the shapewear's ability to pull in fat, a garment that's normally too small for you could by chance fit you better once you've got this shapewear on.

  4. Pull Off For Sleep

    You can spend all day wearing your shapewear under your clothing, but you should gently pull it off before you go to bed. As you did when you put it on, start at the bustline and manually roll the garment down and off of your body from there.

How It Works

This piece of shapewear works mainly by virtue of its cross-tie bottom support band and the double-layered mesh panels that are strategically placed throughout the garment. These mesh panels are placed in locations where the appearance of lumpy fat tends to be a problem, such as one's stomach and lower back, and will smooth fat out in those areas. Meanwhile, while the panels make your body appear slimmer and smoother, the cross-tie bottom support band will lift up a potentially saggy bottom, making it look rounder and firmer. Due to the panels and support band, not only will you look more attractive in your clothes, but it's likely that they'll fit you better since you'll have what's closer to an ideal body.


  • Comes in Two Shades

    The Silhouette Shaper comes in two shades, namely black and nude, and in a set, you'll get one garment in each shade. Each garment also has partially sheer legs, which contributes to the lightweight nature of each one. When it comes to choosing whether to wear your black or nude shaper on a given day, the nude one may work best under light-colored clothing while the black one may make you feel sexy.

  • Six Sizes Available

    This shapewear garment is available in six different sizes, ranging from small to triple extra-large (XXXL). That means women of almost all shapes and sizes will be able to wear one in order to help make themselves appear up to three clothing sizes smaller. The only size the garment isn't available in is extra-small, but women of that size may not have a lot of fat that they want to pull in, anyhow. Each garment's fabric will stretch, so if you gain a little bit of weight at any time, the size you've got will probably still fit you well.

  • No-Hem Leg Holes

    The leg holes on each of these garments don't have any hems, which means that there'll be no hems digging into your legs as you walk or otherwise move while wearing your garment.

  • Breathable Fabric

    The fabric used to create each Silhouette Shaper is breathable, so the vast majority of people will feel comfortable wearing one of these all day long, and they won't get excessively hot or sweaty. Additionally, the fabric has been designed not to fray, and to minimize the appearance of panty lines so much that you likely won't be able to see yours at all.

  • Discreet

    Unless you're wearing a swimsuit or another very skimpy outfit, other people won't be able to see your Silhouette Shaper sticking out from underneath your clothing. Therefore, they may think that you've achieved your slimmer, trimmer frame that the shapewear has given you from diet and exercise alone. If it's a person's first time meeting you, they might just assume you've got great genes!

Positive Points

  • Quick Results

    If you've got a big event coming up that you want to look fit for, and your diet and exercise routines aren't working as fast as you want them to, you may appreciate this shapewear. Just seconds after you pull it on, you'll notice that you're looking better already, and you can get back to that diet and exercise routine after people have admired your new look at your event.

  • Can Be Worn During Exercise

    Some shapewear garments that are bulky and contain a lot of snaps, zippers, and straps can be a pain to wear during exercise, but not this one. If you put one of your Silhouette Shapers on underneath your gym clothes, it won't dig into your skin during any of your movements, and it may be so comfy that you'll forget it's there. You also won't need to worry about the tummy-taming panel restricting your breath, as the pressure it puts on the stomach is quite gentle in nature.

Negative Points

  • Results Aren't Permanent

    One obvious drawback to the Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper is that the new look it creates for you won't be permanent. Once you pull the shapewear garment off, any lumps and bumps on your body will immediately become visible again. To get rid of them permanently, so you can look as good in a bikini as you do in clothing, you'll have to pursue a healthy diet and an exercise program.

  • No Equivalent For Men

    Some men may appreciate what this shapewear garment can do, but there's no equivalent shapewear garment for men. A man could attempt to wear a women's garment, but since these garments are designed with the shape of a woman's body in mind, the fit may not be adequate.

Save Money

If you're aging and your skin is sagging, and exercise isn't making a difference, wearing a Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper may be a viable alternative to getting plastic surgery. Although it won't permanently change your look, as plastic surgery can, the fact that you won't have to empty out your savings account for one of these garments may make it a more attractive option.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 03 Oct 2020 EG - (Tottenham, ENG)

Not so Great

Purchased and the attempt to get them on was really a chore. The band ripped. On wearing don't sit down as it rolls down, even though it advertises that it doesn't do that! The legs rolls up slightly and bathroom breaks are a definite no. Such a pity it's not what it says on the box. Too late to send back.

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Posted: 16 May 2019 Donna Jones - (Calgary, AB)

I ordered the Slim and Lift Silhouette Shapers and they didn't fit, so I returned them to exchange them from a small to a large. You still have my money and I have no Shapers. Could you please check on this order. It was from the original Confirmation number: 636877377906736046.

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Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper Infomercial
Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper Infomercial
Slim'n Lift Silhouette Shaper Infomercial

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