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Skineez are medical grade hydrating compression socks that contain patented microcapsule technology. They are infused with shea butter, apricot kernel oil, rose hip oil, retinol, and vitamin E through these microcapsules that open naturally and slowly to release the cosmetic ingredients. As the ingredients release, your skin will be moisturized and feel softer.

They are FDA approved and provide many health benefits while delivering a true gradient compression. You can experience the micro-massaging compression which helps to reduce swelling, relieve symptoms of varicose veins, soothes tired, achy feet and legs, and alleviates all kinds of pain associated with being on your feet.

Included with all of those medical benefits are a unisex, sleek and stylish design.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Skineez is $19.99 plus $7.50 shipping, for a total price of $27.49.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

How it's Different from Competitors

Skineez compression socks are different from other brands of compression socks in many ways. They are the only ones that are clinically proven to firm, revitalize, and hydrate your skin.

They are backed by doctors, FDA approved, and have patented technology that cannot be reproduced by any other company.

Does It Really Work?

Yes! Skineez compression socks do work! They continually moisturize your feet and legs while wearing them, and eighty percent of women who tried them claimed they had softer feeling skin within just one hour!

Positive Points

  • Limited Time Special Offer

    For a limited time only, you can receive the compression socks, compression spray, and a 60-day money back guarantee if you purchase from the official website at

  • Made in the USA

    Skineez compression socks are proudly made in the USA using high-quality materials.

  • Doctor Reviewed

    The CORE Institute's Chairman and CEO Dr. David Jacofsky had this to say, "Although there are a number of medical-grade compression socks on the market, only Skineez contains the patented microcapsules that improve hydration in the skin. It’s that hydration that differentiates Skineez from other compression socks. ”.

  • Ease of Use

    Unlike many other brands of compression socks, Skineez provides compression, yet are still easy to put on. Due to their ease of use, they are great for travel and for use at work.

  • Fashionable and Versatile

    These socks are fashionable and versatile and can be worn with a wide variety of clothing. You can use them while exercising, paired with a skirt, under your everyday clothing, or just while lounging around the house. They are also unisex and look great on both men and women.


  • Patented Technology

    These medical grade hydrating compression socks are patented, containing microcapsules that are infused with: Shea butter (moisturizes), Apricot kernel oil (increases elasticity), Rose hip oil (rejuvinates), Renitol (soothes), and Vimatin E (nourishes skin).

    All of these ingredients working together will provide you with maximum hydration throughout the day and help to increase circulation while energizing your tired legs.

  • Latex Free

    Skineez Skincarewear is 100% latex free so more people can take advantage of the benefits. All compression socks are made from 91% nylon and 9% spandex.

  • FDA Approved

    Skineez is the only FDA approved hydrating compression sock available on the market!

    You can rest assured knowing that the Food and Drug Agency has inspected and approved all ingredients that have been added for your benefit.

  • Doctor-Designed & Recommended

    Skineez compression socks have been designed by an orthopedic surgeon and are recommended by medical doctors, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists. These doctors are endorsing this product because they truly believe in the benefits that they provide.

Skineez Compression Sock Sizes

  • Small / Medium

    Women's shoe size: 6 - 9.5.
    Men's shoe size: 7 - 10.
    Ankle circumference: 7" - 9 5 / 8" (18 - 24.4 cm)
    Calf: 15 1 / 2" - 20" (39.4 - 50.8 cm).

  • Large / X-Large

    Women's shoe size: 10 - 13.5.
    Men's shoe size: 10.5 - 14+
    Ankle circumference: 9 3 / 4" - 12 3 / 8" (24.7 - 31.4 cm)
    Calf circumference: 15 1 / 2" - 20" (39.4 - 50.8 cm).

Tips & Tricks

  1. Continuous Benefits

    To continually receive the moisturizing benefits it is important that you use the compression spray after every ten washes.

  2. Hand Wash

    To ensure you keep the shape and quality of compression socks, hand wash them in cold water. Use only non-chlorinated bleach (when necessary), and line dry. Do not iron.

  3. Applying Compression Spray

    After washing in cold water, turn the compression socks inside out. Hold the compression spray 15" - 20" away from the socks and generously spray them, making sure to cover all areas. It is important that you spray the socks while they are still wet, so the microcapsules can penetrate the materials.

Negative Points

  • Compression Spray Use

    To receive the full benefits of these compression socks, it's imperative that you use the compression spray. This adds to the long-term cost of the socks. The website is also unclear as to approximately how many uses one bottle of compression spray will provide.

  • Color Variety

    Ordering through only gives you the option to purchase the compression socks in the color black. The website gives the impression that black is the only color available, but there is actually a variety that can be purchased. When buying through you can also choose from the colors white, navy, brown, olive, and eggplant.

  • Money Back Information Needed

    Although there is a generous (limited time) 60-day money back guarantee, there is little information provided. The website does not mention the terms and condition for the guarantee; such as, whether there is a restocking fee or if it is the consumer who pays to ship the product back.

  • Lack of Sizing

    Sizes start at women's shoe size 6 and men's shoe size 7 which leaves out a lot of people who could use the benefits of wearing these compression socks. It would be good to see them made available in smaller sizes for teenagers and even children. Many children's sports require the use of compression socks and could easily be replaced with Skineez.

Who Can Use This Product?

  • Athletes

    They are great for all types of athletes. Whether you are a jogger or play tennis, soccer or volleyball, you can benefit from these socks. Any athlete who wears regular compression socks can make the change!

  • Workers

    They're extremely beneficial for people who work on their feet. Nurses, mail carriers, and laborers are only a few of the professionals that need help soothing their tired feet and legs during the day.

  • People With Pain

    Anyone who is suffering from pain can benefit from compression support. Skineez provides relief for foot arch, heel, ankle, and nerve pain, and the increased circulation also helps prevent tired and achy legs.

  • Everyone

    The compression socks are especially beneficial for everyone during the winter! They'll provide an extra layer of protection, keeping your feet and legs warm. During the cold, drying weather they're an excellent choice for anyone whose skin lacks moisture and begins to crack. Skineez technology will repair and prevent the scaling and cracking with its moisture wicking fibers.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Skineez online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Skineez online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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