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Skid Doo Skid Doo or Alternatives
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Skid Doo is a toilet brush that's about the same size as a traditional model and has a handle of a similar length, but it has a head made from silicone fins instead of bristles. Due to this head, it's specified that you'll be able to complete a streak-free, spotless cleaning job without allowing bacteria, germs, and grime to accumulate on the brush. Each of these brushes comes with a holder for you to place it in when it's not in use.

Skid Doo Skid Doo or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Skid Doo is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping for a total price of $27.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Cleaner to Toilet

    Before you can use your Skid Doo, you'll need to add your chosen toilet cleaner (naturally made with vinegar and baking soda, or store-bought) to the toilet bowl you want to clean. Add a few ounces of the cleaner to the bowl, adhering to the precisely recommended portion size if you're using a store-bought solution, and let it sit for a few minutes.

  2. Clean Toilet Bowl

    Next, pick up your silicone-headed toilet brush and clean your entire toilet bowl with it. Make sure you clean the rim, the edges, and inside the drain. As you rub your brush's head along different areas of your toilet bowl, the head will bend and flex with the shape of the bowl so any bit of dirt or bacteria gets wiped away.

  3. Flush Toilet

    When you're done cleaning your toilet bowl, leave your brush's head in the bowl and flush the toilet. Wiggle the brush around as water is flushed through the toilet. Once the toilet has finished flushing, hold your brush's head slightly above the water to let any dirt or water that's still on the head drip off. The fin-like spirals that make up this brush's silicone head will enable any residue to drain more quickly and smoothly than it would drain off of a standard brush.

  4. Put Brush Away

    After a minute or so of holding your brush's head over your toilet bowl, remove it and place it in the included Skid Doo holder, which will help keep it clean. Leave the holder someplace near your toilet where it won't be exposed to dirt.

How It Works

With a traditional toilet brush, even one that has high-quality, slim bristles, users often can't remove every stain from their toilet bowl since the brush is too rigid. Fortunately, when you use a Skid Doo brush, it'll be flexible enough to reach every nook and cranny, giving you a spotlessly clean bowl in the end. Plus, since germs, dirt, bacteria, and dirty water slide off this brush's head so efficiently, it won't start to smell bad or transfer these unwanted substances back to your toilet during a later cleaning job.


  • Blue Head

    Each one of these toilet brushes has a bright blue head, which should look attractive in most bathrooms, especially since blue is a color commonly used for bathroom decor. If you're not a huge fan of blue, it's still probable that you'll find this brush better-looking than an old white one with a head covered in black or brown dirt. Since its head is made of silicone, it also won't lose its shape like the heads of bristled toilet brushes tend to over time.

  • Generous Handle

    The handle on this type of toilet brush isn't any shorter than the handle found on most brushes. If you hold this brush's handle at the top, in one hand, there will still be several inches of space between your hand and the toilet bowl. That means you won't run the risk of accidentally dunking your hand into a potentially grimy toilet as you clean it.

  • Holder Included

    With each Skid Doo toilet brush, you'll receive a white holder with a flat silver base that's been designed to fit the brush's head nicely. When your brush is placed in its holder, its head will be protected from picking up dirt, while its handle sticks out for you to grab when you need it. Some toilet brush holders become full of grimy water, but this one shouldn't, as your brush's head shouldn't hold onto grimy water after it's been used.

  • Comes in Multi-sets

    Aside from singles, this toilet brush comes in sets of two, three, or four, so if you've got more than one bathroom in your home, you may want to get one for each. These brushes also make a nice gift to give someone who has just moved into a new house or apartment.

Positive Points

  • Makes Cleaning Less Fatiguing

    If you've got physical issues that affect your ability to scrub something with your hands or bend over / kneel for an extended period of time, this brush may offer you some relief. As this brush's head has been shaped with efficiency in mind, you likely won't have to scrub each part of your toilet as aggressively as you would while using an older, more rigid head. Furthermore, you shouldn't have to spend so much time bending over or kneeling down to scrub, as this brush should clean your entire toilet more quickly than a traditional one.

  • Promotes Good Bathroom Odor

    Having a stinky old toilet brush sitting somewhere in your bathroom may cause the bathroom to smell bad, even if you spray some sort of fragrant room spray every time you use it. The smell, in turn, could gross out guests and household members alike. However, if you replace your old toilet brush with a Skid Doo, it won't retain enough bacteria and dirt to cause its head to reek, so your bathroom should smell much better.

  • Can Clean Other Objects

    While this toilet brush has been designed to clean a toilet, you can also use one of these to clean other areas of your bathroom, such as your shower, bathtub, or sink. If you go this route, though, it's best to get a set of these brushes and use one for the toilet alone, instead of using a single brush for everything.

Save Time

Since traditional toilet brushes can leave streaks on your toilet while they wipe away dirt, you may end up making several passes over the same areas of your toilet bowl to remove those streaks. On the other hand, when you trade your traditional bristled brush in for a Skid Doo, you'll probably only have to make one pass over each spot. This brush's head shape will make it almost impossible for it to leave streaks behind, so you may end up finishing your cleaning job in a fraction of the minutes you'd normally take.

Save Money

People whose toilet gets too stained will often give up trying to clean it and go get a new one, but that won't be necessary when you make use of your Skid Doo. If you clean all the dirt off your toilet with this brush once a week, it should never accumulate any unsightly stains. Furthermore, if you've got an old toilet with long-term stains that a traditional brush won't remove, this type of brush may be able to do the job.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Skid Doo online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Skid Doo online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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