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Simply Fit Board

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Simply Fit Board is a plastic exercise board which claims to strengthen the inner core muscles while simultaneously trimming the waist. It is designed based upon the theory that most people fail to work out their internal muscles and are too focused on the external six pack or other outside muscles that they can show off. People fail to really gain strength in the places where it is most important, the internal core both back body and front body. Such a board is meant to enhance the traditional workouts most people do by integrating a deeper core workout into them by way of balancing exercises.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Simply Fit Board is $39.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $47.98.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Popular

    Balance boards have been around for a long time and are quite popular. This balance board however has gained more popularity compared to its competitors because it was on an ABC television show called Shark Tank. While it is not endorsed by the show it nonetheless received national audiences which launched its popularity. It was on this show that the founders watched as the television personalities agreed to make an investment of one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars in the company, buying a twenty percent stake.

  • Special Plastic

    Crafted from an allegedly special plastic, this board claims to allow users to rock back and forth the same as they would on traditional balance boards while also twisting from side to side. The board has handles on the surface for your hands to grip. There are also non-slip surfaces for the feet.

  • Website Videos

    On the website, there are ten minute YouTube workout videos that give tutorials to users on how to best use the board. What is particularly nice about this program is that efficiency aside, it does supply users with myriad online videos teaching them how to use this for various fitness targets.

    Videos focus on getting started, meeting the six pack challenge, conducting a lower ab working, or the ten minute full body. There are videos with instructions on a basic twist, on six pack planks, in addition to ten minute back workouts. Finally, there are workouts for a simply fit booty, in addition to for planks and pushups alone, and of course for sports training drills.

  • Many Colors

    You can purchase the board in five different colors, all five of which have fun names like “bright magenta” or “atomic orange”.

  • Toning

    The website claims that using this board will help users to lose weight, to target their inner abdominal muscles thus doing away with things like muffin tops, to tone their legs, improve balance, and more.

  • Good Customer Service

    The customer service is now quite extensive and they even have a Facebook Page where consumers can message or contact with issues. This page is quite responsive. Customer reviews on the website for the product, in addition to other review sites and Facebook are positive.


  • No Science for Fat Burning

    While the website purports it will fight the muffin top and burn fat, it is important to note that in spite of its many benefits, this particular claim is not true. There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that balance boards burn fat. They improve balance and stability, but that is not what burns fat or gets rid of a muffin top.

  • Won't Target Muffin Top

    In fact, targeting the abdominal muscles such that you can get the “six pack abs” which people see is almost exclusively a result of diet and not of exercise. Exercise is important but only by reducing your body fat down tremendously, typically below 10% , can men or women show off six pack abs. It is through regular exercise that fat around the body, and the mid section can be burned and strength gained.

    However, do not believe for one second that better balance will help you to magically get rid of stomach fat while still eating fattening foods and only exercising fifteen minutes per day.

Does It Really Work?

Balance boards like this, sometimes called wobble boards, come in literally all shapes and sizes. Some are discs that have a rounded bottom while others look similar to skateboards with knobs below. While designed differently, they all try to improve balance. Scientific studies have been published regarding the efficiency of balance boards which have pointed out that balance can actually be improved with age.

Most people think of such tools as the Simply Fit as a passing fad, but this item can be used literally for the rest of your life. It can easily become a regular part of your exercise equipment line. Specifically, balance boards train you to strengthen your muscles, to condition your body, to improve your stability and your posture.

They also help to rehabilitate injuries and prevent falls. Other scientific articles have pointed out that balance boards like these strengthen and stabilize the ankle, something which reduces the risk of re-injury during rehabilitation by up to fifty percent. What’s more, doctors have stated that including balancing exercises should be a part of your daily exercise routine, as they improve your core stability.


  • Other Balance Boards

    While there are scientific studies to support that balance boards are good for you, there is no study to say which one is best. Right now the weight limits and price are the differentiating factors between Simply Fit and other boards. This board has a weight limit of 400 pounds and it costs forty five dollars. 
     There is the Fitaboo PRO Wobble Board which has a weight limit of 300 pounds but costs seventy three dollars. Then there is the Revolution Balance Board which can hold up to three hundred pounds and is one hundred and twenty dollars.

    Perhaps the best out of the alternatives though is the Isokinetics Deluxe which can support up to three hundred pounds and costs twenty dollars. For those who weigh less than three hundred pounds, this might be a better financial investment compared to the Simply Fit.


  • Be Safe

    While this board is a wonderful way to get better balance, remember that you should watch the getting started video. Look at a few others provided with the instructions to get a good idea of how to safely use it. You need to know that a balance board will likely use muscles you are not used to using. So it will take time for you to build up the balance and strength to complete the more complex exercises they have.

    The company points out that when using it properly, there should be no moving or twisting of your knee joints, so it is not hard on your knees.

    They also point out that it can be used on all floor types, including carpet. In fact, thicker carpets provide more resistance. For those who are starting out and building up their balance, tile or wood floors are less resistant.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Simply Fit Board online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Simply Fit Board online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Kim - (Anchorage, AK)
Posted: 04 Apr 2017

My Poor New Floor

This is my new kitchen floor after using the Simply Fit Board for 3 days. It is ruined. There is another area on the floor that is smaller, but I am only able to post one picture.

Simply Fit points out that it can be used on all floor types, including carpet. This is not true.

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