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Simply Contour

Simply Contour is a new type of shape wear. The advertisement claims to alleviate muffin tops, to do away with hooks or zippers that always seem to create unwanted lines. When wearing this, you can instantly look to be up to 2 sizes smaller. There are silicone bands that hold the whole thing in place so that it won’t fold or roll down while you wear it. The seamless design means you can wear it under any type of clothing.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Simply Contour is $29.99 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Simply Contour by paying an extra fee of $7.95 for a total price of $45.89.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

Simply Contour Commercial


  • Made by Women

    The product is designed for women, and designed by women so you can trust that wearing it will give you the shape you want.

  • Comfortable

    It is comfortable to wear, unlike other brands.


  • Lots of Sizes

    The sizes available include small, which 24 inches for the waist and 26 inches for the hips. Medium is 26 inches for the waist and 29 inches for the hips. Large is 28 inches for the waist and thirty inches for the hip. Extra large is 30 inches for the waist and thirty four inches for the hips.

  • Better Than Normal Underwear

    You can do away with pads, with filler products, with bumps or lumps underneath your clothing. It uses SmartTex to naturally flatten the abdomen, slim down the waist, and lift the butt. The butt is naturally lifted up and separated slightly while the waist is cinched in. This garment gives you the perfect body each time you put it on.


  • No Bra Attachment

    The design of this product is the waist and butt design, such that it doesn’t come with a built in bra section. This means that it stops around the mid section and you have to wear your own bra. Theoretically, this is better for women who are wearing unique dresses with open backs or halter tops.

    However, it also means that there is a big risk of a roll being created at the top where it ends and the rest of your chest begins. Cinched waist area has to go somewhere and if it doesn’t go down it goes up. You also will likely have a line between where it stops and where your bra begins, which is why so many alternatives have the built in bra option.


  • Ultimo Signature Black Body

    This product will flatten your tummy too and provide more shape to your waist. Without being too tight to wear all day, the new sexy shapewear line lets you tighten the waist and wear a bra of your choosing. There is a low coverage front with a multi-position set of straps so you can change the straps to fit any neckline or style of dress. Wear this under a racer back, with a plunging neckline, and more.

  • Spanx Shape my Day

    Spanx has a Shape by Day Open-Bust Slip which is slimming and has the open space for your own bra. The way the straps are designed, your bra can be worn under the slim wear with the straps of the slim wear ensuring there are no lumps or rolls that spill out. Around the midsection is a tight band that keeps your silhouette smooth and flattens the stomach. Adding length to your body too, it flatters your thighs too. Soft fabric is not restrictive and will feel breathable, perfect for all weather.

  • Next Firm Control

    The Next Firm Control Thigh Smoother is worn like a set of shorts. High waisted in their design, you can rely on them to smooth out the mid section and prevent any slipping. Built in contouring lets you target the stomach, the top of your thighs, and the bottom. Made with rather thick fabric, they are not the softest out there nor are they glamorous to the eye.

  • Asos

    The Asos Waist Cincher Lace Thong is a less expensive investment but is quite beautiful, unlike most alternatives. It is a high waist design that has lace panels on it whose purpose is to streamline the shape. With the thong bottom it allows women to wear it without the panty line. Boasting a high cut around the thighs, this design can be worn by any woman with larger hips. Fabric on the shape wear stretches which gives better control on the tummy and the waist. Hourglass figures are achieved by way of the cinching lace panels.

  • Marks and Spencer

    Marks and Spencer has a Firm Control Magicwear Geometric Low Leg Waist Cincher. This will lift and tuck in the same fashion. Cinching the waist, the build in low leg and panels will smooth out the hips, lift the butt, and flatten the tummy. Seamless edges fit along the natural body curves so there are no problems with bulging waistbands when you sit down, nor will it dig into your torso.

  • Littlewoods

    Littlewoods has the Intimates Control Strapless Control Slip. This comes with removable straps so that you can wear it under all dress types. The straps give more comfort for those with bigger busts and the non-slip grip at the top guarantees that the design stays put. Cups included in this shape wear are underwired and have light padding. There are sheer side panels and lace trimming at both the top and bottom of this design to make it more visually appealing.

  • Simply be

    Simply Be has the Magisculpt Light Control Lace Bodyshaper. This body shaper is created out of lace and has a nice mesh lining to it at the center, front, and in the cups. As such, it is much more appealing than most shape wear designs. Bra back fastening and its adjustable straps mean any size can wear it and personalize it to their bust. Light control is offered all over and the beautiful lace gives it a beautiful appeal.

  • Wacoal

    Wacoal has the Ultimate Side Smoother Brief which has a high rise waist combined with double panel fronts and a separate band to sit around your waist. These three elements combine to make a much more comfortable shape wear. Firm, with seamless edges, you won’t see this item under even the tightest of clothes. What’s more, there are removable straps to give you extra support and comfort as necessary.

  • John Lewis

    John Lewis boasts a Miracle Suit Waist Cincher. This is a super flattering design which looks like a corset, boasting the bone detailing, and can give you firm control all day. Flattening the tummy is the key here, and this is achieved with some difficulty because of the fastening hooks. However, the side panels are stretchy so they move with you as needed.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Simply Contour online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Simply Contour online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Simply Contour Infomercial
Simply Contour Infomercial

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Smank mee - (Richmond, VA)
Posted: 04 Jul 2018

Best for s*x

Smank me now daddy plzzzzzzzzzzz.

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brittnee - (Arlington, WA)
Posted: 11 Aug 2017

Not as Described

Hi. I'm so glad I didn't spend as much as everyone else. I paid $14.99 at Walgreen on their clearance isle. I got a l / xl and I am a size 12. Always had a bubble butt. But never a belly until after I had my daughter. Anyways it went on okay but it flattened my butt which was really weird since its supposed to do the opposite. Its okay though because it helps hide my tummy some.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Nikki - (Northglenn, CO)
Posted: 31 Jul 2017

Waste of Money

I wear a size 6 or 8, depending on the brand of clothing. I purchased the s / m, thinking this should fit since a med. Is usually 8-10. I was wrong, according to the chart size, I should have purchased a large / xlarge. The s / m would not go "up" my body with ease; it was so small and tiny. I almost broke a nail trying to get the waistline in position. Once on, it didn't make my stomach look any smaller. Instead, it pushed my buttocks out of the two circles, making my rear look misplaced. You could see the circle pattern through my clothes. This was a total waste of money.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Kate - (Glenarden, MD)
Posted: 23 Jun 2017

OMG horrid

This might be the most atrocious thing I've ever put on my body. Enhanced my pot belly, & flattened my ass to concave levels. Also. Putting the stupid thing on?! Just imagining someone I'm romantically involved with see that gave me the howling fantods.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

FrmTON - (Byron, GA)
Posted: 18 May 2017

I Want my $ Back!

My order placed 01 / 26 / 17 ( $49.30 ), it is now 05 / 18 / 17, what the flip? By now i've changed my mind, don't want to find out if it works. A true rip off. I want my $ bck😭.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Carmen - (Brownsville, TN)
Posted: 01 Apr 2017

Read the reviews. Not buying this product. Too many bad reviews.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Ramiro Mccray - (Lisle, IL)
Posted: 30 Mar 2017

My problem was that my button was not lifted at all.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Rachel - (Wanaque, NJ)
Posted: 11 Mar 2017

Sizing Question

My question is which size would be best for me? My pants size is a 9.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Keisha - (Longview, TX)
Posted: 09 Feb 2017

False Advertising

I am a full figure woman and my current size is an x large. I saw the simple contour body shaper on TV, so I Decided to give it a try. But when received them in the mail, they were too small and the butt portion was under my butt. This garment runs very small and not made for people under 120 pounds. Also once I return the item they didn't give me back
The full amount of $45.38 they only give me $29.99 plus I had to pay for the shipping to return the items. Don't buy the item it's not what is shown on TV and you don't get your full refund.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Katie - (Mariposa, CA)
Posted: 31 Jan 2017

Its a Lie!

I am extremely disappointed in this product! I paid $50.56 and it is too small on my butt and fits everywhere else and makes my butt look lumpy!

5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Posted: 08 Feb 2017

If you don't mind me asking what size are you? For some reason it shows more women that are always slim, thin & much smaller then a true woman with curves to sell their products these days at lest that's my opinion. I would love to see the heavier or thicker woman to show a true review on this product. I use to weigh 380lbs & I'm now 140lbs. I do have flapper skin that needs to be lifted & tucked because I'm not wasting money for plastic surgery since I don't heal well from incisions I just can't justify that kind of vanity while being a wife, mother & grandma. So fir me this is something I've be lining for but they don't show any real plus size women or women who are like me so that's why in asking regarding your size. If you don't want to respond I completely understand but if you do thank you so very much.

Posted: 17 Feb 2017

I had that problem too, my butt was not lifted, at all, if anything, it did the opposite.

Maame Serwaa - (Ashburn, VA)
Posted: 28 Dec 2016

I paid $51.87, my order came minus the smart clip ( $5.98 ) which they will still tell you to upgrade to get.
It is over 8 weeks, I have called customer service to no avail.
Does not even fit as advertised, bunch of lies.

14 of 15 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Posted: 30 Dec 2016

Why did your order cost so much? Did you get additional items than what you had anticipated?

Posted: 02 Jan 2017

How long did it take for the order to come in and what size did you get.

Posted: 12 Feb 2017

Can't seem to find customer service phone # so I can return item. Some one help please

Posted: 17 Feb 2017

Customer service number 1-844-512-0946.

Sheila Johnson - (Medford, OR)
Posted: 06 Dec 2016

Want to Know What People Think about It

What do people that have it think about it.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Kayla - (Medford, OR)
Posted: 06 Dec 2016

I would like to know what other think about it there is no other review posted.

2 of 8 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Rosie Kelly
Posted: 13 Dec 2016

What was it about the garment that you didn't like? I'll bet it doesn't stay in place when you move around, sit, etc. I'm a cynic; if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Also, the size guidelines are strange. Who has a hip measurement of only 26"?

Posted: 05 Jan 2017

It fit my butt so perfect I love my Contour.

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