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Simon Says Talking Watch

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The Simon Says Talking Watch is an analog wristwatch for adults that'll announce the time of day to you after you press a button. In the same manner, it'll also tell you the day of the week and the current month and year. This watch, with its black leather wristband and white face with silver-colored accents, is suitable for both men and women. Visually impaired people who have difficulty seeing the face of a watch may find wearing one of these extremely useful.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Simon Says Talking Watch is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Turn On Watch

    To start using one of these watches, turn it on and it'll automatically synchronize itself with the United States Atomic Clock. It'll even identify the correct time zone for you. Then you can put it on as you would an ordinary wristwatch and start accurately telling the time right away.

  2. Press Button to Hear Time

    You can visually look at this watch to tell the time if you'd like, but when you want to hear the time instead, simply press the button on the top right-hand side of the face. Following that, a fairly loud voice will announce the correct time to you with clarity. You'll also notice that when you're in a dim room, the hands on your watch will glow in a shade of light green that'll enable you to see them more clearly.


  • Classic Look

    Each Simon Says Talking Watch has a classic black, white and silver look that will look good on virtually anyone in any setting, whether it's a casual or professional one. Unlike more bright and gaudy-looking watches, you won't need to worry about this one going out of style quickly, so you may be able to use yours for years without getting a replacement.

  • Large Numbers

    This watch has large black numbers on its face that visually impaired people may be able to see without pulling out a pair of glasses. These bold numbers may come in handy in a place where listening to the time might be considered rude, such as a library or a church. What's more, if you're ever attempting to teach a child to tell time, the availability of large, bold numbers may speed up that process.

  • Optional Alarms

    This isn't absolutely necessary, but when you wear one of these watches, you'll have the ability to set a daily alarm to wake yourself up or an alarm that chimes every hour. People who do a job that requires them to switch tasks on a frequent basis may find the second option especially helpful.

  • Self-Adjusts For DST

    At the time of the year when Daylight Savings Time kicks in, you won't have to do anything extra to this watch to set it up for that time change. It'll adjust itself automatically on its own, so you won't ever find yourself an hour behind schedule due to reading or listening to an incorrect time.

Positive Points

  • Ideal For Dim Areas

    This watch is a great one to use when you want to watch a movie or television in a dim room or take a walk outside at night. As you do so, the watch's glow-in-the-dark green hands will enable you to keep an eye on the time while enjoying yourself. Teenagers who are having fun at outdoor parties, but need to be home at a certain time for curfew, may also find that one of these watches helps keep them out of trouble.

  • Good For Learning to Tell Time

    It's not only this watch's large black numbers that make it a good one to use when you're teaching children how to tell time. A child is also likely to enjoy guessing the time themselves by using the watch's hands and then playing the audio version of the time to see if they were correct. Whenever they're correct, that'll increase their confidence, and if they're ever wrong, they can examine the hands of this watch again to determine the mistake they made.

  • Can Wear On Either Wrist

    The leather wristband of each Simon Says Talking Watch can be adjusted quickly. That means that even if your wrists are slightly different sizes, which is actually the case for quite a few people, you'll be able to move your watch between wrists whenever you choose. You may prefer to wear your watch on your dominant wrist when you don't need that hand for other tasks, but move it to the opposite wrist whenever you do.

Negative Points

  • No Digital Version

    Regardless of whether they can tell time or not, some people just prefer the look of a digital watch or clock. Unfortunately for them, the Simon Says Talking Watch is only available with an analog face.

  • Customized For Americans

    This watch has been designed to be compatible with American time zones, so anyone who's in a time zone on the other side of the world may find that it won't synchronize correctly for them. The same goes if you are an American (or live within the same time zone as some Americans) and you travel overseas with your watch. It would be beneficial if an international version of the watch that would accommodate all the world's time zones could be created.

  • Can't Change Voice

    If you don't like the voice that's built into your Simon Says Talking Watch (the one that reads the time and date), you'll have to get used to it since it can't be changed. It would be nice if you could have the time read in your own voice or at least have the choice between a few different voices, instead of being stuck with the default one. Along the same lines, the sounds of the hourly chime and the daily alarm cannot be changed, either.

Critical Advice

If a child under your care wants to wear the Simon Says Talking Watch on a regular basis, but the wristband is too large for them, there's a quick solution. You can use a leather punch tool in order to add an extra hole to the band and thereby enable it to be fastened more tightly. A child may find this watch to be fairly heavy on their wrist, but probably not unmanageably so.


  • Don't Use In Water

    This watch has not been identified as a waterproof one, so it's best to take it off when you go in the bathtub (or shower), a pool, a lake or any other body of water. If water were to seep into the watch, that might damage its interior functions and cause it to stop working altogether.

Save Money

If having to obtain a calendar each year to keep track of the day of the week and date gets on your nerves, obtaining a Simon Says Talking Watch will relieve you of that obligation. With one of these watches, you'll be able to play the current day, month and year back to yourself every single day instead—no calendars required!

Wise Advice

Do not buy Simon Says Talking Watch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Simon Says Talking Watch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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