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Shoe Secret Shoe Secret or Alternatives
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Shoe Secret is a set of shoe stretchers that will work in virtually any pair of shoes, including sandals, high heels, sneakers, and boots. Unlike some shoe stretchers, though, this set will only stretch the toe of each shoe, so it won't feel as if your shoes are falling off your feet after you use them. You'll be able to use them to restore the shape of wrinkled old shoes and make new shoes feel as if they've been gently broken in.

Shoe Secret Shoe Secret or Alternatives
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Slide Into Shoes

    The first thing you'll need to do is divide your set of two shoe stretchers and slide each one into an individual shoe. It doesn't matter which one you put in your left shoe and which one you put in the right shoe.

  2. Press Button to Expand Wings

    Next, press the button on the end of each Shoe Secret stretcher in order to expand the pressure wings located at the bottom of each. If you find that your pressure wings are located at the top of your stretcher, it's upside down and you'll need to turn it around. Once the pressure wings are expanded inside each shoe, they'll put gentle pressure on the toe of each in order to widen it or restore a sagging curved shape.

  3. Push Handle Into Heel

    Before you leave your shoes alone for about an hour, make sure that the handle of each stretcher is pushed down into the heel of the corresponding shoe. This will allow for maximum pressure to be put on each shoe's toe and thereby give you maximum results.

  4. Wait One Hour or so

    Finally, you'll need to wait an hour or so for your shoe stretchers to do their work. You can wait much longer if you'd like, but don't remove your shoe stretchers until you've waited at least 50 minutes, or you may not see a significant difference. After you've waited your approximate hour, the toes of your shoes should be roomier, have an attractive curve and feel more comfortable than they did previously. If not, just leave your Shoe Secret set in them for a bit longer.


  • Set of Two

    Shoe Secret shoe stretchers always come in sets of two, so you'll never need to stretch out one shoe at once. You'll always be able to do a complete pair at the same time if needed.

  • Manual Operation

    You won't need batteries, electricity or a USB charger in order to use these shoe stretchers. All you'll need is a pair of shoes and one or two hands.

  • Expand up to Half Size

    These shoe stretchers will expand the front of each shoe they're inserted in so it's up to half a size larger. That makes them a great choice for people who have one foot that's slightly larger than the other. Those users will be able to expand one shoe slightly to fit the larger foot instead of having to buy a second larger pair of shoes to accommodate it.

  • Portable

    Each set of stretchers is about the size of a standard pair of shoes, so they're very portable in nature. If you want to bring them along with you to work or on a trip, you'll be able to toss them in a backpack, suitcase or large handbag. You'll probably be able to carry them without a struggle if you're walking, too, since a set weighs no more than a few pounds.

Positive Points

  • Only Affect Front of Shoe

    There are other shoe stretchers available in stores and online, but some of these will affect the entire shoe. If your only problem is that the toe is too wide, which is quite common, you may find that the middle and heel are too large once you've used those particular stretchers. Fortunately, Shoe Secret stretchers will only stretch the toe and leave the rest of the shoe alone, so you won't find that it's too wide (or too long) in other areas.

  • Restore Old Shoes

    Old shoes that were once attractive can end up looking wrinkled and squished, especially if they've been stashed in a closet with other items for a long period of time. Your Shoe Secret stretchers will be able to restore the good looks of those shoes, though, by stretching out the toes and getting rid of wrinkles so they appear perfectly rounded again. When you wear an old pair of shoes that's been treated by these stretchers, other people may not even realize that they're old.

  • Make New Shoes More Comfy

    Similarly, brand-new shoes can feel incredibly stiff, tight and uncomfortable during the first few days of wear, but your Shoe Secret stretchers will help you out with this issue. By stretching them just a little bit, the stretchers will make it seem as if the shoes have been worn for at least a few days, and they'll feel like that on your feet. If you find wearing brand-new shoes really irritating, you might even want to insert these stretchers for an hour or so before you put the shoes on for the first time.

Negative Aspects

  • May Not Appeal to Men

    Although some men may be fine with the shade, the fact that these shoe stretchers come in a "girly" pink might make some men adverse to using them.

  • Not for Very Small/large Shoes

    The Shoe Secret stretchers are a great size for most shoes, but they may not work well in shoes that are extremely small or extremely large. If your feet are much smaller than average, you may be disappointed to find out that you can't get an entire stretcher in your shoe. The same goes for children's shoes. On the other hand, these stretchers may sit in a very large pair of shoes without touching the sides or back, so they won't be able to stretch them out effectively.

Save Money

If you don't have shoe stretchers like these ones, you might end up replacing any pair of shoes you own once it starts to look misshapen. You'll no longer need to do this once you have Shoe Secret stretchers, however, as you'll be able to restore the original shape of nearly any shoe, no matter how old.

Save Time

By obtaining a set of these shoe stretchers, you'll also eliminate the need to spend time trying to stretch out shoes with your hands or attempting to find other objects to jam in the toes. Instead, you'll just need to insert your stretchers in each pair of shoes that need treatment for about an hour, and following that, they'll be good-looking, comfortable and ready for public wear.

Critical Advice

When you're inserting your Shoe Secret stretchers in any pair of shoes, be sure that you're gentle. If you roughly shove the winged end of any stretcher against the toe of a shoe, you may end up damaging that shoe's toe. Then the shoe will probably look worse than it did before you made the decision to use the stretchers.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shoe Secret online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shoe Secret online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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