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Shittens are disposable, mitten-shaped moist wipes. While old fashioned, square wet wipes put your hands at risk for all kinds of accidental fecal contamination, the genius mitten shape of a Shitten provides not only safety from poop, but on a larger scale, emotional peace of mind.

The Claim

Shittens are FDA approved and safe for babies, pets and adults. However, if you have specific allergies or sensitivities to standard bathroom wipes, consult a physician first and use with caution. Shittens are eco-friendly and has other uses. If you have no time to shower after working out, freshen up with a Shitten. If you accidentally step on a dog poop, clean it up with a Shitten. When done using a Shitten, make a fist. With the other hand, grab the bottom edge of the Shitten on the back of your hand. Pull the used Shitten up and over, creating a “Shitten Ball” for easy, sanitary disposal.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Shittens is $9.95 plus $5.95 shipping, for a total price of $15.90.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

What are they?

Shittens are moist wipes shaped like mittens intended to prevent hands from becoming contaminated from feces during the wiping process. They can be used for adults, kids, babies, and even pets. Shittens are a more ideal solution than rectangular wet wipes because they actually cover the entire hand and therefore eliminate any possibility of feces transferring onto the hands after a bowel movement. Each Shittens pack includes 20 individual mitten-shaped moist wipes.

How do they work?

Shittens have essentially the same sanitizing materials as traditional wet wipes, but the big difference is in their unique and convenient mitten shape. Users can 100% prevent the risk of putting their hands in danger of accidental fecal contamination by wearing a Shitten. Shittens are FDA approved and eco-friendly. Shittens should not be used to completely replace toilet paper, but rather as an additional aide in the wiping process.

How to use

Use Shittens after using regular toilet paper to wipe. Shittens are mainly meant for fecal emergencies, but for 100% cleansing assurance, they can be used any time one has a bowel movement. When the current Shitten has successfully wiped the area, remove it by making a fist with the Shitten hand. Using the bare hand, grab the bottom edge of the Shitten on the back of the hand. Pull the used Shitten up and over and dispose of properly. Shittens should safely be able to flush, but the manufacturers recommend being cautious with this practice. If possible, dispose of them in the garbage instead of the toilet.

Other uses

Just like traditional wet wipes, Shittens have multiple uses. They are safe for babies and can be used during diapering, as well as for potty-training toddlers. They can be used for incontinent pets or the elderly. They can even be used to freshen up when there’s no time for a shower! With all of the uses Shittens have to offer, they are a wonderful value!


The benefits for integrating Shittens into the wiping routine are endless. Here are some notable benefits:

  • Shittens are a huge hit for all kinds of people; even celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, Alex Skolnick, and Zak Bagans!
  • They’re FDA approved and safe for people of all ages
  • They’re much cleaner and more sanitary than a regular moist wipe. Shittens cover the entire hand during the wiping process so that there is no chance of fecal contamination
  • They can be used for freshening up or on kids and pets as well. Shittens are a great value for all of their uses!
  • Eco-friendly


For a completely clean and sanitized wipe every time, Shittens are the only answer. Real people have greatly appreciated incorporating Shittens into their everyday bathroom routine. Their unique design prevents fecal comtamination as well as gives the user a peace of mind about being completely clean. Every bathroom should contain a pack of Shittens moist wipes. They’re being used by celebrities every day! There is no reason not to invest in a pack of Shittens today!

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shittens online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shittens online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Pat - (Queens, NY)
Posted: 12 Aug 2013
I Recommend Buying it!

Tried Them

I was able to try a prototype and a finished product and I have to say this really works!

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