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Shine Armor Shine Armor or Alternatives
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Shine Armor is a spray-on solution made for vehicles, including not only automobiles but boats, motorcycles, and RVs, that's been designed to leave behind a protective nanoceramic coating. This coating, in turn, has been engineered to repel potentially harmful substances such as dirt, debris, acid rain, and dirty water. It comes in sets of two spray bottles, and in each set, you'll also receive four microfiber cloths that you can use to wipe down each area of your vehicle's exterior that you've sprayed.

Shine Armor Shine Armor or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Shine Armor is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Spray Solution on Vehicle

    To start using Shine Armor, spray the solution on any area of the exterior of your vehicle that you want to protect. It's safe for use on all surfaces, such as painted ones, glass ones, metal or plastic ones, so you can use it anywhere on the exterior of your chosen vehicle. You might even choose to use it on a motorcycle's leather seat padding. For most areas, you won't need more than one or two squirts to protect the area effectively.

  2. Wipe Treated Area

    Next, wait for a few seconds and then use one of the included microfiber cloths to wipe down the area you've treated. You won't need to rub or buff the surface, as wiping it alone will allow the solution to do its job effectively.

  3. Use Vehicle Normally

    Once you've wiped down the treated area, if you don't need to repeat the process on other areas of your vehicle's exterior, give the solution a few minutes to do its work. In minutes, you should notice that the surface is beginning to look glossier. At that point, you can use your vehicle again as you normally would, if need be.

How It Works

When you apply Shine Armor to the exterior surface of a vehicle, the nanoceramic solution will start filling in any crevices or cracks on that surface, including super-tiny ones. This creates a protective hydrophobic shield, and any objects that come in contact with it, including water, will quickly slide off instead of damaging or dirtying your vehicle. You probably won't need to clean your vehicle as often once this shield is protecting it, but the glossy finish this solution creates will also make any exterior surface smoother for cleaning purposes.


  • Made in United States

    The Shine Armor solution is made in the United States, so you'll be able to use it with the knowledge that the type of high-quality ingredients Americans are accustomed to are included in the mix. You can also rest assured that American safety and labor standards are being followed throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Long-Lasting

    This solution is quite similar to car wax, but it isn't actually wax. In fact, this high-tech ceramic shield will last for up to 20 times longer than traditional car wax. That means you won't need to apply it as often as you'd have to apply wax to the exterior of your vehicle for protection. You may get away with applying it just once per year!

  • Discreet

    When you spray Shine Armor on your vehicle's exterior, you'll be able to see a faint coating, but once you wipe the treated surface with your microfiber cloth, the solution will appear invisible. Consequently, once you've treated your car with this solution, even if you've used it all over the exterior body, no one will know it's the solution that's making your car look so attractive and new.

Positive Points

  • Little Chance of Spills

    Due to the fact that this solution comes in a spray bottle, there's little chance that you'll spill it while you're applying it. The same thing may not be true if you were to use a solution that you'd have to pour out of a bottle onto a cloth. Furthermore, you won't have to portion out the solution yourself, as your bottle will do that for you by making one spray equal one portion. With no spills, none of this solution will go to waste, nor will it damage anything around you, like your clothing or shoes.

  • Improves Appearance of Vehicle

    The appearance of any vehicle that you use Shine Armor on will likely be improved after you're finished treating it with the formula. That's because the solution will fill in cracks and make the vehicle's exterior shine, which will automatically make it appear newer. If someone hasn't seen you in a while, but they run into you after you've treated your vehicle's exterior, they might even think you've obtained an entirely new vehicle.

  • No Gloves Required

    Shine Armor isn't hard enough on the hands that you'll need to wear rubber gloves while you spray it onto a vehicle. Instead, you'll be able to use your bare hands for spraying and wiping, although you should remember to wash them with soap and water afterward.

  • Two-Bottle Set

    In each Shine Armor set, you'll get two bottles of the solution. The bottles are quite generously sized (about the same size as a standard water bottle), too, so you probably won't need replacements for a long time. If you only need to use a dozen or so sprays per year, these bottles could last you for years on end. Moreover, you'll get four microfiber cloths in a set, which means that if one gets filthy and needs to be washed, you'll always have spares around.

Negative Points

  • Not for Interior Use

    While you can use this solution all over the exterior of any vehicle, it hasn't been designed for interior use. Surfaces within the interior of a car (or any other vehicle) tend to be more delicate, so the solution could be too hard on them, and might actually end up causing damage. In order to make the interior of your vehicle look as good as the exterior of your car can when you use Shine Armor, you'll need to find an alternative solution.

  • May Repel Paint

    If you decide that you want to repaint any area of a vehicle's exterior after you've applied Shine Armor to it, you may have trouble. This solution will likely repel paint just as effectively as it does other substances, so the paint might slide right off your vehicle as you apply it. You may have to wait a year or more, until the protective coating wears off, to finish your paint job successfully.

Save Money

Those people who have the cash flow might choose to replace their vehicles with newer models as soon as the exterior paint starts to look dull and faded. You might find this unnecessary once you start using Shine Armor, though, as this solution will make virtually any old car look much newer. As a result, after using this solution to treat your vehicles, you'll be able to save your financial resources for something else you desire.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shine Armor online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shine Armor online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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