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Shed Defender Shed Defender or Alternatives
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Shed Defender is a onesie which is designed for dogs. The idea of the outfit is to contain the animals' hair so they don't shed all over the house and car. It also has medical uses, like covering wounds or surgical cuts, and lowering the dog's anxiety level. The light pressure of the athletic mesh fabric against the dog apparently provides them with a feeling of comfort and safety. These onesies are available in seven very sharp colors.

Shed Defender Shed Defender or Alternatives
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The cost of Shed Defender is $39.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Light, Eco-Friendly Material

    These onesies are made out of very lightweight material that should be extremely comfortable for dogs. The fabric should feel soft, and it's also very flexible. It allows dogs a lot of mobility, making it easy for them to run, jump, play, and do all of the things they usually do with ease. The product is athletic mesh fabric and it's eco-friendly.

  • Helps With Skin Conditions

    This product can contain skin conditions or rashes on your dog's body, preventing dirt from getting inside them and possibly worsening the issue or causing an infection. It also keeps the area dry. If you're treating your dog's skin condition with cream, the onesie will keep the area with the cream clean so that the skin can heal properly.

  • Covers Wounds and Cuts

    This product also covers wounds on your dog's body or surgical cuts. That way, they can heal more quickly because they stay clean. This prevents the dog from getting an infection.

  • Easy to Clean

    Shed Defender can be thrown in the washing machine easily. Then you can put it into the dryer and tumble dry on low, and it'll be as good as new.

  • Contains Dog Hair

    One of the primary goals of the product is to contain the dog's hair so that they don't shed all over the place. That way you keep your house and car relatively dog-hair free. You can feel comfortable taking your dog to other people's homes without worrying that you're going to leave a trail of dog hair behind.

  • Available in 7 Colors

    Shed Defender is available in 7 different colors - black, royal blue, Columbia blue, forest green, purple, red, and USA stars. The colors are really lovely and they look really good on dogs.

  • Travel Pouch Included

    The company includes a handy travel pouch which Shed Defender comes in. You can use it to carry the onesie with you.


  • Keeps Your House and Car Clean

    As all dogs lovers are aware, these friendly creatures can often lose quite a bit of fur on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes it feels as if you are constantly cleaning up after them. If you have a dog and your vacuum is your best friend, you're really going to love this product. Besides the fact that dogs love wearing them, they keep your car and house so much cleaner than before. You can devote all that time you've been spending vacuuming to playing with your dog.

  • Lowers Dogs Anxiety

    One amazing benefit of Shed Defender is that it is able to relax your dog. There's something about the pressure of the onesie against the dog's body that calms them down. Many dog owners with high-strung dogs have found this to be a great benefit.

  • Can Replace Medical Cone

    One additional use of Shed Defender is that it can actually act as a replacement for a medical cone. Sometimes after dogs have had surgery, or been injured somewhere on their bodies, there is a risk that they will remove stitches or further injure themselves by touching or scratching the area. That is why medical cones are often placed over dog's heads. They are very unpleasant for the dog. Shed Defender can replace these by preventing the dog from touching the injury. It's a much more comfortable and humane system.

  • Can Alleviate Allergies

    For people who are allergic to dog fur, this invention will be a godsend. With the large majority of the dog's fur covered and contained, this product will much lessen the impact of the fur on allergy sufferers.

  • Keeps Dogs Clean Outside

    If your dog is like most other dogs, they just love to run and play outside, to roll around in the dirt and get filthy. With Shed Defender, they will stay clean.

  • Vet Approved

    This product has been approved by veterinarians as being safe and useful for dogs.

  • Company Donates Proceeds

    The family-owned company donated a percentage of all of its proceeds to animal shelters, rescue centers, or adoption groups.


  • Hard to Put On

    How difficult this onesie is to put on your dog depends on the dog and his or her temperament. Some dogs will resist, while others may allow you to dress them. Even then, it will take some time to put Shed Defender on your dog and zip it up.

  • Need More Colors

    The colors offered are really nice and they look cute on dogs, but there are only 7 color options. We have no yellow, orange, pink, white, or other fun patterns.

  • Zipper Could Hurt Dog

    This onesie has a zipper that runs from one end of the dog to the other. Zippers are notoriously unreliable in that at any given moment they can snag clothing or skin. At some point, after being used many times, the zipper could hurt the dog. Velcro might have been a better idea.

  • Dogs Can Overheat

    Shed Defender cannot be worn when the weather is warm or hot outside. It's true that the product is light and breathable, but not enough to be worn outside in the summer. Dogs could easily overheat wearing this product when it's hot outside. There's even a warning on the website about this. Even in the spring, you need to watch your dog very carefully to make sure they're okay. It's best to simply avoid using the onesie during those months.

  • Can Only Wear Short-Term

    This product is not something that you can keep your dog in around the clock. They can only have it on for eight hours a day; then you must remove it. This means that it's not a complete solution to the problem of dog hair in the house. You may still have to do some vacuuming after all.

  • Toilet Issue

    The fact that the owner has to go open up the flap for the dog to go to the bathroom does seem a little problematic. There are bound to be accidents when the owner isn't completely in tune with their dog.

Does It Really Work?

This is a terrific product, and yes it really does work. Both dog owners and dogs really appreciate Shed Defender. Based on video reviews, dogs are not resistant to having this onesie put on them, and they look very comfortable and relaxed wearing it. Owners are really pleased about how much less dog fur they have to deal with, and how much it calms their dog down.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shed Defender online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shed Defender online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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