Shark Proof Metal Hose

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Shark Proof Metal Hose Shark Proof Metal Hose or Alternatives
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The Shark Proof Metal Hose is a garden hose that's been designed to withstand pressure from tires, blades, hot temperatures, and more. This hose has the name it does because it's claimed that it can even tolerate a shark bite without breaking. Each slim, silver-colored hose is 25 feet long and comes with a bendable head that has an adjustable nozzle. It's specified that although this type of hose is durable, it's lightweight and can be coiled up into a fairly small shape when you're not using it.

Shark Proof Metal Hose Shark Proof Metal Hose or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Shark Proof Metal Hose is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Connect Hose to Water Source

    To get started with your Shark Proof Metal Hose, you'll need to connect it to a water source, in the same way in which you'd connect any garden hose. Logically, if you've got an old garden hose connected to the outdoor water spigot that you want to use, you'll have to remove that before you replace it with this new hose.

  2. Turn on the Water

    Once your hose is connected to the water source of your choice, turn on the water as you normally would and wait a few seconds as it flows through your hose. The sturdy steel casing on each Shark Proof Metal Hose has been designed to prevent leaks as water flows through the hose's entire body.

  3. Adjust Nozzle (optional)

    After you pick up your hose and start using its flowing water to do things like water plants, clean debris off your patio, or wash lawn furniture, you may want to adjust the nozzle. By twisting the nozzle to the left or the right, you'll be able to choose between a finer mist or a stronger, more powerful spray. A finer mist is typically more suitable for use with delicate objects, such as flowers, while it's ideal to use a more powerful spray when you want to clean stubborn dirt off of large objects.

  4. Bend Nozzle (optional)

    Aside from adjusting the type of spray that's coming from your hose, you'll also be able to bend the top of its nozzle, if need be. Doing so may help you deliver water to a specific area, especially if it's an area you can't easily access with your body.

  5. Turn Off Water Supply

    When you're done using your hose, you must remember to turn off the water supply. You can leave your hose exactly where it is when you're done using it, or coil it up into a circle so that it'll take up less storage space.

How It Works

The body of each Shark Proof Metal Hose is made from interlocking metal pieces, and together, all these pieces are covered in a virtually impenetrable steel casing. This makes the hose durable and resistant to kinks, holes, and tears, regardless of where you use it or what you drag it across. It's stated that even if you want to cut this hose with a sharp tool, you probably won't be able to penetrate its surface. Therefore, water will stay in the body of the hose as needed, unless it's coming out the nozzle, and dirt, debris, and the potentially damaging rays of the sun will stay out.


  • Silver Color

    The Shark Proof Metal Hose comes in a shade of silver, although each one has a green nozzle. As a result, if you have more than one hose in your yard or garden, you'll be able to quickly tell which one is your durable steel hose and which ones are not.

  • 25 Feet Long

    Every one of these hoses is 25 feet long, which is likely long enough to meet the watering needs that most people have in an average-sized backyard. Plus, if you want to obtain more than one of these hoses at once, you can get a set of two identical 25-foot hoses. If you obtain a set, you may want to put one in your front yard and the other in your backyard, or one in your backyard and the other in your garden. Keep in mind, however, that you'll need a spigot to accommodate each hose.

  • Slim Design

    As opposed to having a wide diameter, each Shark Proof Metal Hose has a fairly slim one, especially in comparison to traditional green garden hoses. This won't interfere with the amount of water it can deliver, though—it'll just make the hose more compact than it otherwise would be, once it's coiled up. Due to its slim design, users may also be able to pull it around more effectively in comparison to a bulky hose.

  • Heat Resistant

    Some garden hoses, especially those made from rubber, can be susceptible to damage when they're left out in the hot sun. Their color may start to fade, and the rubber may even start to break down, which can increase the probability of a hose cracking and leaking. Fortunately, that won't be the case with the Shark Proof Metal Hose, since its steel casing has been made to resist damage from the sun's rays or any heat source.

Positive Points

  • Good to Use Around Cars

    This hose is a great one to use when you need to complete watering tasks in your driveway or anywhere else where cars and other vehicles with tires may be present. The hose is supposed to be durable enough to tolerate a car's tire driving over it without breaking, so it should be able to withstand the pressure of bike tires in the same way.

  • Unlikely to Soak You

    A hose that commonly picks up holes or gets ripped may end up soaking you while you're trying to do your yard work, but it's unlikely that the Shark Proof Metal Hose will do this. Since it's almost impossible for this hose to kink or rip, you and the objects that you don't want to be watered will likely be able to stay dry. Furthermore, its bendable hose nozzle will give you more control over where the hose's water supply is going, so it's improbable that it'll unexpectedly head towards your clothing or face.

Negative Points

  • No Longer Hoses Available

    While a 25-foot hose will probably meet the needs of most users, someone with a very large property and only one water source may not be happy with a hose of this length. The hose may not be able to cover the entire length of their property, which may be a problem if flowers or other plants are located at a far distance from the house. For that reason, it would be helpful if even a limited number of 75-foot or 100-foot hoses could be made available, or even a removable attachment to extend a 25-foot hose.

Critical Advice

The Shark Proof Metal Hose is heat resistant, but the same thing hasn't been said in relation to cold or freezing temperatures. Consequently, it's a good idea to put this hose in your garage or shed when the weather's wintry. With normal use, the hose has been designed not to burst, but if frozen water were to build up inside it in the form of ice, this could happen.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shark Proof Metal Hose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shark Proof Metal Hose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Shark Proof Metal Hose Infomercial
Shark Proof Metal Hose Infomercial

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