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Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press or Alternatives
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Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press is a grill, panini press, and open grill that plugs into a wall for usage inside of the house. The grill is smokeless so that you will not set off the smoke detector. With this product, you can cook any type of meat, sandwiches, or even pizza. The smokeless grill has deep ridges to give your food the distinct grill marks and a char-grilled taste. This grill was created by the famous athlete, Shaq.

Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press is $119.97 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Smokeless Technology

    The Shaq Smokeless grill is just that- smokeless. This is because of the powerful extraction fan that is included in the grill that removes the smoke. It does this by drawing the smoke down to the vent and into a chamber below it. The grill removes it before the smoke has the time to escape into your kitchen.

  • Adjustable Temperature Control

    In order to be able to cook your food in a chef styled way or just to warm it up, the Shaq Smokeless grill gives you the ability to choose your temperature. You can choose a temperature anywhere between 140 degrees to 450 degrees.

  • Nonstick Plates

    This grill has two removable grill plates that go on the grill. They are made of a non-stick material so that you don't have to worry about your food sticking to the grill. It makes for an easier cleanup of the plates. There should be no residue left behind when done cooking. These plates are also dishwasher safe to make cleanup even easier.

  • Floating Bottom Grill Plate

    The Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press comes with a floating bottom grill plate. It moves due to the thickness of the meat that you have put onto the plate. This feature allows for even grill marks on the meat and for even cooking. The floating plate is also beneficial because it allows for the food to not be crushed under the grill lid.

  • Double Drip Pan

    To assist users with more clean up ease, this grill and press come with a double drip pan at the bottom. This drip pan channels the grease and fat from your food away from the food and into the pan. In addition to making cleanup easier, it also helps prevent your food from becoming too greasy. This in turn makes the food you are cooking and eating healthier.


  • Easy to Wash

    The Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press has removable plates that the food goes on. These plates are what have direct contact with the meats, sandwiches, and food items. Since they are removable, they can be easily and thoroughly cleaned. The plates are made from nonstick material and are also dishwasher safe.

  • Large Plate Size

    The plate size on this smokeless grill is large enough to fit 4 - 6 burgers on it. This way you can cook for the entire family in one grill session if you would like. You can also fit multiple pieces of fish or other meats on there and even more than one panini.

  • No Smoke

    One of the most common effects that we see coming from a grill is the large amount of smoke it gives off. This would make it very dangerous to cook with a traditional grill inside a house. However, the Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press has vents and chambers under it so that any smoke that does form is quickly removed and suctioned out. This means you can grill food without causing the smoke detector to go off in your house.

  • Bonus Guide

    In addition to receiving the grill and press with the two removable plates, you will also receive a complimentary grilling guide. This guide includes Shaq's favorite recipes for grilling. The guide is of high value but is given to you just for purchasing the grill.


  • Size

    Although the Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press is a good size for an indoor grill, it is not as large as the traditional outdoor grills. While you could be able to cook multiple types of meats and veggies for groups of people on an outdoor grill, the indoor grill only allows for the space of 4-6 burgers. This means you would need to do multiple sessions depending on how much food you would like to cook.

  • Less Grilled Flavor

    Although this smokeless grill and panini do produce the chargrilled look and slight flavor, it will not have the same flavor as a grill that uses coal. This may make the food lack some of that traditional grilling flavor. It is important to remember that when buying this grill.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press would be a competitor with other panini makers or other grills. However, what sets it apart the most is its smokeless technology, and the floating bottom grill plate. The smokeless technology allows the grill and press to cook thoroughly without producing large amounts of smoke in your kitchen. This bottom grill plate is on a spring that allows it to adjust to the thickness of the meat or food item so that it won't get smashed when closing the lid. Other panini presses may not have any adjustment like that so one must be extra careful not to press down too hard.


  • Attention

    It is important to remember that anytime you are using an indoor grill, there is a risk of overheating and causing danger. You should never leave the grill unattended when you are cooking the food. In case of an accident, you should be right there to put out a fire or call for help.

  • Young Children

    This grill can go up to a temperature of 450 degrees. You should make sure that there are no children around that may accidentally touch the grill because they risk burning themself. This is especially true since the grill is smokeless so it could be harder to tell that it is hot for children.

  • Cleaning

    Make sure that the grill is turned off and all the way cooled down before cleaning it. It is not advised to clean the grill while it is still hot because you have a high risk of burning yourself. Turn off the grill and leave it to cool for an hour or so before trying to remove the plates and washing them.

How It Works

The Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press works by having a dual temperature control that lets you adjust the temperature. There are grill plates that work from both above and below. This allows the food to be cooked twice as fast. There is then a spring-loaded floating plate that adjusts to the thickness of the food to make even grill marks and even heat distribution. When cooking, there is then a double drip pan that traps the grease away from your food. Once finished, remove the food from the grill with tongs or a spatula and you are ready to eat.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 24 Feb 2021 Case - (Seattle, WA)

So far so Good

The beep for temperature and time adjustment is obnoxious and loud.

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Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press Infomercial
Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press Infomercial
Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press Infomercial

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