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ShamWow is a kind of a towel that combines the features of a chamois, a sponge, and a towel. It holds up to ten times its weight in liquid and provides an easy way to get rid of wine, cola or pet stains. ShamWow cleans and polishes any surface and doesn’t make a mess. Unlike disposable kitchen towels or sponges that one buys every week, this product will give you up to ten years of reliable service.

Shamwow Mop Shamwow Mop or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

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The cost of Shamwow Mop is $19.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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How it's Different from Competitors

A standard leather chamois can’t hold too much liquid and it hardens when it dries. The ShamWow absorbs up to ten times its weight in water and doesn’t make a mess when you squeeze liquids out, and it also remains soft when it dries. There are plenty of uses it can be put to, and once you try using this product, it becomes virtually irreplaceable in the household.


  • Unique Texture

    The product is made of a rayon material. The manufacturing process involves using regenerated cellulose fiber which is woven in a particular way to imitate the feel of natural fibers. When the ShamWow is wet, it has the feel and texture of soft leather.

  • Durable

    Thanks to the innovative technologies applied in the making of this product, the ShamWow boasts extreme durability. According to the manufacturer, these towels will last up to ten years under intense use. Some customers also reported having similar products that lasted almost two decades. The towels are backed up with a ten-year warranty starting from the day of purchase. If anything occurs to the product within the warranty period, the manufacturer promises to exchange it.

  • Doesn’t Scratch Surfaces

    Thanks to its soft and gentle texture, the ShamWow towels will not easily scratch a surface, whether that surface is a floor in your home, a car, a glass window or a polished wooden table. The product has been designed to imitate the feel of real cloth that turns into a soft leathery texture when the towel is wet.

  • 2 Big & 2 Mini Cloths Per Set

    Each set contains two large ShamWow cloths and two mini towels. The large ones are 20 x 23.5 inches, and the minis are 15 x 15 inches. You can use the small towels for dish rags, and since they have the ability to easily soak up the water and instantly dry surfaces, they are much superior to your regular sponges. The large ones can be used as bath mats or bath towels.

    They’re also excellent for draining your dishes, drying wool sweaters or keeping your vegetables fresh in a crisper. Feel free to cut the large cloths in half if required.

  • Machine Washable

    The product is machine washable, so it won’t take you much effort to keep it clean. It’s also bleachable, so feel free to use the bleaching solution of your choice when washing the towels. It can’t be put in the dryer though, so it’s suggested that you only air-dry your ShamWow cloths instead.


  • Multipurpose

    The ShamWow cloths have a vast array of uses. From cleaning the floor to removing carpet stains, washing the car or drying your pet’s fur, the product offers an excellent “no mess” service. Drying wool sweaters with this towel is a good alternative to using a dryer or hanging it up to dry. Just roll a wet garment tight in the towel, and it will absorb the water in no time, leaving your sweater all dry. Feel free to also use the cloths as a towel. Olympic swimmers have been using this material as towels for decades.

    The size of the large cloths allows one to cut them in half if having two smaller towels instead of one is what you’d prefer. The cloths can be used either dry or wet, and that’s one of the main reasons why pet owners like this product so much.

  • Double Offer

    One of the advantages of purchasing the ShamWow cloths on the manufacturer’s website is getting two sets for the price of one. Just order a set of two large towels and two mini clothes, and you’ll get a second set at no additional cost. Basically speaking, you get eight durable and extremely absorbent towels with free shipping. It’s a good idea to keep one set for yourself and give the second one to your friend or family member who would like to have a multipurpose towel in his or her household.


  • Not Available in Local Stores

    If you’re one of those who frown upon shopping online, buying this set might prove to be an inconvenience. The offer is not available in stores, and the only place where you can purchase the ShamWow is the manufacturer’s official website. All you need to do to order these towels is fill in a simple form.

    Standard shipping will take up to one month from the day you place an order. It may arrive earlier, but the manufacturer asks to permit at least three to four weeks for the parcel to arrive. If you order from Alaska or Hawaii, shipping may take a bit longer.

  • Extra Tax

    If you’re purchasing from California or Florida, you’ll have to pay additional tax as per requirements of these states.

  • Save Money

    With these cloths, you won’t have to buy kitchen towels on a weekly basis. It will also replace sponges, dish rags, bath towels and expansive stain removing products. Extreme durability and a ten-year life make the ShamWow a wise investment of money.


  1. Swipe it

    Swipe It is an extremely effective mitt-shaped stain removing product that will allow you to remove stains, dust or dirt on different surfaces. The item is white in color, so it’s easy to see how much dirt has been wiped off a particular surface. Thanks to an elastic thumb loop the mitt provides for a good grip. This item has been specially designed to remove stains with just a couple of swipes, without requiring too much effort.

    It works on a wide array of surfaces, including metal, glass or wood. The mitt is machine washable, bleachable and reusable, so it's relatively easy to keep it clean.

  2. Stain Stompers

    Stain Stompers are pads that have been specially designed to remove various stains from your carpet. White in color and soft in texture, these pads will enable you to quickly get rid of stains from wine, cola, tomato sauce, different foods and pet waste. The product allows one to maintain a tidy and lovely carpet without scrubbing it with chemical-based cleaners.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shamwow Mop online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Shamwow Mop online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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