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ShamWow Mask ShamWow Mask or Alternatives
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The ShamWow Mask is an antimicrobial facemask that reduces the wearer's risk of infection. It's made from non-woven fabric that blocks particles more efficiently than woven cotton or other fabrics. This mask also contains antibacterial zinc for added defense against disease. Its design resembles the original ShamWow chamois, which is made from a similar non-woven, hyper-absorbent material. The ShamWow Mask works like a wearable chamois to protect the user while still maintaining comfort and breathability.

ShamWow Mask ShamWow Mask or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of ShamWow Mask is $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second ShamWow Mask at the discounted price of only $4.95 for a total price of $31.85.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Thermally-Bonded Fabric

    The mask is made from non-woven, thermal bonded fabric. Other facemasks sewn from cotton or polyester may not protect the wearer from infection. However, this mask's material is used in surgical-grade and N95 masks for medical professionals and essential workers, which makes it a good choice for health-conscious buyers.

  • Zinc Fibers

    The ShamWow Mask contains zinc fibers that help kill bacteria and viruses. Zinc is used as an antimicrobial in medicine and dentistry.

  • Machine-Washable Material

    The mask is machine-washable and reusable. It can be reused for many purposes whenever the wearer needs it.

  • Comfortable Cotton Lining

    The mask's outer layer protects the wearer from infection, and the inner layer ensures comfort and breathability. This mask features a cotton lining that's soft and unlikely to irritate the user.

  • Elastic Straps

    Elastic ear straps ensure the mask is easy to put on and take off. The straps also reduce discomfort and fit multiple face sizes.

How It Works

The ShamWow Mask's non-woven fabric minimizes gaps and blocks particles from coming in contact with the wearer. Combined with zinc fibers for maximum antimicrobial effect, this fabric physically and chemically blocks infectious microbes. A wearer can feel more protected with a ShamWow Mask than a regular cotton or polyester mask.

The mask features the same designs used in medical-grade facemasks. Though medical quality is not guaranteed, the manufacturer does tout the similarity between medical masks and this fabric design.

Positive Aspects

  • Backed by Science

    The manufacturer's claims are backed by scientific studies and medical practices. Non-woven fabrics are less permeable than other common mask materials. In addition, zinc is a proven antimicrobial agent that helps protect the wearer from infection.

  • Comfort and Safety

    The ShamWow Mask's design prioritizes both safety and user comfort. Combining antimicrobial material with a cotton insert ensures maximum protection and wearability. If necessary, a user can breathe through the mask for an extended period of time without feeling smothered.

  • Easy to Clean

    The mask is machine washable and easy to clean. It can be thrown in the wash with clothes or dishtowels. This mask's shape stays the same when it comes out of the wash, and it doesn't need to be ironed or pressed.

  • Protective Shape

    The mask arches up over the wearer's nose and under the chin to seal off the face. This shape keeps unfiltered, contaminated air from coming through the sides of the mask.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    The ShamWow Mask is reusable, so the wearer doesn't have to discard and repurchase several disposable masks. This reduces waste from used masks and helps save resources.

  • Manufactured in the USA

    ShamWow sources its materials from Germany and assembles its products in the United States. This company's manufacturing process supports home-based jobs for Americans. Customers looking to buy locally may be happy to purchase a product that contributes to manufacturing in the United States.

Negative Aspects

  • Not Medically Verified

    Though the material in ShamWow Masks is comparable to medical-grade mask fabric, it's not certified by the CDC and shouldn't be used as a medical alternative. A layman wearer will benefit from a little added protection, but a medical worker should not use the mask as an alternative to a certified variety. This isn't to say that the science behind the mask is not credible - the design and materials are backed by science, but the mask does not have an official certification.

  • Bright Color

    The mask is bright yellow, which might not be the greatest choice for a product that has to be worn out and about during the day. This color makes it more conspicuous, which might put off a buyer who prefers a more discreet accessory. Unfortunately, this is the only color available from the manufacturer.

  • One Size Fits All

    Many facemasks on the market come in multiple sizes, but the ShamWow Mask only comes in one size. This might make it difficult to wear for people with small or large jawlines. There is also no way to know how large the mask is before it arrives in the mail. ShamWow does not provide a size or fit guide when a customer orders a mask.

  • Vivid Branding

    In addition to the yellow color, the ShamWow Mask comes branded with the "ShamWow" logo sewn across the middle of the mask. Anyone who wishes to benefit from its protective technology will also have to become a walking advertisement for ShamWow's products. This might put users off of buying the mask.

How it's Different from Competitors

Many mask-making competitors don't offer the same level of protection provided by this mask. Other large brands like the NBA and Disney have begun to manufacture branded masks, but these are often made from cotton and are more permeable. In fact, most available masks are made from cotton, polyester, and other woven materials that don't protect the user very well from incoming particles.

Additionally, this mask allows the wearer to benefit from high-grade protective materials without sourcing medical masks. This helps maintain vital medical supplies while still protecting members of the public. Competitors' masks do not offer the same high-grade materials or science-backed protection. ShamWow seems to have put effort into applying scientific studies to this new product. Their efforts benefit average people who want to use quality masks without taking away from beneficial medical supplies.

Critical Advice

Before a customer purchases a ShamWow Mask, they should consider where they will use the mask and how much protection they need. An extremely health-conscious buyer will likely take comfort in the mask's unique design. The mask might be particularly useful for wearers who are planning to travel through highly-populated areas such as airports or cities. Users who only need a mask for short trips - such as to a grocery store or a restaurant - may not benefit as much from the heavy-duty design.

In addition, wearers will have to consider the color and branding of the mask. The mask is not as fashionable or subtle as other masks on the market. However, the added protection might be worth the mask's slightly odd colors and bright branding. It's up to the customer to decide what they prioritize most: appearance or added protection against infectious bacteria and viruses.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ShamWow Mask online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ShamWow Mask online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 07 Oct 2020 Fred Smith - (Tustin, CA)

Poor Design - Needs Improvement

The idea of this is great, the textile made the purchase of this alluring. It arrived quickly. But the downsides make it unwearable.

1 - big ugly Shamwow tag in the middle of it.
2 - textile so stiff that it won't shape itself to your face. It basically sits on you.
3 - too small.

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Posted: 23 Aug 2020 George - (Roscoe, IL)

100% SCAM

All current masks are a scam. Not one mask is capable of stopping a coronavirus nor can any mask prevent infection or contamination of the wearer. The size of a coronavirus ranges from 0.2 microns to 0.05 micron (rounded up .000008 inches to .000002 inches). No mask has micron filtration down to that size. The n95 claims to filter down to 0.3 microns (.000012 inches) not verified and still larger than a coronavirus. No mask is airtight and is capable of drawing in and exhausting unfiltered air. As long as your eyes, ears, and skin are exposed, you are totally exposed to any airborne virus and bacteria. Wearing a mask allows you to continually breathe in your own contaminated exhaust while providing a nice warm moist environment for bacterial and mold growth which is captured from airborne contaminants. Ask yourself this: why do medical professionals wear full biohazard suits when confronted with bacterial and viral infections. Do you really think that mask is protecting you from anything?

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Posted: 08 Aug 2020 Kacey - (Littleton, CO)


I have no idea if this is a good mask or not - but I will say they’ve done an outstanding job of creating an ad that ensures I will never buy one.

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Posted: 23 Jul 2020 JimmyV - (Fredericksburg, VA)


Needs an adjustable nose-piece, had to use my glasses. When you pinch off the nose so your glasses do not fog and so no air gets in, it is very difficult to breathe, and very hot. It will defiantly keep particulates out if you ensure that you have it sealed tight to the face, which it is not able to do as delivered. Do not waste your money, get one with an exhaust vent and replaceable inserts.

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Posted: 12 Jul 2020 Kristi - (Town and Country, MO)

Most Obnoxious Commercial

It mute my TV every time this commercial comes on!

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ShamWow Mask Infomercial
ShamWow Mask Infomercial
ShamWow Mask Infomercial

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