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PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer or Alternatives
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PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer is a whole fruit and whole vegetable juicer that allows for swift juicing and self-cleaning without needless peeling, cutting, chopping, or coring for the on-the-go user. It has a non-drip spout that can be rotated up to keep counters clean, and it extracts 30 percent more juice than competitors' juicers. The juicer can be cleared of pulp by pressing the self-cleaning button on the juicer while pouring water into the juicer’s chute.

PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer is $104.96 plus $14.99 shipping for a total price of $119.95.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Large Chute Capacity

    The large chute accommodates most whole fruits and vegetables without chopping. This feature saves time spent peeling, cutting, chopping, or coring. Some large fruits or vegetables like pineapple or squash would need to be halved or quartered to fit in the chute. The pulp container has a 2-liter capacity.

  • Three Variable Speeds

    The speed of the PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer can be adjusted depending on the firmness of the fruit or vegetable. Level One is intended for soft fruits and vegetables like strawberries. The second level can be used for medium foods like pineapples. Lastly, Level Three works to juice hard, rigid foods like carrots.

  • High-Performance Motor

    The juicer's 1200-watt motor rotates at up to 23000 RPMs, which allows the juicer to extract more juice for optimum vitamin absorption. There will not be juice left in the vegetable as this motor extracts 30% more juice than the competition.

  • Removable Non-drip Spout

    With a spout that rotates upward to avoid drips, the juicer's functionality extends to keeping counters clean. The spout can also be removed as needed after juicing.

  • Self-cleaning Function

    The self-cleaning function of the juicer allows for a quick flush of water to remove the remaining pulp from juiced fruits and vegetables. This cleaning function's ease of use promotes a continuous juice flow and prevents clogging and messes.


  • BPA Free

    The main container of the PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer is free of Bisphenol A (or BPA), a chemical that has been shown to have negative effects.

  • Vegetable Consumption

    The juicer helps to support and strengthen the user's immune system with the nutrition of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. It allows for whole foods to be consumed simply by sipping a juice. Juice from fruits and vegetables is rich in nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants.

  • Prevents Pulp Build-up

    The self-cleaning function allows for the maximum capacity of the juicer to be utilized. When properly cleaned, the pulp will not build up in the main compartment of the juicer or block the flow of juice to the spout.

  • Saves Time

    This juicer allows the user to save time cutting, chopping, peeling, and coring fruits or vegetables as they can be placed in whole. The juice is made in seconds. Users will save time cleaning the pulp from the juicer by activating the self-cleaning function. Time chewing will also be reduced.

  • Recipe Book

    This product comes with a 'Juice Your Way To Health' Recipe Book, so users will not have to guess at which fruits and vegetables taste good together but will get maximum flavor every time.

Negative Aspects

  • Inconsistent Juice Output

    Naturally, the amounts of juice will vary depending based on the fruits' and vegetables' ripeness and size. Results will vary for different juicers and for different users.

  • No Benefits of Pulp

    The juicer does not allow users to gain any vitamins from the pulp, so it is not as beneficial or nutritious as eating a whole fruit or vegetable. Drinking just the juice too quickly may not allow time for healthy digestive functions.

  • Warm Juice

    The speed of the juicer's rotation may heat up the fruits or vegetables, damaging their nutritional properties.


  • Bulky Juicer Takes up Space

    The product dimensions are 12.6” x 8.7” x 16.9” and may take up a large amount of counter space.

  • Contains Sharp Blade

    To avoid injury, always use care when handling the juicer, especially the blade and electric components.

  • Not a Meal Replacement

    Juices cannot be used to replace meals. Consult a physician before conducting any diet or new food routine.

Critical Advice

At a low price, this juicer may not be made of high-quality parts and could break. Always compare this product to others on the market before purchasing.

How It Works

Use a recipe from the provided recipe book 'Juice Your Way to Health'.

Place a glass cup beneath the juicer spout, with the spout head pointing down. Put whole or nearly whole vegetables or fruits in the top of the juicer.

Turn juicer to appropriate speed for the firmness of the vegetable or fruit.

Watch juice pour from the spout into the glass beneath it.

To use the self-cleaning function, press the self-cleaning button on the juicer while pouring water into the juicer’s chute. The juicer’s cleaning bar will scrape off any excess pulp.

How it's Different from Competitors

The PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer has a faster blade and a variety of speeds. This can be used to juice whole fruits and vegetables, unlike other juicers that require cutting produce beforehand.

Its self-cleaning function makes it easy to use, clean, and store for later use.

At the press of a button, the most juice possible will come from the fruit or vegetable, providing nutrition from whole foods.

Easy to Use

  1. Buttons

    At the press of a button, juicing or self-cleaning functions begin.

  2. No Chopping Required

    Entire fruits and vegetables with their stems, peels, and seeds can be placed in the juicer whole without damaging it.

  3. Provided Recipes

    If juicing is new to you or you're ready to switch up your routine, the enclosed recipe book will give you the variety you need to easily create juices to delight family and friends.

Save Money

This juicer is less expensive than most of the juicers on the market. With a 30-day trial and a 90-day money-back guarantee, new users can try the juicer's multiple speeds and functions without breaking the bank. Always comparison shop when purchasing a new product.

Save Time

Users of the PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer can press a button and be out the door with their juice in hand in seconds. Both the juicing and cleaning features are fast, so users can spend more time efficiently feeding their bodies and less time preparing produce. For your convenience, this product can be ordered online or by phone.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Small Fruits & Vegetables

    Using smaller fruits and vegetables when users are really in a rush will save them time cutting larger fruits and vegetables in half to fit into the chute.

  2. Pour Water When Cleaning

    For a consistent non-clogged juicer, always pour water into the chute while pressing the self-cleaning button. This allows for continuous cleaning of stubborn pulp.

Wise Advice

Do not buy PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 17 Jun 2020 Judith cormeny - (Chicago, IL)


I order the PowerXL Cafe coffee maker on May 28th. A couple of weeks later I called and asked when it would be redelivered. I was told it would be shipped out at the end of June. Today I received a notice my order was canceled with no explanation. I believe the commercial should be taken off TV.
Hopefully, my information will not be used for other purposes. I believe "BUYER BEWARE".

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PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer Infomercial
PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer Infomercial
PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer Infomercial

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