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Seed Sheets Seed Sheets or Alternatives
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Seedsheets is a grow-your-own gardening kit that provides a sheet of curated seeds so you can grow sustainable, fresh food anywhere. Each Seedsheet contains a unique variety of organic, non-GMO seed combinations. Seeds are contained in a dissolvable pouch that allows for easy sprouting and growth. The product come in kits that include a weed-blocking fabric that is intended to encourage a healthy, weedless garden. Seedsheets can be ordered individually; however, options are included to purchase Seedsheets along with a garden container and soil to allow for a one-stop garden. The product is intended for an urban environment that would otherwise prevent users from maintaining an organic garden.

Seed Sheets Seed Sheets or Alternatives
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  • Gyo Herbs Seedsheet

    The Grow Your Own ( GYO ) Herbs Gardening kit contain six different herbs that are most commonly used in freshly concocted recipes. Included herbs are onion greens, cilantro, basil, parsley, dill, and sorrel. The selected herbs add fragrance and spice to a variety of home-cooked meals.

  • Gyo Caprese

    The Caprese Seedsheet contains a mixture of Glacier Tomatoes and Sweet Basil. This combination can be used to create or supplement a variety of Italian dishes.

  • Gyo Salads

    This kit contains a variety of eight common salad ingredients. A combination of Beet Greens, Golden Frills, French Breakfast Radish, Red Russian Kale, pea shoots, arugula, and tatsoi produce nutrient-packed salads.

  • Gyo Tacos

    Tacos Seedsheets contain a variety of six taco toppings. White Icicle Radish, Purple Plum Radish, Valentine's Day Radish, scallions, cilantro, and arugula combine to create a gourmet taco topping spread.

  • Gyo Hot Sauce

    The Hot Sauce sheet contain a mixture of four ingredients that combine to make hot sauces. Ring-O-Fore Cayenne Pepper, Dragon Red Carrot, Napoli Carrot, and Purple Bunching Onions can be combined in a variety of ways to achieve different levels of hot sauce taste.

  • Gyo Cocktails

    The Cocktails Seedsheet contain a mixture of eight ingredients that can be used to produce a variety of cocktails. Thai Basil, Cutting Celery, Purple Basil, Bronze Fennel Greens, tulsi, pea shoots, and borage are aromatic herbs that pair with a large number of cocktail drinks.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Plant Seedsheet

    Place the Seedsheet in a container of soil with the seed-side facing the soil. Flatten the Seedsheet with your hands until completely flat.

  2. Insert Stakes

    Three green stakes will be included with each package. Place these through the "X" slits contained on the edge of the sheet.

  3. Dissovle Pouches

    Water each pouch for 10 seconds at a time. After applying water to each pouch, wait 30 seconds until pouches start to dissolve. Repeat this process until the pouches are completely dissolved.

  4. Place in Sunlight

    Place in windowsill, patio, or anywhere that sunlight can reach. Each Seedsheet comes with an information packet that instructs you when to harvest your plants.

Save Money

Seedsheets allows you to save money in the long run by yielding produce that far exceeds the price for seeds. Over around 40 days time, the first harvest will begin yielding fresh products. In total, one Seedsheet will grow around hundreds of dollars of produce.

While an unsuccessful grow would result less savings, this item has addressed every aspect of the growing process to prevent any mishaps. As long as you follow the directions as stated, you should yield maximum growth results each time.

Save Time

Buying the seeds alone are a viable option, but the added time it takes to buy nutrient-rich potting soil and 12" pot containers is an added hassle. To save time and effort, you can purchase the kit from Seedsheets that contains an expandable fabric container and nutrient-rich soil.

The expandable fabric container is easy to assemble, simply use your hands to pop open the container. From there, place it in the saucer that comes with the kit, and add the soil. The soil will expand the container fully, and matches the dimensions of the Seedsheet perfectly.


  • No Weeding Necessary

    Seedsheets come with a weed-blocking fabric that prevents the growth of weeds. The fabric is made of non-woven polypropylene fabric that allows water to drip through, which prevents mold. At the end of the growing cycle, the weed-blocking fabric can be recycled, making the product completely waste free.

  • Customizable

    While Seedsheets come in set sizes and contain curated plants, the company provides a customizable option. If you desire a larger garden, you can customize 4'X8' Seedsheet that will be built and shipped by the company. You can use the customized Seedsheet to start a raised bed garden to your own specifications.

  • No Pesticides or Herbicides

    Thanks to sustainable farming principles, Seedsheets require no use of pesticides or herbicides. Companion planting is used, which pairs plants that work together to attract necessary pollination. Additionally, the weed-blocking fabric eliminates any need to spray your plants with harmful chemicals to control weeds.


  • Long Wait Time

    Seedsheets take around 40 days to yeild their first harvest. While this is typical for plants, it may not be ideal if you wish to incorporate healthy, fresh produce into your diet immediatley.

  • Difficult Indoor Growing

    Some seeds, such as the herbs, salads, and tacos options, can be grown indoor in front of any window with eight hours of sunlight. However, other varieties would require LED lights for growth, making them a less than viable option for indoor growing.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Seed Sheets online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Seed Sheets online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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