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See Rescue Streamer

See Rescue Streamer is a device that helps locate people lost at sea or in other remote places. This product is rolled up, and is about the size of a cell phone. When deployed, It is a long orange plastic piece that floats on water, and is visible at night. The end of the streamer contains the universal sign that means the person is in distress and needs help or rescue. Each of the sections of the Streamer are reinforced so each orange panel stays afloat at sea, and can be spotted from long distances and at night.
There are two sizes available for purchase.

See Rescue Streamer Commercial


  • Military Approved Technology

    See Rescue Streamer is made out of patented technology used to increase the chances of a person being found if lost at sea or on a remote moutain top. The Streamer is rolled up in a pouch, and has a clip so that it may be worn on clothing until it is needed. When needed for a rescue, it rolls out into a 25ft. Piece of polyethelene plastic. Sections of the streamer have reflective strips, and. Chem lights that work for up to twelve hours. The product has been approved for use in all branches of the United States Military.

  • Reinforced Reflective Sections

    Rescue Streamer is made of polyethelene plastic. Every four foot secion of the twenty-five foot-long streamer is reinforced with hard plastice rods. These rods keep the streamer from twisting if it is rolled out in the ocean. With its reinforced sections, this survival tool keeps the distress message rolled out and visible from the air. At night, the reinforced sections give the chem lights maximum visibility from the air. They, also, help increase the chance of being rescued when lost at sea during poor weather conditions like fog and rain.


  • Portable & Easy to Use

    This product is a very simple design. The rescue streamers come rolled up, and are tucked away in a pouch about the size of a cell phone. This pouch is light weight and can be easiy carried on hikes and mountain climbing. It can be clipped onto clothing or a life jacket if on the water. If it is needed in a search and rescue situation, the end of the streamer has a lanyard that is held or looped on without any complicated equipment or set up. This survival tool does not require any specialized training for its use.

Negative Aspects

  • Limited Nightime Visibility

    The four foot sections of the steamer are each equipped with a reflective strip and chem lights. Each side of the streamer has these features. The chem lights provide light during the night. They come into use and their light starts becoming visible as soon as the chem lights are bent. These chemical lights only last for twelve hours. Once they are used that twelve hours starts, and there is no way to undo the deployment of the lights. Thel lack of a permanent light in the streamer limits its usefulness and effectiveness if needed in a remote location.

Critical Advice

This product should be considered by all those adventure seekers who go to remote locations to hike and mountain climb. Thousands of people become lost in these kinds of remote locations each year. If lost in a remote location or at sea, the chances of being able to spot a person from the air are very slim. These chances even become less if a person is lost at night or in poor weather conditions. Rescue Streamer does not require batteries or upkeep. It does not have complicated technology, but it is an effective way to help someone be found.

Wise Advice

Do not buy See Rescue Streamer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy See Rescue Streamer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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