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Scrubtastic Max Scrubtastic Max or Alternatives
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The Scrubtastic Max is a multipurpose household appliance designed to help you automatically clean surfaces via a rotating brush head. It’s a medium-sized handheld device that allows you to scrub floors, tiles and more with little effort. Scrubtastic Max accomplishes this with 300 RPM brush head rotations. Coming in a sleek white and gray design, it blends in with both kitchen and bathroom décor. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any batteries to operate and can be used for more than thirty minutes after charging.

Scrubtastic Max Scrubtastic Max or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Scrubtastic Max is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Unbox The Device

    First, you’ll need to unbox the device and ensure all its components have been delivered. This device includes a charge and two brush heads. Read through any additional instructions and safety content before use.

  2. Charge The Appliance

    Before you can use this device, you’ll need to fully charge it. There is no mention on the official website of how long this cleaner will take to charge or how you can tell when it’s ready.

  3. Choose Your Brush Head

    Once the appliance is fully charged, you can decide which of the two brush heads to use. For hard-to-reach spaces, use the cone-shaped brush. If what you need to clean has a flat surface, go for the flat brush. You can also use them interchangeably during one cleaning session to clean both flat surfaces and tight spaces.

  4. Apply A Cleaning Solution

    Apply your preferred cleaning solution either onto the brush head or onto the surface that you need to clean. Remember that the brush will be spinning and might spin out some of the cleaning product. Thus, a little goes a long way when it comes to how much solution you use.

  5. Press Gently

    Apply gentle pressure to the area you wish to clean and turn the device on. Move it around the dirty area to allow it to thoroughly scrub the surface. There is no need to press too firmly, as that might interfere with the automatic cleaning process.

  6. Clean For Up To 30 Minutes

    You can clean with this device for up to thirty minutes. If you aren’t finished cleaning, simply recharge it and continue cleaning once it’s ready to use again.

  7. Wipe Away Residue

    Once done, wipe away any remaining residue left behind by the device with a clean, damp cloth.


  • High Torque Motor

    This appliance includes a high-torque motor that enables it to remove grime with ease. It can remove build-up like calcium, hard water, or lime stains. Additionally, it can be used for stubborn stains in the kitchen, such as microwave grime.

  • 20 Percent Longer Battery

    The Scrubtastic Max has a rechargeable battery with a twenty percent longer battery life than other appliances. This helps users utilize their devices for at least thirty minutes at a time if not more. A better battery life also means it can maintain its cleaning power for longer, allowing you to thoroughly clean your home.

  • Cordless Design

    It operates with no cords, which means you can use it all around the house even if there are no outlets near you. Move around seamlessly from the kitchen to the bathroom without getting tangled in cords while you clean. The same cannot be said for other devices that are this powerful, which often require a constant power source.

Save Time

This device is designed to clean surfaces and tight spaces efficiently with minimal effort from the user. Thus, you can clean your floors and other surfaces faster than if you were using a manual scrubbing tool. You also will not need to switch between different cleaning tools and can clean multiple areas in less time.

Save Money

With this versatile appliance, there is no need for expensive cleaning services. Furthermore, you can use less water and cleaning solution on your surfaces since this tool cleans in an efficient way. No need to invest in any batteries either, which can add up to big bucks in the long run.

Does It Really Work?

The scrubbing heads on this appliance agitate and lift dirt from the surface being cleaned at a high speed. Cleaning solutions used in unison with this product will help loosen the dirt, making it easier for the brush head to remove it. In this way, this device appears to work as advertised.

How it's Different from Competitors

The biggest advantages of this appliance are that it is cordless and fast. This makes it more versatile than its competitors since it can be used on walls, ceilings, floors–and even on pots and pans. It’s a lightweight solution that’s more efficient than manual scrubbing or other bulky cleaning products.

Critical Advice

Don’t place the rotating brush heads on anything other than solid surfaces that you intend to clean. Furthermore, this device is not meant for cleaning anything living as it can cause severe skin irritation and abrasions. Thus, do not use it on people or animals. Additionally, do not use it on surfaces that can potentially pop, shred, or burst.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Start With A Small Area

    Before you commit to cleaning the entire bathtub with this mighty device, get the hang of it first. Start with a small area and observe how it works. Get familiar with how much pressure you need to apply and what amount of cleaning solution works best. By spending a bit of time testing and experimenting with it, you can clean more efficiently once you’re ready.

  2. Clean After Each Use

    Make sure to clean your brush heads immediately after each use. This is especially important if you clean both your kitchen and your bathroom with it since you don’t want to bring germs from the bathroom into your kitchen. Furthermore, it will help extend the lifespan of the brush heads.

  3. Wear Eye Protection

    With the oscillating brushes, cleaning solution and grime might fling out and land in sensitive areas. To avoid this, wear protective goggles and keep your face far away from the rotating action.


  • Noise Level

    There is no mention of how noisy this device is while in use. Thus, users have no way of knowing whether or not it might be disruptive to others in the house without trying it first. This could be an issue for those that like to clean while their kids are napping or before other family members wake up.

  • Airborne Debris

    With such a device, there is the potential for airborne dirt as it spins it off surfaces. Users might need to wear masks while operating this appliance to avoid breathing in loose grime.

  • Replacement Parts

    Unlike with manual cleaning, you are stuck with investing in replacement parts specifically for this appliance. With manual brushes, you can test out different brands and sizes. However, this product limits you to only two types of brush heads that will eventually need replacements.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Scrubtastic Max online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Scrubtastic Max online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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