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Schmitz Mittz Schmitz Mittz or Alternatives
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Schmitz Mittz are a brand of highly specialized industrial safety gloves that are available for various purposes and environments. Their entire range of hand gloves offers protection against cut, slash, heat, puncture, biohazard, toxic chemical, invert mud, impact, gas and oil spill, and crush related injuries, amongst other potential hazards. A real firefighter has been involved in its creation and manufacture in order to ensure that the product is completely safe and fit for the purpose intended.

Schmitz Mittz Schmitz Mittz or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Schmitz Mittz is $79.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $89.90.

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  • Protective Inner Lining

    What makes these gloves uniquely dependable is the fact that its inner lining is composed of specialized material that keeps away biological toxins, water, chemical substances, oils and other substances from contact with the skin. Prolonged contact with these substances could prove hazardous to human health, which is why these gloves have an in-built protective mechanism to keep one’s hands safe.

  • Impeccable Grip

    Using a pair of gloves for heavy duty work across a prolonged period of time can at times lead to injuries associated with repetitive stress if the gloves being used lack proper grip. That’s because one’s hands have to compensate for the missing grip all throughout the prolonged stretch of work. Not just that, poor grip can also lead to serious accidents and injuries, especially while lifting and moving heavy objects.

    Using Schmitz Mittz gloves can prevent such injuries from happening at the workplace or even while performing tasks on a personal level.

  • Carbon Fiber Protection

    When it comes to putting on a pair of gloves that you can trust blind-folded, not much can come close to carbon fiber for being strong and durable. Not just that, it also shows qualities of being lightweight, flexible, low-maintenance and cost-effective.

    These have been designed for carrying out work such as extrication, which involves dealing with heated, wet and sharp objects. However, there are times during such operations when the unique protective ability of the carbon fiber could prove invaluable. For instance, when one is trying to pry open a car-door and the lever slips and results in it slamming your hand against the car’s metal body. Such incidents could result in fractured hands under usual circumstances.

    That’s not the case with Schmitz Mittz gloves. With these gloves, there is carbon fiber inserted at all of the most critical parts of your hand that could fall prey to crushing and slamming accidents. All along the wrist, knuckles, fingers and the thumb, there are carbon fiber bumpers to keep away these tiny bones from such major accidents.


  • Molds to Your Hand

    Most such heavy-duty industrial gloves come rather rigid to begin with. This can pose a bit of a hindrance to someone using it for the first time as it might feel like that is what one needs to put up with indefinitely. However, that is certainly not the case with the Schmitz Mittz line of gloves, which actually molds to the shape of your hand and the way it is used. Depending on how much you use your glove, it could be a matter of days before your glove becomes very much part of your hand and feels perfectly natural.

  • Full-proof

    With a product like safety gloves, there is no question about it being fit for purpose, especially when one’s hands are at risk of being permanently damaged, mutilated or even lost. Having one’s hands in fully working condition for the entirety of one’s life can be considered an asset worth trading for all the money in the world.

    In order to protect one’s valuable hands at all costs, Schmitz Mittz have made sure that there’s no stone unturned. You can use their gloves without any question of them failing during an emergency when the actual protective purpose of the glove is put to the test.

    For this reason, the manufacturers of these gloves make it a matter of principle that each and every glove is tested by hand. This is to ensure that each glove meets all the necessary criteria such as being waterproof and keeping one’s skin away from diseases transmitted through blood or bodily fluid. In order to ensure the gloves never fail the post-manufacturing testing, each glove has been created a unique hipora vapor barrier insert that helps make the glove 100% air-tight and water-tight.

How it's Different from Competitors

No matter what kind of heavy duty work you intend to put your hands to, the Schmitz Mittz brand of gloves can offer you an excellent range of gloves to choose from. What’s available is the Ulta-Mittz Water Proof Safety Gloves, the Super Duty UtilityArmor Waterproof Safety Gloves, the Black Knightz Super Duty UtilityArmor Safety Gloves, and the Black Knightz Super Duty UtilityArmor Waterproof Safety Gloves. They are priced differently and each of their prices is clearly indicated on the manufacturer’s website.

Furthermore, deciding on which type of glove suits the kind of work you would like to carry out could be daunting at times. This is especially with each glove being only slightly more specialized than the other. It can be a life-saver to be able to tell what the common features are in each of the different varieties to make the job of choosing much easier.

If the common features offered by the gloves are all that one needs then you can choose practically any variety of glove with your eyes shut. You will also be satisfied in knowing that it will certainly protect you in times of an emergency.

Some of the common features offered by the Schmitz Mittz line of gloves are its outer protective layer made up of Armortex Kevlar and the thumb protection made up of a double layer. Others include Kevlar Tex thread, being waterproof and totally resistant to chemical, abrasion and heat. What’s more, you can even enjoy better dexterity and comfort for your fingers due to rounder finger-tips.

Cleaning and Maintenance

While washing your Schmitz Mittz glove, please ensure that you either wash the glove by hand using warm water or on a gentle spin using a front-loading washing machine. The reason you should NOT use a top-loading washing machine is because the glove could get seriously damaged as the drum and its inner lining twist and turn, beating the glove quite severely. With front-loading machines this is not the case, and the machine offers a more gentle wash using a tumbling motion instead. Please note, though, that in order to retain 100% of the waterproofing qualities of your gloves, please always AVOID washing them by machine and instead, wash them by hand.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Schmitz Mittz online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Schmitz Mittz online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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