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Safe Lace Safe Lace or Alternatives
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Safe Lace is a product that has been designed to attach to the ends of your laces so the tied bow can be locked into place to keep your shoes from becoming untied. The product is a flexible, rubbery device that is designed to use both the locking mechanism and the rubbery friction to keep laces in place. The design of the Safe Lace is applicable to a wide and diverse range of shoe sizes.

Safe Lace Safe Lace or Alternatives
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The cost of Safe Lace is $12.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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The Claim

Safe Lace is a revolutionary product that will keep your shoelaces from becoming undone. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to this particular device, and it will stop tripping due to untied laces. It is a simple to use product that will make an annoying phenomenon for people who use lace shoes a thing of the past. The Safe Lace can even be used on roller skates or extremely narrow adult shoes like soccer shoes. The infomercial claims that with the use of this lock, your laces will never come untied, ever.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Thread Your Laces

    Tighten your laces like normal, and then choose a size on the Safe Lace that is most comfortable for you. There are outside holes for adult or wider shoes, and inside holes for children or narrow shoes. Thread your laces through the hole of your choosing.

  2. Press the Safe Lace Down

    Once the laces have been threaded, press the Safe Lace device downward towards the tongue of the shoe. Press it firmly so that it lays flat against the shoe.

  3. Tie Like Normal

    No need to tie your shoe in any special way to make the Safe Lace work. Go ahead and tie your show like you normally would. However, there is no need to double-knot.

  4. Lock the Safe Lace in Place

    Using the flexible rubber tab, pull it down and lock the product in place. The lock will now keep your laces from coming untied.


  • Great for Kids

    Children often have a harder time getting their shoes to stay tied, and will often need help re-tying them. This keeps the ties locked for rambunctious children.

  • Great for Running

    For people who are athletic or go on jogs, the movement of the foot can often loosen up even double-knotted laces. This product can eliminate having to stop mid-job to retie a shoe.

  • Versatile

    There's no need to buy multiple sizes of this particular lock, as it is a one-size fit all design, no matter how wide or narrow the shoe itself is.

  • Safety First

    Untied laces can be dangerous for children, workers, joggers, or anyone who wears tied laces. The Safe Lace keeping the shoes tied can add a level of comfort and safety that double-knotting can't achieve.

  • Multiple Colors

    You can match a good amount of shoes styles and colors. So far, the locks come in purple, blue, orange, pink, white, black and glow in the dark.

  • Easy to Remove

    If there's another pair of shoes that need their laces locked, the locks can be easily pulled off the laces and reattached to another shoe.


  • Velcro Shoes

    If untied laces are what you're looking to avoid, Velcro shoes are a good alternative. This can be good for children and day-to-day adult shoe wear. However, this may not be a good alternative for laces on sports shoes or work boots.

  • Bungee Shoes

    Instead of having laces, bungee shoes tend to have elastic lace-like cords that tighten and loosen at the front of the shoe. Again, this may be suitable for children or sports, but perhaps not for work boots.

  • Plastic Lace Locks

    Several companies have created little plastic locks that use ribbed teeth on one end to hold your laces in place inside the shoe. These work by threading your lace through the plastic and then tucking the lace under the sole to create a slip-on shoe.

  • Lock Laces

    Much like the way one might close a drawstring bag, lock laces work quite the same way. These are meant to make a 'no lace' shoe. However, you'll be unable to easily switch these from shoe to shoe, as they're usually meant to replace the laces of one shoe entirely.

Does It Really Work?

Yes. By using the rubbery texture, along with sliding the laces through the holes, the laces stay tied underneath the lock tab. Movement and friction will not cause the laces to come undone. The lock tab itself is a flexible, rubbery hole that closes around an oblong tab in order to keep from coming unlocked, even when an adult or child is running or playing.

Reviewers have reported putting the Safe Lace on shoes that they know always come untied when they go running or do any other prolonged activity. With the lock in place, people have reported being able to run marathons without the laces coming undone. Parents have also reported that their children no longer have issues with unlaced shoes throughout the day, and they can trust their child won't trip and fall from untied laces.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Safe Lace online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Safe Lace online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Safe Lace Infomercial
Safe Lace Infomercial
Safe Lace Infomercial

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