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Ruby Sliders Ruby Sliders or Alternatives
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Ruby Sliders are silicone leg covers with red felt bottoms that are meant to be used on various pieces of furniture, regardless of whether those pieces are made from metal, plastic, or wood. The idea behind these leg covers is that they'll protect your flooring from scratches and also reduce the amount of sound your furniture makes as you slide it across your floors. These furniture leg covers are available in sets of eight, 16,48, or 64 identical covers.

Ruby Sliders Ruby Sliders or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Ruby Sliders is $47.52 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add First Slipper to Leg

    Once you've obtained a set of Ruby Sliders, choose the first piece of furniture that you want to add them to the legs of. Stretch the first slipper with your fingers so that it'll fit over the first leg of the chair, couch, stool, or table that you've selected, and slide it on the leg like a boot. If you've put the slipper on properly, you should be able to feel the red felt that covers the base, and if you can't, that means the slipper is inside-out.

  2. Repeat on Other Legs

    Next, add Ruby Sliders to the other legs of the chair, stool, couch, or table that you're working with. Most pieces of furniture have four legs, so you'll probably need three more sliders, but these can also be used on three-legged pieces of furniture.

  3. Use Furniture Normally

    Once there's a slipper on each leg of your chosen piece of furniture, you can use this particular piece as you normally would. You'll notice that when you slide it back and forth, it'll likely make less noise than it previously did, especially if you're a fairly heavy person pushing your chair away from a table. If necessary, you'll be able to grab some more Ruby Sliders and add them to the legs of other pieces of furniture that you think could benefit from them.


  • White, Translucent Shade

    All of the Ruby Sliders come in the same translucent white shade, and each one will have a red felt circle on its bottom. Since the white part is the part that most people will see, these protectors will look nice when added to almost any piece of furniture in your house or office.

  • Fit Legs of Various Shapes

    These furniture leg protectors are made from silicone that'll bend and flex a fair amount, so each one will fit furniture legs that are square or curved. The protectors will also fit legs of nearly any size, as long as they aren't enormous or sticklike. As a result, if you need to, you'll be able to move a handful of protectors from one chair to another, or from a chair to a stool, and so on.

  • Durable Felt Attachments

    Some felt attachments that you might attach to the bottoms of furniture legs with glue may become worn and thin quickly, or even fall off after weeks of use. However, that's unlikely to be the case when it comes to the pieces of felt that are attached to Ruby Sliders. These red pieces of felt are made of a durable and tight nano-weave, and each piece is attached to the corresponding slipper with industrial-strength adhesive.

  • Multi-Sized Sets Available

    You'll be able to get a small set of eight of these sliders or a set that contains 16,48, or 64 of them. If you assume that most pieces of furniture have four legs, the largest set will give you enough sliders to cover the legs of 16 different pieces of furniture.

Positive Points

  • Protect Various Flooring Types

    When you put a set of Ruby Sliders on a piece of furniture, it'll protect almost any type of flooring that you push it along, such as wood, tile, or carpet, from scratches or scuffs. Consequently, the flooring in your home or office may look attractive for longer than it otherwise would, instead of looking all banged up. You can even use your silicone furniture protectors to help protect outdoor surfaces, such as a wooden deck or a smooth patio, from picking up scratches.

  • Make Legs Scuff-resistant

    Aside from protecting things that your furniture's legs travel across, your Ruby Sliders will assist in protecting the legs themselves from ending up with scuff marks caused by feet. If you like to thump your shoes against your chair as you work, you may be very happy about this. Along the same lines, your protectors will also guard the bottoms of your cabinets from scuff marks if you frequently bump chairs and stools against them.

  • Help Furniture Glide

    Without protectors like these silicone ones, pushing a piece of furniture across a room can be an arduous task, especially if the furniture gets stuck in even the smallest of ruts at some point. On the other hand, once you add some of these silicone sliders to the legs of a piece of furniture, it'll glide along virtually any piece of flooring much more smoothly. Although it won't actually be any lighter than it was before, it may feel lighter to you, due to the way it moves.

Negative Points

  • Can't Change Felt Color

    Many people will likely appreciate the red shade of the felt on the bottom of these furniture protectors, but if you're looking for a different color, you'll be out of luck. Some users may want to customize their felt color to match a certain piece of furniture or the walls of a particular room, but these felt pieces shouldn't be removed and switched. If you were to remove them from the bottom of your protectors and cut new ones in a different color to add, you'd lose the durability and industrial-strength adhesive from the original ones.

Critical Advice

If you use your Ruby Sliders outdoors, it's best not to leave them where they could be subjected to rain or snow, as wet weather might make their adhesive eventually lose its stickiness. Besides keeping them dry, it's also a good idea to regularly remove the protectors and wipe them down if you use them outdoors. Otherwise, they could pick up dirt and debris, which could interfere with their ability to help your furniture glide along smoothly.

Save Money

People who frequently scuff up their wooden furniture and various types of flooring might end up replacing both their flooring and some furniture pieces every few years. Using Ruby Sliders on the legs of your furniture will help you avoid the need for replacements on such a frequent basis, though. If the sliders are able to protect your floors from being scratched and the legs of your wooden furniture pieces from being scuffed, all of these surfaces will look quite new for up to decades.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ruby Sliders online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ruby Sliders online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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