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Ruby Sliders Outdoors Ruby Sliders Outdoors or Alternatives
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Ruby Sliders Outdoors are furniture leg covers that help protect your outdoor areas from scratches. They also help to make your furniture easier to move. Chairs and tables can glide from one end of a patio to the other with ease when these covers are on their legs. Plus, their bodies are transparent, with red padding at the bottom where it’s not noticeable. Able to conform to almost any furniture leg shape, they are suitable for most patio or balcony furniture.

Ruby Sliders Outdoors Ruby Sliders Outdoors or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Ruby Sliders Outdoors is $9.99 plus $7.99 shipping for a total price of $17.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Prep Your Furniture

    Choose which outdoor furniture is most likely to scrap your patio or balcony area. Take one and flip it so that you have access to the furniture legs. Wipe away debris, dirt, or dust that has accumulated on the legs and then fully dry them.

  2. Place The Product On The Legs

    One by one, pull the covers onto each of the legs. The red part needs to be on the bottom of each leg. Ensure there are no folds or wrinkles and that the fit is snug around them.

  3. Flip The Furniture Back

    Turn your furniture upright again and test the legs, sliding them back and forth on the patio deck.

Save Money

These furniture leg covers can prevent scratches, scuffs and other damage to your outdoor floors caused by dragging furniture. By protecting your floors, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements. As the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine. Furthermore, this accessory will help you protect your furniture’s legs from becoming uneven due to constantly scratching and scraping the floor.

Save Time

Since other solutions require more time-consuming installations, this product will save you time. Plus, moving furniture will be easier and faster, allowing you to clean or redecorate in a pinch. Lastly, you won’t have to spend time buffing out scratches left by your furniture to keep your outdoor floors looking good.

Does It Really Work?

These covers create a buffer between the furniture legs and the floor. The cap is made of polymer and is attached with industrial-strength adhesive. Once attached to furniture, it creates a soft surface that makes contact with the floor. It does appear that this product is effective for such use.

Critical Advice

This accessory will make furniture easier to glide around. If you have kids or pets, they might find this amusing and move the furniture for fun. Educate the kids about the dangers of gliding furniture and make sure the pets don’t have unsupervised access to furniture that now moves too easily.


  • Reduces Noise

    These covers reduce the noise furniture makes when moved. You can rearrange chairs and tables as needed without worrying about disturbing your spouse. This can be helpful if you often need to move things around to make space for a yoga mat or other portable items.

  • Discreet Design

    Their transparent bodies mean that only a sliver of the red cap at the bottom will be visible. This means you can place them on your furniture regardless of the design scheme and rest assured they will blend right in. That’s happy news for anyone who values an aesthetic living space while still protecting your floors from scratches and scuffs.

  • Weather-Resistant

    Rain or shine, these covers will still work. Additionally, they will not slip off due to bad weather. Their weather-resistant nature means that once you place them on your furniture, they’ll stay on and continue to be effective.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use For Moves

    Even if you don’t want covers on your outdoor furniture legs all year round, you can still utilize them for big moves to prevent damaging the floors. Additionally, they will help make bulky items easier to move while streamlining the process. Rearranging patio furniture in a new place will be a snap as everything will glide effortlessly into place.

  2. Keep Some Spares

    While these covers are advertised as durable and built to last, keep a few spare ones around in case one tears. This can be especially handy if you wind up with extra outdoor furniture and already have leg covers for them. Whether it’s for a replacement or a new piece of furniture, having spare covers in the kitchen drawer can help you plan for unexpected variables.

  3. Use By Themselves

    Don’t attach them to furniture with felt pads or other covers already in place. More isn’t better in this case. In fact, it might increase the chances that your furniture will be uneven and the product might not work as intended. Instead, remove any current covers or pads before securing this item onto the furniture.


  • Good For Wood

    The Ruby Sliders Outdoors can be used on wood floors without damaging them. Since many patio decks are made of wood, this makes them highly compatible with outdoor spaces. You can use these covers to protect pressure-treated pine, cedar, redwood and tropical hardwoods such as ipe and teak.

  • Works On Granite Tiles

    Granite is often a popular choice for outdoor flooring due to its durability, resistance to heat and natural beauty. Rest assured that if you have this kind of flooring, the covers will be able to protect it. It’s important to note that granite tiles are naturally resistant to scratches, which means using furniture covers will be a secondary layer of care.

  • Great For Many Types Of Floors

    Aside from wood and granite tiles, these covers will also work on other types of floors, too. They can even protect floors made of composite or stone pavers. However, the official website does not have an exhaustive list regarding which other floors these covers will work on, leaving it up to the consumers to experiment.


  • Dirt Build-Up

    Over time, it’s possible that dirt might accumulate within any open spaces of the covers. They might be harder to clean than indoor covers or furniture with no protection. Dirt, debris and grime might cause the leg bottoms to appear unattractive after years of use. Replacement covers might be mandatory to keep this from happening.

  • Aesthetics

    Like it or not, some of the red pad is still visible on these covers when placed on furniture. While it’s just a small amount, this might bother some users who prefer fully transparent covers. If you think the red bottoms might be unsightly for you, consider other options.

  • Uneven Flooring

    If you have outdoor floors that are uneven, these covers might increase the risk of chairs and tables sliding into undesired parts of your patio. Thus, consider the space you are getting them for and inspect whether or not the floor in that area is even enough for furniture which glides easily.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ruby Sliders Outdoors online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ruby Sliders Outdoors online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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