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Repel Well Repel Well or Alternatives
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Repel Well is a spray-on solution that will protect virtually any surface inside your home ( and some outside ) from stains, water and the damage that often results from their contact with household objects. Unlike protective aerosol sprays, this spray that dries clear isn't flammable and won't discolor or stiffen any fabrics that you use it on. You'll be able to spray it directly on clothing, furniture, appliances, curtains and more in order to keep everything dry and looking great.

Repel Well Repel Well or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Repel Well is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98.

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How It Works

Repel Well works by virtue of superphobic technology that makes it resistant to virtually any liquid substance that hits it. This technology enables the solution to bond with whatever surface you spray it on, and create a long-lasting yet flexible and invisible shield. The shield will repel spilled liquids like coffee, tea and wine, and even some solid substances such as chocolate or other messy food. Its flexibility is important, since if you use it on fabrics, this will allow it to move with the fabric as it moves and therefore protect it at all times.


  • Large Spray Bottle

    This solution comes in a spray bottle that's about the size of a large water bottle one would use for sports, so you'll likely have enough to cover objects throughout your whole home. With the spray top, you won't need to worry about spilling it or over-portioning each use, either.

  • Dries Clear

    Repel Well will always dry clear, so once dry, it will never leave any marks behind on your clothing, furniture or other objects that you use it on. Unless you let them know, no one who sees those objects will be able to tell that you used it!

  • Long-lasting Effect

    If you use this solution on fabric items such as pieces of clothing, drapes, sheets, or blankets, the effect will last throughout at least a few washes. That means that you won't need to be re-applying it to the same objects super-frequently, so you'll be able to save it mainly for objects that have never before been treated.

Positive Points

  • Won't Change Fabrics

    As mentioned, this solution won't discolor or stiffen your fabrics, and it actually will have no effect on the look and feel of your fabrics at all. After you use it, they'll look and feel the exact same as they always have, while being protected by a shield that's completely invisible to all the senses.

  • Ideal for Kids' Items

    Kids tend to be messier than adults, so this solution will definitely come in handy when you want to send them off to school or day camp wearing new clothing or with a new backpack. Just give every item a quick spray the day before, and if your kids happen to think spray-on solutions are gross, simply do this when they're not looking.

  • Convenient in Kitchen

    If you're going to be cooking and / or eating a messy dinner, such as one that involves pasta and sauce, you may want to give your clothing a quick spray before you start. This solution will quickly repel any unwanted drips of sauce, other food or even water from any fabric.

  • Can Use in Car

    Besides using it in the house, you can also use Repel Well on the interior of your car, another place that can pick up stains easily if you eat or drink in there. While each bottle of solution is quite large, the bottles aren't so large that they won't fit under a seat. Just remember to avoid spraying near any technical features of your car, such as a vent or CD player, as getting any solution inside a technical device can make it malfunction.

  • Comes With Shoe Protector

    You'll be able to use Repel Well on shoes if you'd like, but each bottle also comes with a smaller bottle of shoe protector. This particular protective solution can be used to repel water and a variety of potential stain-producing substances from fabric, suede or leather shoes. If you use this shoe solution on your shoes, that means you'll be able to save the general solution for other things!

Negative Points

  • Bottle Isn't Transparent

    The bottle that this solution comes in is blue and not completely transparent, so this may make it difficult for you to tell how much is left and when you'll need a replacement. You'll run into the same problem with the included shoe-protecting solution, as its bottle is solid white. However, if you have or can obtain a vacant clear spray bottle, transferring the general solution into that is OK to do.


  • Protective Aerosol Sprays

    There are various aerosol sprays available that will create a protective shield over objects that's similar to the one created by Repel Well. These sprays are flammable, though, while Repel Well is not, and some will actually change the color and texture of fabrics. Plus, the chemicals in some of these aerosol sprays may make people cough, while this is less likely with a non-aerosol solution.


  • Not Safe for Young Children

    While this solution isn't flammable, it still isn't safe for young children to use, as they may spray it towards their eyes without realizing the harm this could cause. It should also be kept away from pets.

How it's Different from Competitors

Repel Well uses super-phobic technology that creates an invisible barriers on fabrics. The mist bonds to surfaces and helps repel liquids, pet stains, dirt, oils, cosmetics, wine, coffee, tea and more. Product is a non aerosol, non flammable way to protect fabrics from spills and stains. It is safe for you, your pets, and the environment.

This product offers you an environmentally friendly, perfectly clear stain and spill protector that will lasts through multiple washes. Repel Well will not change the color, texture, or breathe-ability of any fabric, which means that it will remains soft to the touch.

Easy to Use

  1. Just Spray

    Repel Well is meant to be easy to use. This product does not require any preparation at all and you will not have to worry about wearing any personal protective equipment to apply the product. Repel Well is completely eco friendly.

    Just spray it onto the surface that you wish to protect and the liquid will instantly bond to the fabric, providing you with protection from dirt and stains.

Save Money

Some people may choose to have a professional stain guard treatment. However with this product, you can save money by applying the stain guard yourself without paying someone else to do it for you.

Critical Advice

Although this is a safe and environmentally friendly product, it is still a good idea to keep off of skin and away from your eyes. Repel Well could still possibly cause minor irritations or reactions in certain individuals. Always store properly and keep out of reach from children.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Any Surface

    Repel Well is meant to be used on almost any surface. It can be used on furniture, clothing, appliances and counter tops.
    This product can even be used on your shoes or boots, hand bags, upholstery, auto interiors and fabrics of all sorts.

  2. Double Offer

    This product is available as a double offer. When you purchase one bottle of Repel Well, you will get a second large bottle for free. Just pay shipping and handling.

  3. Not Available in Stores

    Repel Well is not available in stores and can be purchased exclusively online.

  4. Order Safety

    Repel Well's website has a section that explains how purchasing their product online is safe. This web page explains the company's compliance with the law and how they store your information safely.

  5. Let Dry

    Although Repel Well is meant to work fast, it is still a good idea to allow it some time to try. This ensures that the product will properly adhere to the fabric.


  1. Return Policy

    The website has a section titled return policy. However, upon clicking the link, you are lead to a blank page. This may leave some customers skeptical and they may choose to refrain from wanting to purchase this product.

  2. No Reviews

    This is a newer stain guard and although it is voted as a #1 new release, there has yet to be any reviews available on it. The lack of reviews may lead some customers to hold off on buying Repel Well until there are more reviews made available.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Repel Well online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Repel Well online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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