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Redu Pain Insoles Redu Pain Insoles or Alternatives
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Redu Pain are three quarter length insoles for your feet which work to support the bones and alleviate back pain. This insole purportedly helps you relieve your foot pain and beyond normal insoles, helps with severe foot problems. Wearing it regularly will help correct cases of mild or moderate back pain or other issues with posture. Fit for male or female shoes, people who walk around all day or wear heels all day will be grateful for the relief they are given.

Redu Pain Insoles Redu Pain Insoles or Alternatives
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  • Five Layers

    They have five layers of comfort.

  • Fit Any Shoe

    They fit practically any shoe. Designed for men and women, you can put them in a variety of shoes.

  • Instant Back Relief

    You get instant relief.

  • Well Made

    These were developed by Swiss engineers and pain doctors.

  • Unique Material

    They are made with OPTRON, a unique shock absorbing material.

  • Aeromedic Fiber

    They have aeromedic fiber in them which supports the bones in your feet, giving immediate pain relief.


  • Air Foam

    Two layers of air foam prevent painful micro traumas that many people do not notice. Micro traumas are caused by regular exposure to hard surfaces.

  • Shock

    Especially compared to other insoles, these have the best shock absorption. Each day you are exposed to shock as you walk around, especially on harder surfaces. Such shock causes pain in the joints. The insoles are designed with a medial reinforced arch and aeromedic fiber. Such materials are the same things you find in bulletproof vests to stop lead bullets.

    In the video advertisement you see the material used in most insoles, a material that bounces when dropped over a table. Bouncing like this causes increased pain on the back, even if it temporarily relieves pain on the ankle. Conversely, the material used in Redu Pain does not bounce, but rather, sticks to the table and absorbs the shock.

  • Supports Bones

    By supporting the bones in your foot, they give you instant relief from your back pain in particular.

  • For Everyone

    For construction workers, for people with back pain, for women wearing heels all day, nurses, doctors, or anyone else who is on their feet most of the day. Those who stand or walk around all day should ensure they alleviate back pain with proper posture and back alignment. Wearing these insoles is a better way to do that while circumventing shock damage.

About the Inventor

The inventor of these insoles is George Hané. Born with an affliction called Charcot-Marie-Tooth, or CMT, he had issues with his feet at a very young age, issues with the sole of his feet which resulted in regular back pain. He suffered for years, trying all of the options on the market with little success. So, he and his wife decided to create something for himself and for others like him who suffer from back pain. Working for three years, they partnered with Swiss engineers and pain doctors to make a revolutionary product. With the hope of giving pain relief to himself and to others like him, this product is designed to change the craft of insoles today.

How It Works

Redu Pain are unique half insoles, designed to fit nicely into the heel of your shoe with a slight curve that slides nicely into the center of the shoe. As a half insole, these work to relieve back pain in particular. Professionally designed, these insoles cradle the arch of the foot, offering the specialized support for the arch and the bones in the foot in particular. Such cradling prevents shock from each step you take from traveling upward, causing or exacerbating back pain. With such pain relief, each step is easier to take, your arch being positioned correctly. Adaptive support lifts and supports your foot all day.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are other options on the market which have comfortable fabrics, like the Silpure antimicrobial stretch fabric in the Spence Rx Orthotic. Such fabrics prevent blisters and help control odor. These are meant to make wearing shoes more comfortable. The same is true of the Dr. Foot’s ¾ length orthotics which are made to help lots of foot conditions like flat feet or fallen arches. Made with velvet fabric, they are three quarters length and meant to give extra arch support. While these are all nice options for people who are just on their feet, none of them target specifically the alleviation of back pain. They fail to offer support specifically for the bones in the feet. Redu Pain is so far the only insole on the market with the specialized bulletproof vest material and shock absorption levels.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Talk to Doctor

    This insole is intended to help people who have mild to moderate back pain after walking around. It can be worn by those who suffer from serious deformities or conditions similar to that of the inventor. However, it is best to speak with a doctor if you have any type of circulatory issue, foot ulcer, or infection. Speaking with a doctor before wearing insoles is always best. What’s more, if you experience swelling or pain after wearing them, talk with a doctor.

  2. Test Them

    For most people who have been walking poorly or incorrectly, the sudden shift to proper posture and relief for the bones can be a drastic change. In some cases it results in serious swelling or pain, the same way you get when you work out a new muscle. You are advised to wear this insole for a few hours per day when you first get it, so that your feet have the opportunity to get used to the new way of walking.


  • Dr. Scholl's Pain Relief

    Dr. Scholl's P. R. O. Arch Pain Relief Orthotic are non-prescription orthotics. Softer than most prescription orthotics, they are meant for short term comfort. Designed to support your arch in a soft way, and give you relief from arch pain, they are not full insoles so they only cover the heel. Pain, as such, is shifted as the weight and shock are shifted from the front to the back of the foot.

  • Copper Fit

    Copper Fit Balance is another option, one which is a full insole. Low profile, it is designed to fit inside of all shoes. As a full size insole, you can replace the insoles in almost any shoe with it, wearing it regularly.

    Designed by a podiatrist, these are not meant to help with serious foot problems or deformities, but to help people who are on their feet all day maintain better posture. With a deep heel support cup and semi rigid orthotic base positioned opposite the cup, this design is comfortable. This is one of the few on the market infused with copper, something meant to alleviate odor.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Redu Pain Insoles online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Redu Pain Insoles online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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