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Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve or Alternatives
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The Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve is a compression sleeve that's been designed to relieve pressure and pain within the knee and boost circulation. Each sleeve has two straps that will both provide gentle compression and also help keep the sleeve from sliding down while you're physically active. If you're having difficulty doing things like walking and playing sports because of your knee(s), you may be able to do these things again after you start wearing one (or two) of these sleeves.

Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Pull Sleeve Over Knee

    To put your knee sleeve on, slide your foot and ankle in, and then slide the sleeve up over your knee. The light green spiral design on the front should be positioned directly over the kneecap.

  2. Fasten Straps

    Next, fasten the two straps on your sleeve. Start at the bottom front and then cross the straps over each other behind your knee. Once they're back at the front again, fasten each of them there at the top of the sleeve. Note that if you've got a very skinny leg, you may have to wrap the straps around your entire knee twice before fastening them at the front of your sleeve.

  3. Go About Activities

    Once your knee sleeve is securely fastened around your knee, you can begin to go about your daily activities, such as errands and exercise, as you normally would. The only difference may be that you'll feel more comfortable while doing them! If you've got two knees that are causing you trouble, you can also add an additional sleeve to the second knee at this point.


  • Lightweight and Flexible

    Each Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve is made with 3D woven fabric that's purported to be both comfortable and stretchy. This fabric also appears to be quite thin and lightweight, so it's unlikely that you'll be too hot or feel as if your movement's being restricted while wearing one of these sleeves. You can expect your sleeve to move with your knee, regardless of how quickly or slowly you move, and it likely won't rip or dig into your skin.

  • Moisture-Wicking

    The fabric used to create each knee sleeve will also help wick moisture away from the body, which means you won't end up with a great deal of sweat buildup under your sleeve. As a result, you'll feel more cool and dry as you wear it than you would if you were to select a compression garment made of different material. Since heat can be a breeding ground for bacteria, the nature of each sleeve's fabric makes both the inside and outside of each sleeve anti-bacterial, too.

  • Navy Blue

    Each compression sleeve comes in navy blue, a shade that many men and women seem to like. Each one also has a handy light green spiral diagram on the front that will indicate if you've got the sleeve in the correct position. If the green diagram is not lined up directly over your kneecap, you'll have to rotate the sleeve or move it slightly up or down.

Positive Points

  • For Virtually Anyone

    People of all genders and of virtually any age will be able to use one of these compression sleeves on a knee that's making them feel uncomfortable. Due to each sleeve's stretchy fabric, one sleeve will fit most adults and some children. However, you should remember to check with a physician or a physiotherapist before allowing a child under your care to use one of these sleeves on their knee.

  • May Start Working Immediately

    Unlike some at-home remedies for knee-related aches and pains, such as over-the-counter pills, ice packs or hot pads, some users might notice that their compression sleeve begins to work right away. This means that once they put it on, they'll feel less pain, pressure or stiffness around the knee in just a few seconds' time. If you're one of those people, you'll be able to resume physical activity much more quickly—maybe in just a few minutes— than you'd be able to with another method of pain relief.

  • Works On Upper, Lower Knee

    Some compression sleeves only target the lower part of the knee, while some only target the upper. Fortunately, since this type has two straps positioned in different places, it'll target two completely different areas of the knee at once. The lower strap will cross at the bottom of your sleeve, compressing the lower knee, while you'll fasten the upper strap at the top of the sleeve, allowing it to compress the upper knee. This targeted compression will enhance your circulation, and even if one area of your knee's completely fine, it'll provide support to help prevent future injury there.

  • Will Aid Both Knees

    With the Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve, you'll be able to safely wear two of them at once, and both sleeves will have similar effects while being worn. You'll also have the option of moving one sleeve from knee to knee if you have problems with both knees, but they only irritate you one at a time during certain activities.

Negative Points

  • Not Extremely Discreet

    Unless you wear one of these knee sleeves under clothing on a cool day, which is a viable option, your knee sleeve won't be very inconspicuous. Therefore, it's likely that other people will notice it while you're out in public, including other athletes you may be competing against. It would be helpful if beige and brown flesh-colored versions of this sleeve could be made available for people who don't necessarily want others to notice that they're injured or in pain.

  • Only Suitable For Knees

    These compression sleeves have been made to fit adult-sized knees, and are not suitable for arms, upper thighs, calves or any other body parts. Even if your knee sleeve will fit around another body part, it won't deliver the ideal type of targeted compression you'll need to relieve aches and pains in that other part of the body. In fact, it could even aggravate any pain you're experiencing outside of the knee.

  • May Not Be Machine Washable

    It's not stated that the Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve is machine washable, so you'll need to consult your label or your instruction manual to find out that information. If it's not machine washable and you need to wash yours out by hand each time it gets dirty, this will become just another (potentially time-consuming) chore you'll need to take care of.

Save Money

If you often need to see a physiotherapist for your knee pain, you may not have to go as frequently (if at all) after you start using these compression sleeves on one or both knees. Instead, you'll be able to help prevent knee pain before it starts, or at least before it worsens, by wearing your sleeve(s) while doing physical activities of any type. You also may be able to eliminate the need for knee surgery, if that's something you and your doctor have ever considered.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ready Set Go Knee Sleeve online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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