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The Raybaby is a baby monitor which monitors a baby's sleeping and breathing. It is the world's first non-contact device which is able to track a baby's vitals, namely their breathing and sleep patterns. The monitor sends information to a custom application that the user can download onto their mobile device or tablet. Then, the application sends an alert which can notify the user of whether the baby is sleeping, awake or having issues with their breathing.


  • Respiration Monitor / Tracker

    The Raybaby monitors the baby's respiration and relays changes in their breathing patterns through the internet on the mobile application. The artificial intelligence ( AI) technology used in the application is able to learn your baby's breathing habits. Therefore, the monitor will be able to inform and send an alert to the parents when the breathing is abnormal.

  • Receives Audio and Video

    The monitor has a camera and built-in microphone which is able to watch and hear the baby. Furthermore, the application is able to build picture and video collages of the baby throughout the day. So even when the parent is not around, they are able to see what the baby has done throughout the day and ensure that no moment is missed. These pictures and videos can be uploaded and shared by sending them to family or friends or on various social media platforms.

  • Plays Music

    The Raybaby device can play music from the built-in speaker. The user is able to create a playlist from their mobile device and send it to the monitor to play for the baby.

  • Sleep Monitor / Tracker

    The monitor can also work as a sleep tracker and it is able to determine when a baby has fallen asleep, is simply tossing and turning, or has awakened. It will tell you how much the baby has slept throughout the day and compile this information into a record stored inside the application. Based on the collected information, the application will give recommendations on how much the baby needs to sleep.


  • No Contact Monitor

    The Raybaby is the only no-contact monitor available for commercial sale. Other baby monitors which track breathing on the market must adhere somehow to the baby's body, typically on their chest or around their stomach. Monitors which must come into contact with the baby may cause discomfort and be irritating for the baby to wear. Wearable technology for a baby can also be dangerous because many of them operate with lithium-ion batteries, which have been known to leak or explode. However, this monitor is able to gather the same statistics from a distance from the baby.

  • Hospital Grade

    The components of the Raybaby are clinically tested and have received approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The monitor is comparable to equipment used in hospitals in order to monitor babies.

  • Journal Record

    The Raybaby's accompanied application creates a breathing and sleeping record which can be used as a health record for doctor's visits. Often with newborns, parents may forget how many hours a baby is sleeping and so this application can provide a no hassle way of gathering and synthesizing useful information.

How it's Different from Competitors

The main difference between the Raybaby and other competitors is that the monitor is completely non-contact and does not use straps in order to monitor respiration. Another difference is that the Raybaby monitor does not look like a typical baby monitor with a camera. The design of this monitor looks like a little wooden baby toy and comes in three playful colors - Red, Blue, and Yellow.

How It Works

Raybaby has implemented ultra-wide-band radio technology which is a low energy for short-range communications. It is enabled with a camera which can detect the baby's movements and then the monitor sends the collected real-time information to the parent's application on their phone or tablet. The application has AI technology which learns and interprets the baby's regular patterns. An application maintains a record of sleeping and breathing and composes it into a journal form for ease of reading in the application. The application can advise when there are any irregularities in movements or sounds and will inform and alert the parent's application.


  • New Product

    The Raybaby is a relatively new product and so user testing with the product and application has not been thoroughly assessed.

  • Slow Shipment

    As the product is still relatively new, there have been delays in getting shipments of the Raybaby out to customers. Some users have expressed concerns about the length of time and the delays that they have experienced.

Save Time

This monitor will save time for new parents who are anxious and constantly checking in to see if their baby is sleeping and breathing normally. Many parents grow accustomed to physically checking that their baby is breathing by having to put a hand on the baby's chest. Instead of having to be physically present in order to check whether a baby is breathing, this monitor is able to advise that the baby is breathing through the application. Parents can save time by not having to consistently attend to the baby and relying on the application in order to inform whether there are any irregularities.

Save Money

Parents can save money on other breathing and sleeping monitoring devices by having to simply purchase this one monitor. Also, many respiration monitors have been created a baby for post-hospital use, which is costly. The cost of this monitor is comparable to other baby monitors on the market with fewer features. For instance, this monitor is one of the only baby monitors to have an accompanied application to record data.

Negative Aspects

  • Obsessive Monitoring

    Some online reviews suggest that the ability to track all of a baby's vitals can create obsessive habits for parents. Parents will become over-reliant on tracking their child's breathing patterns and become fixated on the monitor's alert system - instead of trying to assess your own baby's signals. Since the application will send an alert to the parent each time there is a change in movement, this may be too much information for a parent and cause unnecessary anxiety.

Easy to Use

  1. Plugging in the Monitor

    The monitor comes with a charging cable that is plugged from the bottom of the monitor into a standard outlet.

  2. Download the Application

    The baby monitor includes the use of an application that can be downloaded on any Ios or Android device. Once downloaded, the user creates a profile of their baby in order for the monitor to start sending information and recording data.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Raybaby online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Raybaby online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 10 Oct 2018 Bart - (West Jordan, UT)


I waited 7 months to receive my Raybaby after multiple promises of it coming by a certain date it finally did. When I went to set it up it had difficulty finding the wifi and when it did it only stayed connected for about 30 minutes. When it loses connection it beeps loudly waking your baby up. Never could get it to read my babies breathing alert my phone or get sound. I could connect to the video if I was lucky enough to still have a wifi connection. When it loses connection you then have to manually reset the device, it won't reconnect on its own. The company also refuses to accept any returns. The device it's self is quite large compared to other monitors.

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Posted: 05 Oct 2018 Steve - (Fairview Heights, IL)

Totally Worthless

I am writing this review as a warning to other consumers who may be tempted by this product. After eagerly awaiting this product (it took two years to ship) my now one year old boy is no longer within the SIDS risk envelope but I still wanted to try the product I had backed because I believed in the company and it’s values. After receiving the product it did not work. It still doesn’t work and the company won’t return any emails and has no official return policy. As of now it is a cheap looking paper weight that cost $99 USD.I highly recommend following SIDS guidelines and purchasing a competitors product. Quite simply the Raybaby will not connect to my network, periodically it just crashes before I can connect to it with my phone and can’t get through the clunky setup process. Disappointing. Save your cash or buy literally anything else.

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