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RainX Latitude RainX Latitude or Alternatives
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RainX Latitude wiper blades make use of a premium car wash solution, RainX, to clear water off your windshield and repel it ( at the same time! ) as you drive. While you drive, these blades will automatically transfer the water repellent cleaning solution to your windshield, thereby keeping it clean and clear so that you can see well. The solution is powerful enough to clear away muddy water along with regular drops of rain. With each set of water repellent blades, you'll also get two bottles of solution to be used on their own and an anti-fog wipe.

RainX Latitude RainX Latitude or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of RainX Latitude is $24.99 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $34.94.

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How It Works

After you turn your RainX Latitude blades on, the water repellent solution that they'll excrete will cause any stray water on the windshield to collect into beads and roll away, leaving your windshield completely clean.


  • Flexible Construction

    These wiper blades have been designed to be fairly flexible so that they can hug windshields of slightly different shapes and sizes as they move. This windshield-hugging ability enables each set to do its water-clearing and repelling job more effectively than it would otherwise.

  • All Weather Performance

    The rubber squeegee within each set of blades that excretes water repellent RainX is strong enough to stand up to a wide variety of weather conditions, including heavy rain and snowstorms.

  • Reduced Noise, Lift

    Although their performance is strong, these windshield wiper blades will actually make less noise than a standard pair of blades. They'll be less likely to lift up in windy conditions, too, which means they'll consistently be hugging your windshield and, consequently, doing their job.

Positive Points

  • Come With Two Bottles

    Besides the solution that you'll get within your set of wiper blades, each pair of RainX Latitude blades comes with two bottles of cleaning solution that you can use on their own. You'll be able to use this foaming soap to wash the exterior of your car without stripping off any wax you've applied, and unlike some soaps, this soap won't leave any spots behind.

  • Anti-fog Wipe Included

    With each set of wiper blades, you'll also get an anti-fog wipe that you'll be able to use to clean any fog and / or smoke residue off the interior of your windshield. Aside from automobiles, you'll be able to use this wipe on any interior windows found in a boat or in your home.

  • Quick Installation

    Most users will be able to install the RainX Latitude blades at home in just minutes, without the assistance of a professional. As you'll be able to do this quite quickly, it probably won't be a huge hassle if you want to move these blades from one car to another at some point.

  • Promote Safety

    Driving with a windshield that's even partially covered with water, especially dirty water, can make you a hazard on the road—both to yourself and others. Fortunately, when you use these wiper blades that will not only clean your windshield, but also emit water repellent, you'll find yourself in one of the safest cars around. Due to these blades, you may even find yourself less worried than normal when you're driving in potentially dangerous conditions, such as a blizzard.


  • Standard Wiper Blades

    Standard wiper blades are fine when there's just a bit of rain, as they'll be able to clear a moderate amount of fairly clean water from any windshield. When it comes to heavy rain or snow, though, they won't do as good a job as the RainX Latitude blades. First of all, they'll only clear water without repelling it. Moreover, their performance may also be affected by their possible inability to hug your windshield tightly, and they may struggle to quickly clear away thicker water mixed with mud.

Critical Advice

The anti-fog wipe that you'll get with each set of blades is meant for interior, not exterior, use. If you want to apply RainX foaming soap to the exterior of your car, use a soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloth instead.

Wise Advice

Do not buy RainX Latitude online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy RainX Latitude online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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