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Radical Racers Radical Racers or Alternatives
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Radical Racers are toy cars for children that are equipped with suction turbines. These turbines allow the car to stick to any surface it's racing on, including the floor, walls, and ceiling. This is an alternative to having them on a fixed track that always goes to the same place. With these cars, kids can play all over the house, chasing the car from room to room. They can use the multidirectional remote control to spin the car around 360 degrees or race it with other cars. Radical Racers really get kids moving.

Radical Racers Radical Racers or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Radical Racers is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Super Suction Turbine

    The cars have what is called a super section turbine on the bottom, and this is the technology that allows them to stay on any stable surface without falling. They can drive anywhere, including the walls and the ceiling, and on furniture. This allows children to go all over the house with the Radical Racers, instead of staying in one place the way they would if the cars were racing on a track.

  • Multi-directional Remote

    The remote control that comes with the cars is multidirectional, meaning it is capable of spinning the car in any direction, including around 360 degrees. You can even do donuts on the walls and ceilings. The car will go under and through things too, so kids can make up obstacle courses to race each other through and compete with each other.

  • Real Lights

    The headlights and taillights on these cars are completely real. They are exactly the same materials and design that is used for real cars. Naturally, they also work as efficiently as real lights and are suitably bright, especially at night.

  • Aerodynamic Design for Speed

    These care are specially designed in such a way that maximizes the speed of the vehicle, so you can get to "the speed you need". They are also constructed in such a way that minimizes the turbulence while the car is racing.

  • Durable Construction

    The cars are meant to be well-constructed and are also apparently very durable. They're made of super polytech, which is supposed to be a very solid material. The product should last for some time unless kids are really hard on it and deliberately destroy it.

  • Rechargeable Power Plant

    There's a rechargeable power plant in the vehicle, which makes charging it up incredibly easy and effortless. You'll literally never run out of power with this unit.

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  • Keeps Kids Off the Internet

    These days kids start spending their time on tablets or even computers at a fairly young age. This keeps them staring at a screen, and of course sedentary, instead of getting up and playing or going outside. Radical Racers is a stimulating toy for kids that will have them doing something different than sitting on a tablet or computer all day.

  • Race Anywhere, Anyplace

    These racers expand the use of the toy from one room and one place to anywhere, anytime. Kids can use these all over the house, in any and all of the rooms, and presumably outside too although that is not mentioned at all on the website. It gets kids more physically active than if they were just sitting in one place with a train set. This also means the toy is portable and can be taken to other locations to be used as entertainment.

  • Keeps Children Occupied

    This is an interesting, fun toy that is likely to keep children occupied and stimulated for long periods of time. The product could also be very useful to mothers who may want their children occupied at certain times of the day so that they can get other things done.

  • Three Color Options

    The cars don't only come in one color; there are three options. These are red, black, and blue. Not the most exciting color options in the world, but it's always nice to be given some selection.

  • Free Shipping

    In this case, the company is covering all shipping and handling costs for your purchase of Radical Racers. It's not a massive amount saved, but shipping can come to a decent amount of money so this could be a 10-20% savings total on a product that is inexpensive to start with.

  • Cheap Price

    This product is really priced very low. If it interests you at all, you can't really lose at such a low cost. Most of the competing products are more expensive than this product, although there are a few that have a comparable cost. The price may even call into question the high quality of the materials.


  • Will Dirty the Walls

    These little cars are going to go all over dirty floors and then ride up the floors and the walls dragging dirt on their wheels. You could end up with little track marks all over the house, which would look terrible and would be hard to clean. You'd also end up with dirt from the floors all over the furniture. This doesn't seem like the ideal toy for the children of a busy mom who doesn't need added cleanup.

  • Can Break Things

    These cars are going to roam all over the place, and the kids won't be watching them every second. They're going to smash into things and knock them over. Possessions will break. That will make a mess and possibly destroy valuable items.

  • Not an Ideal Toy for Night

    The company markets this as an ideal toy for kids to use at night since you can then see the headlights and taillights so clearly. However, the last thing a mother wants at night is to get her children more revved up. At that hour kids should be winding down, and the Radical Racers would not help with that at all. It sets up a situation where kids will want to play at night and mothers will have to turn them down.

  • Can Cause an Accident

    The Radical Racers could easy startle someone and lead to a bad fall or some other unfortunate accident. They can go really fast and you don't know they're coming, which could throw someone off.

  • Marketed as Indoor Toy

    These are marketed as indoor toys - presumably, you need a smooth surface. The toy keeps children inside instead of drawing them out into the fresh air.

  • Kids All Over the House

    Many mothers don't want the kids running all over the house, but would rather they stay and play in one or two rooms. This way there will be a mess in several rooms.

  • 18 and Older to Order

    There's no reason why a teenager couldn't order this product. This stipulation makes no sense at all.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Radical Racers online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Radical Racers online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 23 May 2020 Dee Simon - (Waxhaw, NC)

Radical Racers Toy Cars

May 22, 2020
Radical Racers out of Canada are doing some fishy things with my money. Ordered May 16, 2020. Charged my card, then canceled one of my orders on May 18, 2020 without emailing me. Have not returned funds. Now, the other order is back ordered without ever emailing me. Are they a third world company? Their website is wonky. Very disturbing. If they can run ads on TV, by God they afford a better website. There’s no way to contact them.

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Posted: 27 Dec 2019 Jenelle Adkins - (Columbus, OH)

I placed an order for a Radical Racer in Blue about 2 weeks ago but I have NOT received my order AND I paid for it online. Can someone please check on my order and get back to me via my email which is Thank you!

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Radical Racers Infomercial
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