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Quad Cooker Quad Cooker or Alternatives
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Quad Cooker is a microwave cooking accessory comprised of a tower of four plate-sized tiers. The compact structure is ready to accommodate a family's dinner, no matter what is on the plates. Quad Cooker enables families to eat at the same time while enjoying a thoroughly heated meal. The tiers are adjustable in height, user friendly, and a time saver. This microwave add-on is for families reheating leftovers in a timely fashion without having to sacrifice quality dinner table time. Quad's structure tries to achieve a fully heated and synchronous dinner time experience without using any kitchen appliances, except the convenience of your microwave.

Quad Cooker Quad Cooker or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Quad Cooker is $24.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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Positive Aspects

  • Permanent Microwave Storage

    This nifty, family-friendly microwave addition requires no counter or cabinet space, just keep it in your microwave. The materials are light enough to move it onto the counter, table, and back to its rightful home, the microwave.

  • Everyone Eats at the Same Time

    Microwaves limited space accommodates a single plate, but Quad Cooker utilized underused vertical space. The time saved by not individually heating each plate can result in your family enjoying a full meal or conversation. No part of the plate is cold, the meal is warm all over and ready for everyone to eat at the exact same time.

  • Set Tier Height

    All the tiers can be placed at different heights to accommodate whatever is being heated and served. Simply select one of the eight slots to accommodate whatever the number of plates or width necessary.

  • 30 Day Return Policy

    QuadCooker operates from the 100% satisfaction guaranteed mantra and will offer a refund, within 30 days, if the product does not meet your needs and expectations.

  • Portability

    If you don’t want to offload the plates from the microwave, you can move the entire structure over to the dinner table. That way everybody can grab their own plate and begin eating immediately.

Negative Aspects

  • Specific Return Policy

    Quad Cooker has the ultimate authority in issuing a refund or replacement product. They can deny your request if it does not meet their specific return policy terms. Also, they cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage of shipments being returned.

  • Durability

    Quad Cooker is constructed mostly out of plastic, no information is given on the grade or quality, and can only accommodate a certain amount of weight. Be sure not to overload the tiers as it may cause damage or wear away at the structure.

  • Awkward Shape

    The awkward shape can make it difficult to transport it to other places in the kitchen or dining room. Be sure to keep a tight grip or keep it in the microwave as much as possible to avoid spilling or dropping the contents of the dinner plates.

  • Difficult to Clean

    It is unclear how the Quad Cooker dissembles for the purposes of cleaning. One can assume that this kitchen accessory will need to be hand-washed often due to the amount of food being heated at once.

  • No Food Cover

    Food tends to bubble, pop, or even explode in the microwave. This product does not provide a traditional microwave covering for each tier This oversight could lead to more time spent cleaning the crevices of the Quad Cooker due to the separate tiers.

How it's Different from Competitors

Many microwave steamers or tools do not include more than one tier for a plate, but this product focuses on family dining. A single stand that hovers above a bowl can regularly be found online shopping, but a family-friendly, dinner ready contraption is unique.

Easy to Use

  1. Kid Friendly

    No ovens, no complicated tiered or snap systems, and a fun stacking process for the kids to begin helping their parents out in the kitchen. Note: Kids may need help carrying the QuadCooker into and out of the microwave, due to the heavy plates, large shape, and hot contents.

Save Money

Free Shipping is offered for a limited time, you do not need to pay any shipping or handling charges when you place an order. Only pay the upfront cost of the product and taxes which apply to specific states.

Save Time

Popping everyone’s plate in the microwave for a few minutes, testing it, and throwing it back in for a couple more minutes can be a hassle. Quad Cooker’s structure ensures that all food placed on the dinner plate-sized tier will be heated at the same time. This accessory could change the reheating process from fifteen to five minutes and give you more connecting time with those at the table.


  • No Guard

    Be careful loading this in and out of the microwave, as there is no guard or latch to safely secure the plates. Plates or food could shift, due to the rotating microwave plate, and ultimately fall when you are bringing it out.


  • Tiered Design

    Four adjustable tiers can accommodate plates for heating, they are measured for effective heat distribution and use of microwave space.

  • Accommodate Mugs & Bowls

    The tiers have a circular cut out in the center of the tiered structure for smaller bowls, cups, or mugs while the tiers are not being used for the remainder of the day.

  • Breathable Container Wall

    The plastic shell that encompasses the exterior of the structure is perforated with holes which ensures the heat is evenly disbursed across the leftovers.

How It Works

The Quad Cooker's tiered design allows two inches of space between each plate to ensure that enough heat can pass over the food.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Quad Cooker online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Quad Cooker online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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