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Purrfect Wand Purrfect Wand or Alternatives
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Purrfect Wand is a cat toy with a design that's meant to give your cat three different options for play. The toy consists of a shallow, bowl-like base that contains a ball that jingles, an optional laser light and a feathered wand that moves in unpredictable ways as it rotates. It's specified that the toy is electric, so it can be assumed that you'll need some source of power to operate the latter two functions.

Purrfect Wand Purrfect Wand or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Purrfect Wand is $29.99 plus $4.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Purrfect Wand at the discounted price of only $4.99 for a total price of $39.97.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place on Flat Surface

    To get started with Purrfect Wand, you'll need to place the toy's base on a fairly flat surface, such as a hardwood, tiled or carpeted floor. The toy doesn't have an extension cord attached, but it's not entirely self-powered, which implies that you'll also need a suitable set of batteries to operate it fully.

  2. Power up the Toy

    To get the toy going, press the white power button on the cylindrical piece that's attached to the wand. Once you do so, the feathered wand will start rotating, while also making unpredictable swirling and twirling movements in order to entertain your cat. Aside from making the wand move, you can consult your instruction manual to find out exactly how to turn on the optional laser light, which your cat may want to chase.

  3. Add Treats (optional)

    You'll notice that the shallow, bowl-like base that contains the jingling ball referred to above also offers some extra room. If you push the jingle ball around the base and allow your cat to bat it, that may make them happy. However, you may be able to make them even happier by adding their favorite treat or even a handful of catnip to the base of your Purrfect Wand toy.

  4. Turn Off

    Whenever your cat is done playing with the feathered wand, the laser light, or both, it's best to turn off the toy with the power button in order to conserve energy. If you keep the toy ready at hand, though, your cat will still be able to bat the jingling ball or eat catnip or treats from the device's base.


  • Lightweight and Portable

    The Purrfect Wand is a lightweight, compact and portable toy, so the vast majority of users will be able to move it from room to room without a struggle. If you're bringing your cat with you on vacation, you may also want to bring the toy along with you in your vehicle. This may help prevent your cat from getting bored at a hotel, a cottage or any other location. It's a good idea to box the toy up for transportation, though, as the feathery wand is fairly delicate.

  • For Cats of All Ages

    Cats of all ages, from kittens to seniors, will be able to have fun using the Purrfect Wand. If you've got more than one cat in your home, and they get along, a group of cats may even enjoy playing with the toy together. It may help young kittens develop gross motor skills, and help senior cats retain theirs as they age. Some cats may not like the toy's laser light, but if that's the case, you can simply leave it off as they play.

  • Removable Wand

    The feathered wand within each of these toys is actually removable, so if your cat gets bored with playing with the wand as is, you can take it out and offer them a different experience. Once it's out, you can dangle in front of them as if it's a traditional toy on a stick, and have them bat and "catch" it. This option may be especially fun for kids, as it'll allow them to participate in the play instead of just watching the cat have fun.

Positive Points

  • Ideal for Apartments

    This toy is an ideal one to get if you're a cat owner who lives in an apartment. Not only will it take up little space in your living room, or wherever you choose to put it, but it'll also help your cat relieve boredom. Boredom relief is especially important for apartment-dwelling cats, since they may not go outside at all, and may have less to look at during the day in comparison to cats that live in larger homes. If your cat isn't bored, they'll be less likely to entertain themselves with your toilet paper or curtains!

  • Promotes Healthy Weight

    Cats who aren't offered toys, or those who are bored with all their old toys, may put on weight due to a lack of exercise. This is especially true for middle-aged or senior cats who stay indoors most or all of the time, regardless of what type of dwelling they live in. Fortunately, if you can get your cat interested in the multifaceted Purrfect Wand toy, they'll likely start moving more and refrain from putting on a ton of weight, even if they eat frequently.

  • Can Double as Food Dish

    Although you'll still need a separate water dish for your cat, the base of this type of toy can double as a small food dish, as it'll accommodate catnip and any type of dry food. While you may want to use a larger food dish at home, this option may come in handy if you're going away with one or more cats. You may be able to bring along just this toy and a water dish to use for their meals, and save space in your vehicle by leaving a larger food dish behind.

Negative Points

  • Toy Could Fall Over

    While the base of the Purrfect Wand looks fairly stable, the toy could fall over if a cat were to aggressively grab the wand. It could also end up tipping over if multiple cats were to play with at once, and they ended up in a fight over the wand. The toy likely wouldn't break after tipping over, but anything contained in the base might dump out, which would give you a mess to clean up. To avoid this issue, if you have cats that have difficulty playing co-operatively, you might have to get more than one of these toys.

Save Time

Without a toy like the Purrfect Wand, you might end up throwing a ball to your cat or dangling a wand in front of them for up to a couple of hours each day. Once you've got a toy like this one, though, you'll be able to turn it on and let them play alone, while you accomplish something else. They may want your attention for a few minutes as they play, but you won't end up having to participate in the game for hours—hours that could be used for household chores.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Purrfect Wand online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Purrfect Wand online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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